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Chapter 86: Driven into a Corner

「Is Mr. Seiya…going to be all right? 」

Outside of the surveillance room. Kiriko spoke to me with a worrying tone.

「Yes, he'll be okay! He seemed to be a little bit upset about this situation, but I'm sure that he'll find a way out! Seiya has a strong mentality after all!」

「Is that so! Then we don't have anything to worry about!」

I tried to rea.s.sure Kiriko with those words. But, in fact, the depths of my heart were in turmoil. Seiya was extremely annoyed. I'd never seen him like this before. Of course, I could understand why his feelings were painful. The Killing Machines were trying to crush the southern wall from the surface and, at the same time, they tried to dig the underground area…

「Kiri. Are you fine with this? Isn't it painful for you to see the Killing Machines getting destroyed by golems?」

「Ye…Yes. It is certainly painful. But, I also don't want humans to be attacked… 」

The friendly Killing Machine said those kind-hearted words to me. I didn't know what to say to Kiriko, therefore, I remained silent.


Seiya instructed half of the golems from northern wall to head towards the southern wall. But, that didn't seem to be a good idea. Once the golems gave their backs to the enemy to march south, the Killing Machines got this opportunity to strike back. These golems were attacked, forcing them to retreat. In addition, the new Killing Machines also drove the golems that were guarding the southern wall into a corner. These new opponents appeared from the underground with drills on both hands. The new type had a higher performance than the usual Killing Machines. That meant that their ability value were on par with that of the golems.

…Maybe it would be wiser to leave Seiya alone for a while. But, I couldn't hide my anxious feelings. Therefore, I couldn't ignore the fact that the enemy was overpowering us.

Anyway, I entered the surveillance room where Seiya was with Kiriko.

「How is it? Did you find a way to subdue the enemy? 」

Seiya didn't look at me at all. He just stared fixedly at the water buckets with the earth snakes surveillance cameras. Then, he just sighed.

「I'm going to move all of the golems closer to the wall, considering the fact that there's a high possibility that the enemy could break the wall or go through below the stronghold.」

「All of them. Even the golems that are protecting the town and the royal palace? 」

「That's right. Its defense will be weaker, but this is the only way to protect the people of Tarmine.」

「But…If the new Killing Machines are digging the underground, won't they cross the borders of the wall in order to invade the inside area? If they manage to crawl from the other side of the wall, they will probably go up to the royal palace…」

Seiya stared at me with a surprised face. After thinking for a while, Seiya nodded his head for several times and spoke with a whispering voice.

「I see. Yes, you're right. Completely right. It's just as you say. I have to think about a different plan.」

Then, he changed his gaze and began to look at the cameras once again. He bit his nails while he shook his hands tremendously.

…Seiya agreed with my reasoning at last…!

It seemed that he was mentally driven into a corner. Somehow, this situation made me sad and I left the room quietly.

I wondered if Seiya would have a plan for when the Imperial Machine Corps cross the wall to the other side. No…I must believe in him. He will have a plan for sure. In the meantime, I only prayed for Seiya's calm demeanor to return back.

The situation was looking bad from all sides, even the weather was against us. However, Kiriko, who was looking up at the sky from the top of the lookout tower, spoke in a bright voice.

「Miss Lista! It looks like it's going to be a sunny day after all! 」

When I looked above, I noticed that the cloudy sky that covered Tarmine was starting to clear up. For the time being, it seemed that the golems' state wouldn't weaken due to the rainwater side effects.

A few hours later.

Nothing much happened since then. I didn't know how was the state of the southern underground wall, but from what I was seeing from the earth snakes cameras it seemed difficult for the new Killing Machines to break through the thick wall at the surface. In the northern area, the golems were underpowered because of their decrease in number. But, soon, they recovered ground because their ability value was still higher than the status of the average Killing Machines.

The situation seemed to improve a little bit…

「…The enemy's movements are strange. 」

John Dae said that the current situation was somewhat suspicious. After giving some instructions to the soldiers in Tarmine, John Dae returned to the lookout tower and watched the enemy from the top.

「What do you mean by "strange"? 」

「It looks strange, because the Killing Machines from the northern area and the new type of the southern area didn't push forward with their offensive stances. It looks like they're standing by as if they are waiting for something…」

John Dae's anxiety soon became a reality.

I could see a huge cloud of smoke far away from the farthest tower. A large rumbling sound soon reached our ears.

「Wha…What was that!? 」

John Dae and I stared closely at the distant field of smoke that spread in the horizon.

「It can't be…! That is…! 」

My eyes, which had better vision than human beings, could see a large army of Killing Machines rus.h.i.+ng over to Tarmine like a big tsunami. Moreover…

「The…They're coming from all directions! 」

I looked around upon hearing the soldier's words. It was exactly 360 degrees… The smoke that was coming at us surrounded Tarmine from all the directions. It was as if one giant creature was trying to swallow Tarmine. As they approached us, the rumbling sound gradually became a regular mechanical sound, and the figure of the Killing Machines as a completely giant horde became visible on everybody's eyes. Most of them were the average Killing Machines. But, some consisted of the new type. Their insane number startled me.

John Dae wiped the cold sweat from his hands.

「Ten thousand…No. They're much more than that…! They've been waiting for this reinforcement!」

「We won't be able to handle such a large number of Killing Machines! 」

「No! Collect all of the golems in Tarmine and use them for the battle to equal their numbers! It's dangerous, but we have no choice but to do it! We have to settle this down while we still have a sunny weather!」

「You…You're right… 」

John Dae had the same thoughts as Seiya. It seemed that he no longer opposed to that idea. The situation was so urgent after all.

The Killing Machines, that joined their new great army, began to confront the golems that guarded the wall. This could be a critical showdown between both parties. Even so, the Killing Machines didn't move forward.

「This…This time, what are they waiting for…? 」

Soon, a thundering roar pierced through my earlobes!

I shuddered when I looked up at the sky.

There were several geometrical patterns drawn in the sky over Tarmine!

「Magical circles…!? No way…!! 」

My ominous feeling was correct. After the magical circles s.h.i.+ned, the clouds began to spread through the sunny sky. At the same time, heavy rain that resembled a tropical storm fell in Tarmine!

The golems' movements changed dramatically once the heavy rain hit their bodies. The golems slowed down and were swallowed by the large horde of Killing Machines just outside of the wall. The few golems inside the wall stopped moving and stood on one knee.

…But…Why!? How did the enemy find out about the golems' weakness!? The enemy knew that the golems were vulnerable to rainwater!! Why did that piece of information leaked to the outside of the wall that surrounded Tarmine!?

I didn't understand that. However, this was not a time to be worried about such a thing.

The Killing Machines attacked the weakened golems all at once. The slow-motion golems were defeated one after another. As they were destroyed, the golems' bodies scattered around in dust and returned to the soil of earth. When the golems' defense system collapsed, the Killing Machines rushed to the wall. The new type hit against the wall and began to drill it immediately.

John Dae moved sideways and walked in a hurry. He was going to the surveillance room where Seiya was staying.

「John Dae!? What are you going to do!? 」

「The situation hasn't improved even when all of golems went to guard the wall! Those golems are not going to protect Tarmine! Then, I'll go to the battlefield with the hero! We have no choice but to fight for ourselves!」

「But…But, Seiya is not on a good mental state right now! 」

「I don't care! I'll bring him with me even if I have to drag him down! 」

「Ju…Just calm down for a second! 」

While arguing, John Dae, Kiriko and I went into the surveillance room like an avalanche.

…And, on this very moment. I doubted my own eyes.

I saw that Seiya sat on a chair with his legs crossed while driking a cup of tea gracefully. John Dae trembled his body with rage upon seeing this sight.

「Yo…Yo…You…Why are you drinking tea at this crucial moment…!? 」

「Wait a minute, John Dae!! Seiya is trying to calm down his nerves… 」

「Hey, it's not the moment for a tea break!! We have a far more important job to do now!! C'mon!! Get ready!! Let's fight!!」

Nevertheless, Seiya was looking peacefully at the cup of tea.

「Tarmine's tea has a nice fragrance. I think it is quite similar to the Darjeeling tea from my world. Anyway, it tastes good.」

Seiya spoke in a relaxing tone. Then, he drank a bit of tea. On this instant, John Dae grabbed Seiya by force.

「Are you drunk because of a cup of tea!? The golems have weakened considerably because of the enemy's strategy!! There's no time to waste here!!」

「…You're a noisy guy. 」


After Seiya got annoyed, and he spilled the tea on John Dae's face.

「You…You d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d!! What the h.e.l.l do you think you're doing!! 」

「You stink like a rotten zombie. But, now, thanks to me, you'll be a "Darjeeling Zombie" with a nicer fragrance.」

「Who's the Darjeeling Zombieeeee!! I'll kill you, you d.a.m.ned hero!! 」

John Dae was extremely angry with Seiya. However, I wasn't paying attention to John Dae but to the arrogant hero that was cold-hearted like always.

Se…Seiya was finally back to normal!! Well, actually, I felt that his condition was normal again, but at the same time, I felt that something was off…Anyway, he was his usual self again!! What happened to him in order to calm down this much!?

Seiya completely ignored John Dae, and stared fixedly at one of the earth snakes cameras. There was a strange Killing Machine reflected on that water bucket. The physique was about three times more than that of an average Killing Machine. It had four arms and four legs. I saw a spider-like monster made of a robotic body…

「Father…! 」

Kiriko spoke in a loud voice.

…That…That was the Machine Emperor Oxelio…! The fact that the Emperor came here meant that this horde of Killing Machines were the last regiment of the Imperial Machine Corps! He came here personally to see his own victory! We've reached the climax!

「An earth snake that I've installed on the southern wall projected what you see on this camera. Your voice will be transmitted to the other side. Give it a try.」

After saying those words, Seiya gave an earth snake to Kiriko. Then, Kiriko held the earth snake mobile phone and slowly spoke to Oxelio.

「Fa…Father, can you hear me? 」

After a brief silence…

「…So, those humans captured a Killing Machine, huh. 」

Unlike Kiriko, Oxelio's harsh voice echoed in the surveillance room as the Machine Emperor was forced to speak the human language.

「I won't accept any negotiations involving you. I don't care if you're destroyed, 'cause I'll have plenty of others to subst.i.tute you.」

The Machine Emperor spoke in an extremely cold manner. Kiriko trembled her body slightly, but she gathered some courage to respond to her unsympathetic father.

「Co…Could you stop attacking these humans? 」

「What are you saying? I have no reason to stop this operation. At present, our army is overwhelmingly superior. I managed to invoke the magical circle for rain by using the magical tool given by the evil G.o.d with mottled-hair. I succeeded in weakening the golems. In addition, it won't take too long now to destroy the wall. The underground troops have reached the 250 meters in depth. They're about to pa.s.s through this long wall of five times deeper than it was before. The victory of our army is absolute.」

「I'm asking you, Father! I want you to stop these attacks! I don't want the Killing Machines to be destroyed nor do I want human beings to be attacked!」

「It's our mission to kill humans. 」

「Father…! 」

Oxelio didn't even listen to Kiriko's wishes. John Dae pointed to one of the images from the water buckets.

「Hey!! Look at that!! What he said was true!! The southern wall is about to collapse!! 」

Certainly, there was a crack on the wall made by one of those drills. Actually, this occurrence happened throughout the wall that surrounded Tarmine.

Still, Seiya spoke in a relaxed tone.

「Don't fret. I'm going to reinforce the wall now. 」

Apparently, Oxelio heard Seiya's words.

「If it were a partial damage, it would be possible to repair it. But, I bet that your magical powers have limitations. You won't be able to deal with several damages at the same time.」

Ugh!! The enemy had foreseen our actions!! What were you doing to do now, Seiya!?

However, Seiya snapped his finger and said it bluntly…

「Repair Iron Wall… 」

On that precise moment, my feet vibrated while an intense sound came from the ground!

「Seiya!! Did you fix the broken parts of the southern wall!? 」

「No. I repaired the whole wall besides the southern area. 」

「Re…Really!? So, that means that you have enough magical powers left!! 」

「I doubled the thickness of the wall and I increased its depth by multiplying twenty times more at the same time I repaired all of it. The depth is now at 2000 meters below the ground.」

「…Sorry? 」

I…I wondered if I heard him wrong.

「Excuse me…What did you just say? Can you tell me again? 」

「The reinforced wall is now 20 times thicker, and 2000 meters deeper. There won't even one ant at that depth.」

…Kiriko, John Dae and I looked at each other. After a short moment of silence…

「Ahhhhh!? 」

All of us screamed in unison.

「You…You said that the limit of the wall was around five times more than that of the usual thickness and depth!!」

「Besides!! If you had the powers to make it stronger, why didn't you do it sooner!? 」

「Wa…Wait a moment, please!! Everyone, look at that!! 」

Kiriko sounded alarmed as she pointed to several earth snakes cameras that showed the ground rising up and down.

「Don't tell me that's the enemy's new reinforcements!! 」

John Dae distorted his face. Yet, it wasn't the new Killing Machines that came out of the ground. It were Seiya's golems, whose bodies were twice the size of that of the Killing Machines, which raised up from the soil.

John Dae was surprised at Seiya's actions.

「You had golems under the ground!? When did you do that!? 」

「I hid them originally at the underground around Tarmine in case of an emergency. 」

Countless of golems appeared from the ground as if they were zombies crawling out of a graveyard.

「So many…!! How much did you create!? 」

「Around 30,000 golems. 」

「30,000 golems!? 」

「Well, actually there might be more out there. But, I made so much that I can't even sort out their real number.」

There was no lie in Seiya's words. All we could see from the cameras was an incredible number of golems raising up from the ground.

「The Machine Emperor thought that he surrounded Tarmine. But, right now, he is the one surrounded by these golems.」

Just when Seiya muttered about the outcome of his strategy, the magical circles were deployed in the sky above Tarmine once again.

「Oh…Oh, no!! Your golems will be neutralized by the rain no matter how much they are!! 」

A fierce rain poured down on the golems, soaking them with rainwater! Then, the golems that had rainwater all over their bodies…

「What…!? 」

They kept confronting the Killing Machines without slowing down! Rather, it looked like they released the power that they had saved up until now. Because, as far as I could see from the images reflected on the cameras, the golems began to act in full force! They were overpowering the new type of Killing Machines with ease!

「Wha…Wha…What's going on!? Rainwater was not their weakness!? 」

Seiya turned his eyes to John Dae who screamed aloud.

「My golems don't have any weaknesses. 」

Of course they don't.


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