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Chapter 105 – I Can’t Date! (1)

“Hurry up!”

As soon as Louise opened the door, she heard Dean Crissis’ sharp voice.

“… Dean?”

When she looked inside, everyone in the student council, including Dean and the President, were seated on the table, waiting for her. She turned to Ian quickly. He sat at the head of the table, his face solemn.

Louise sighed as she took her seat. She probably should have expected this a little bit. Why announce student council meeting with a touch of the lips!

Louise sat and stared at Ian, with a face that he would often call “profane.”

“During vacation.”

He did not hesitate to start the meeting.

“I’m glad you all had no problems. Of course, I’m not counting personal problems, so please take off that scary face, Claire Iris!”

Louise turned towards Claire. She was already smiling, and Louise had no chance to confirm if she really did have a scary face.

“First of all, I called the emergency meeting today because I have two pieces of bad news.”

Ian took out what looked like a schedule and waved it.

“Some of you may have read it in the newspaper, but since there has been an unfortunate incident with the Lapis family, Stella Lapis will arrive about a week late.”

“…Oh, the library.”

Someone lamented.

“Yes, the Academy library asked me to send someone to replace Stella Lapis, and I was going to do it…”

Ian clenched his jaw in dislike.

“But I have a different situation, and I would like to ask if there are any volunteers.”

“Is it okay to listen to your situation first?”

Claire nodded towards the two men who had been standing behind Ian this whole time. In fact, Louise was quite interested in them as well. She had seen servants attending to Ian before, but this was her first time seeing these particular faces. One was an old man with a wrinkled face, and the other was a young man just into adulthood. The were each wearing white robes and writing nonstop with a pen and sheet of paper in their hands.

“This is the second bad news I wanted to tell you all.”

Ian looked at the men behind him with a moment of obvious discomfort.

“Are you going to write this too?”

The old man answered willingly.

“We came here to record the honorable history of a great man and leave it for his posterity.”

Needless to say, at the end of the conversation, the old man’s pen point began to move diligently.

“…So that’s what it is.”

Ian gestured to both of the men, speaking briefly and saving his words as much as he could. Louise nodded at the explanation. They were court officials who recorded historical events. Their purpose was to write and preserve the commendable and sacred life of the Crown Prince and leave it for the future generations.

But Louise was worried about one thing.

“Is there a record for me arriving last too?”

Ian glanced back and the official nodded.

Oh, my G.o.d. She had been late for this all important emergency meeting!

When she glanced back at Claire, she saw that her friend also wore a frustrated expression. Claire Iris’ scary face had also became a part of history.

“Well, if it’s a record of my real Academy life… I do not want to be remembered as a terrible person, so please look after me for the next week.”

“Can’t we just stay in the dormitory for a week?”

Dean’s head was lying on the table, his impudence preserved in the historical records.

“It seems this is the way it will be.”

Ian lightly ignored Dean’s suggestion.

“But I like that they can take notes for you in cla.s.s instead. They’re going to your with you, right?”

Another schoolboy attempted to emphasize the positive side. If they could write that fast, they could write down every word the professors said.

“I checked that too. They have a duty to fight censors.h.i.+p, so they can’t show me their notes.”

“What do they do when you sleep?”

Ian looked back at Dean’s question. This time the young official spoke up.

“We take turns guarding him.”

Ian looked at the officials as if he were about to faint. He had never heard of this before.

“…Do the words I say in my sleep go into the historical record as well?”

“Every single one.”

“You’re wasting paper with useless records, aren’t you?”

“There is no useless record.”

The young officer spoke in a proud voice, but praise did not come.

“…I pray that the President does not have strange dreams.”

Claire put her hands together and prayed.

“Thank you. If you don’t have any questions about the officials…”

While Ian seemed eager to move on to other topics, the students were still curious about the officials. That evening, the talk of ‘extreme occupations: court official’ was longer than the meeting.

On the issue of the library, it was decided that they would all take turns on the count of fairness.

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