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Chapter 22 – I Don’t Want To Be Misunderstood (1)

The power of the greenhouse was amazing. Only one cup of tea there, and nothing bad had happened to her since. On the contrary, her whole week went great. Her were interesting, her new friends were kind, and she was so absorbed with the book she borrowed she couldn’t put it down at night. Thankfully there was little contact with Ian as well. She thought perhaps the G.o.ddess of the earth living in the greenhouse had given her a blessing.

‘Thanks to My Lord–no, Simon.’

Louise would not forget to meet him and tell her the dramatic effect the greenhouse had on her.

Louise strolled through the morning suns.h.i.+ne. She was sure that today would be full of good things again. She was protected by a greenhouse! She smiled cheerfully and opened the door to the student council room.

“Louise Sweeney.”

And ran into the last person she wanted to see.

Ian wore a beautiful smile as his blue eyes s.h.i.+ned in the morning sunlight. The hero of the world!

Louise was afraid of that beautiful smile.

“…Good morning.”

She didn’t know what would happen if she ran away like before. Louise took a few steps forward, her heart beating like a general’s racing towards an enemy camp.

“I thought it was about time for you to come.”

“I didn’t expect you to be here early this morning. We don’t even have a meeting today.”

Louise took her place at her reserved seat.

“There’s no meeting, but there is work.”

He gestured to the pile of papers in front of him when he said “work.” At a glance, it looked like a stack of receipts and permits arranged as reports. She was hoping that the student council wouldn’t have to deal with a nuisance like paperwork.

“What’s going on?”

“As I said before, for the new semester.”

“You mean the flower decorations,”

Louise answered immediately. So this was the conclusion of the last conversation: “The party for the new semester needs flowers.”

“A party can’t only have flowers though.”

“That would be alright, wouldn’t it?”

Ian put down his pen for a moment and stared at her for a moment. Louise Sweeney was the kind of person who would be happy with a single flower, but the students from n.o.bility would expect a more extravagant event. Artwork, performances, fine food. Of course, it was only natural that children of n.o.ble background would want a break from the stuffy, conservative politics of the capital. It was a natural form of rebellion.

At the same time, it was a problem that was only experienced by the upper echelons of society. It was complicated and annoying.

Ian laughed inwardly. They would do to take a page out of Louise’s simple mental world, Ian himself included.

“That’s right, Louise Sweeney. We’ll have the flowers play the instruments, and everyone can demonstrate their terrible dance skills without any music.”

“It’s my teacher’s fault if my dancing skills are bad.”

Louise pointedly looked at Ian. The teacher she spoke, of course, of was him, who had done his best to teach her ballroom dancing a long time ago.

“My cla.s.s is absolutely excellent. Your stiff body is too weak to take it. I understand why Professor Hewitt wanted to screen out students.”

“Don’t blame me. What kind of teacher blames their students for poor results?”

“So you agree that your dancing skills are poor.”

Ugh, it really was poor, but her mother had said that Louise’s dancing skills were no shame at all. Of course, she couldn’t be confident because she had never been formally asked to dance before.

“Okay, okay. No teacher gives up on their students.”

Louise was annoyed when Ian leaned over to ruffle her hair.

“We can go to the party together. You and me.”

Louise looked at Ian blankly.


“Don’t say that.”

“I’m asking you out as my partner.”

Oh my G.o.d! Who asks someone out when they have an annoyed face on?

Despite that, Ian continued mockingly,

“Do I have to get down on my knees and kiss the back of your hand? Give you flowers? I didn’t realize you were still reading fairy tales before bed.”

“In no book in the world does someone ruffle another person’s hair when asking for a date!”

“Well, it’s gross to ask for a partner politely. It’s an uncomfortable experience for both the person asking and the person being asked.”

“I refuse anyway!”

“…How could Louise Sweeney refuse me?”

He pressed his hand against his heart in an exaggerated manner like an actor.

“I told you.”

Louise had to explain it to Ian with all seriousness. If she got caught up in his jokes like this, she really might be mistaken as a partner.

“I don’t want to be misunderstood.”


“I can’t go to the party with you.”

“Who are you planning to go with? “

He leaned on his chin with a curious expression on his face.

“I don’t need to have a date.”

“You may not need one, but you’d be more effective.”


Ian nodded kindly as he explained.

“Think about it. The purpose of this party is to network.”


“Moreover, you’re a newcomer.”

“Newcomer” was a way to describe her. Unlike the other students who had already been introduced into the social circles, Louise had little previous contact with anyone else.

“It’s faster and easier with a partner to introduce you instead of going around at random. It’s also more natural as well.”

That made sense to her. Additionally, if there was someone else to direct the conversation introductions could go more smoothly.

“But you did a wonderful job turning down the man at the top of society just because he ruffled your hair–“


“I’m joking. But there’s no one else you can ask who’s as good as me.”

That was true, but she didn’t want to admit it.

“You don’t have to worry. Friends.h.i.+p is one of my specialties!”

As Louise shouted this the door to the student council creaked open slowly. An unenthusiastic-looking boy entered the room with a long yawn.

Dean Crissis. A first-year like Louise, he had also been invited to the student council by Claire. Although he was a sloppily dressed sight, he was also a son of a baron family. In other words, a person who also had his feet in the world of n.o.bility.

Louise smirked at Ian as if to say, “Take a good look, this is how you ask someone out!”

“Dean, can you come with me to the new semester party?”

Louise gave him her prettiest smile. He would probably say yes. He didn’t seem to have a girlfriend at the moment and moreover, members of the student council helped each other out. Dean and Louise would make good partners in the student council.

Dean blinked sleepily at Louise. His lips opened slowly.

“…Are you crazy?”


His fell down on the desk and he began to snore loudly. Ian picked up his pen again.

“I can see friends.h.i.+p is your specialty.”

Oh, really!

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