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“Louise Sweeney?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

The young clerk recognized Louise as soon as she entered the office. He gave her a once-over, and Louise, feeling self-conscious, looked down at herself.


There was a layer of dirt and dust on her uniform.

“I was helping Professor Hill clean up the leaves…”

Louise smiled awkwardly and scratched her head.

“Professor Wayne Hill is your appointed guardian?”

She shook her head.

“No, that’s Professor Hewitt. Do I need him?”

“Perhaps. You’ll hear the details inside the office.”

The clerk knocked at the door of a private office. There was an answer, and the door opened. The interior was ordinary— it was furnished with a desk and chairs, with sofas and a table for the guests.

“Excuse me.”

Louise entered with her head down, and the office manager inside offered her a seat.

“Please wait a moment. She’ll be here soon.”

Soon? Who?

Louise awkwardly perched herself on the edge of her sofa, brus.h.i.+ng the dust off her clothes. The office door opened. Louise looked around to see who it was, then leapt to her feet.

It was Professor Juliana La.s.sen.


“It’s been a while. Louise Sweeney, I knew you were lacking in manners, but I didn’t know you would forget to greet your elders.”

“h.e.l.lo, Professor Juliana La.s.sen.”

Louise bowed respectfully.

“I’ve only borrowed the manager’s office for a while, so let’s get straight to the point.”

Louise held her hands neatly together.

“By the end of today, Stella Lapis will produce her finalized statement.”

Louise nodded her head. Given that Stella hadn’t submitted it yet, she must have still been feeling unwell.

“As Stella Lapis’ guardian professor, I have heard her statement beforehand and have collected additional information.”

“Yes, that’s why I presented my statement.”

“I know.”

Louise couldn’t help but distrust Professor La.s.sen’s smile. Time had proved how cruel the professor could be to Louise, as she sought to expand her family’s influence at the Academy.

“And the students other than yourself have submitted their statements as well.”

“Other…other students?”

The student council had already tried to find other witnesses, but failed.

“So you found witnesses?”

“I didn’t have to search for them. I simply had to meet the students you pointed out.”

They were not witnesses, but perpetrators. Did that mean they confessed everything?

“Two of today’s students’ statements will be accompanied by statements from the victim, Stella Lapis. Everything will be made clear.”

The Professor approached the manager’s desk. The manager handed over the prepared doc.u.ments.

“Louise Sweeney.”

Then Professor La.s.sen handed over the papers to Louise. It was a letter with the Academy’s seal on it, and Louise quickly scanned over the contents. After a formal greeting, it stated that the Academy wanted to summon Louise’s parents for a meeting. In addition to that, it said—

“—I did it?”

Louise stared dumbfounded at the professor while she held the letter.

“Per the Academy rules, I have to inform the student in advance before calling a meeting with their parents.”

“I did it? Was that what Stella said?”

This time the manager stood up.

“It is the decision of Professor Juliana La.s.sen, guardian professor of Stella Lapis, that Louise Sweeney be accompanied by her parents in dealing with this case…but Professor La.s.sen, wouldn’t it be better to proceed with permission from the dean?”

The professor nodded her head.

“Of course. I’m only sending a letter in advance to the guardians first. Today the dean is busy welcoming the guests to the forum.”

“Alright. Once the notification process is complete, I’ll send a message the fastest way possible.”

The manager reached out his hand to Louise, and her hands trembled as she held up the letter. However, she couldn’t find it in herself to let go. Her parents, of course, knew that Louise would never hurt anyone in this way. But she would still cause them a lot of pain, no matter how much they loved her.

“Here, please.”

Professor La.s.sen slapped Louise on the back of the hand and took the papers away.


Louise yelled out in protest, but the letter was delivered safely to the manager, who left the office without delay. Louise made to follow him, but was intercepted by Professor La.s.sen.

“As I’ve said before, I hope you learn the meaning of the word ‘shame.’”


Louise spat out the word in frustration, but the professor did not bat an eyelid. Instead, she stared down her nose at Louise.

“You know what it means for a guardian to be summoned to the Academy.”

Of course Louise knew. As part of the student council she had studied the rules in detail, and knew that expulsion was on the table. Not only would she be kicked out of the Academy, but the source of prejudice would remain.

“Professor…you’re a countess of this country.”

Her voice shook with anger.

“There’s no reason to be so obsessed with me. Why…”

Countess La.s.sen and the Sweeneys had nothing to do with each other. If there was even a little history of resentment, Louise might have understood.

“Louise Sweeney.”

“I just want to live here. I haven’t done any harm to you!”

“Of course it’s not your fault, Louise Sweeney.”

Professor La.s.sen even sounded friendly.



“Even in a great and n.o.ble world, there is still dirt.”

Louise narrowed her eyes at the professor. So to her, interfering with the Sweeney family business and expelling Louise was part of a n.o.ble cause?

“You don’t understand. This is our job.”


The professor nodded gently.

“The lineage is sacred. And n.o.bility comes from setting aside our personal feelings and choosing the right path.”

It was her ident.i.ty, her belief as a n.o.ble that she had held all her life.

“Because we have something that transcends morality.”

The professor straightened her neck.

“And it is to set this country right.”

And the country began with the authority of the monarchy.

“It is not right to have more of this outside blood flowing through the n.o.bility and royal family. Even once is already an overflow.”

Her remarks were very similar to the one Louise had heard some time ago, only more direct and disturbing.

“Even so, you can’t erase me.”

“Louise Sweeney.”

Her hand clenched on Louise’s shoulder.

“As your elder, I want to impress this to you a little more. What I’m telling you is that your expulsion is ahead of any morality.”

Louise stared at the Professor with wide eyes.

This woman. To her, nothing was above completely removing Louise. Even if she had to kill her.

“So do as I tell you.”

Louise bit her lip.

“If you want to protect your family.”


Louise stared back at the professor in shock. To Professor La.s.sen, mentioning the family seemed to have been the right answer, and she was confident of victory.

“Do you understand?”

There was no answer. Louise’s lips were open but her tongue was numb.

“Answer me!”

Professor La.s.sen violently shook Louise as she yelled sharply. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. The professor answered, and the door opened, revealing a beautiful girl with red hair. Professor La.s.sen’s face was red as she turned towards the girl.

“Stella Lapis. You’ve finally completed your statement, haven’t you?”


“Good. I hope you wrote it the way we discussed.”

Stella nodded immediately.

“Yes, Professor.”

“Where is the statement? Did you turn it in to the office?”

The professor hurried on to check on it immediately. Stella answered in a soft voice as she gazed after the professor.

“No, I turned it over to the dean. And Professor.”

Stella was now looking directly at Louise, as if she wanted to say the next thing to her directly.

“I wrote down everything you said. Except for one thing.”

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