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Published at 18th of July 2019 02:25:06 PM Chapter 356: 356

After manufacturing the Cyan Spiritual Pills, Mo Wen immediately looked for w.a.n.g Yinru . This pill was a panacea with strong efficacy . It was a treasure to the Immortal Cultivator, as it was a sacred item for the recovery of injury . As long as an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner was not completely dead, he or she would be completely healed from any normal injury, such as a simple internal injury .

However, w.a.n.g Yinru had broken her core . Not only did she need to restore her core, but she also needed to diffuse all the Inner Qi that had gathered . After taking Cyan Spiritual Pills, w.a.n.g Yinru immediately went into seclusion for practice for several days .

Over the next few days, other than handling matters in the sect, Mo Wen also guided Gu Jingman in her practice . Her Cultivation was too low – only in the Soothing Pulse realm . When placed in the ancient martial arts world, it was not even enough for self-protection . During leisure time, he had decided to increase her Cultivation .

With a series of pills for increasing Cultivation in hand such as the Vigor Consolidating Pill and Vigor Cultivating Pill, it would be very easy for him to increase Cultivation . If the pills were given to Gu Jingman, her Cultivation would be able to increase by leaps and bounds .

However, Mo Wen didn't do that . After all, Gu Jingman didn't have his foundation and was not going through the same path of practice again . If the foundation was not built well in the beginning, it would have a terrible effect on future practice . Hence, they shouldn't be too impatient in getting results .

During this period of time, he could manufacture some pills which would consolidate the fundamentals and cultivate the vigor for her so that she could build a good foundation through consistent strengthening and exploring her potential . Although the increase in Cultivation might not be obvious after persevering for some time, it would allow her to break through to the Sea of Qi realm .

After all, in the ancient martial arts world, not everyone would have the privilege of having an alchemist customizing different kinds of rare pills for her .

Without realizing it, Mo Wen had been in the Dafang Sect for a month, and he had been away from school for more than a month and a half .

After a month of management, everything in the Dafang Sect was in proper order . After the adjustment, the internal structure began to form, and with all the vacancies being filled, the effect of the Jiang Clan's annihilation had been completely eliminated . In the meantime, Mo Wen had better control of the sect such that even when he was going to be away from the Dafang Sect, he would still be able to control the sect's every movement .

Now, the sect was full of vibrancy, and the atmosphere was vastly different from the melancholic atmosphere of the past . Previously, the normal disciples in the sect were like accessories that had almost no status or prospects . However, it was different now, as the Dafang Sect was no longer monopolized by those from the clans with historical heritages . Mo Wen valued and promoted the normal disciples, which caused the disciples with normal backgrounds to become active again .

“When exactly will I break through to the Sea of Qi realm?!” Gu Jingman asked angrily while sitting on a cattail ha.s.sock and staring at Mo Wen . Over the past few days, she felt that the Qi circulation in her body was changing, as if she would be able to break through to become an expert in the Sea of Qi realm at her will .

However, Mo Wen didn't allow her to break through and was constantly suppressing it while asking her to continue practicing steadily . She felt that she was unable to suppress it any further after such a long time of doing so . She was tenably a step away from taking a leap in Cultivation, but she had to suppress herself from taking that step forward . That feeling was terrible .

“Wait for another two days . ” Mo Wen sat on the cattail ha.s.sock directly opposite Gu Jingman with his eyes closed in a state of repose . He didn't even lift his eyelids for a moment .

“Still have to wait for another two days… I can't suppress it anymore . ” Gu Jingman frowned as Mo Wen had frequently given her inexplicable pills . After she took those pills, her entire body became uneasy . She either couldn't sleep for a few days, as she was too energetic, or her body was tortured with aching and tingling sensations .

“Can't suppress it, yet you must suppress it,” Mo Wen said stoically without any sympathy at all .

Gu Jingman was choked with resentment but could only continue to follow Mo Wen's method of practice while scolding him secretly in her heart . In fact, although Mo Wen had been constantly supervising Gu Jingman's practice over the past few days, he did accomplish some things of his own as well .

During his leisure time, Mo Wen would immerse himself in his declarative memory in order to constantly absorb from the heritage memory pa.s.sed down by Ji Wuya . The amount of information in Ji Wuya's heritage memory of a lifetime was so ma.s.sive that it basically couldn't be digested within a short period of time . There were too many things in it that were very useful to Mo Wen .

For instance, the strange and extraordinary stories of the ancient times had broadened Mo Wen's horizons . Although Ji Wuya's heritage memory was incomplete, with many places broken and some personal confidential matters missing, it was still beneficial to Mo Wen .

As he was unable to get the method of Immortal Cultivation from Ji Wuya's heritage, it meant that he was unable to use many of the Immortal Cultivation abilities such as the unsealing of the spell talismans and the use of the magical treasures that required the support of spiritual energy .

Without the necessary spiritual power, Mo Wen wouldn't be able to use the spell talismans in his hands . The three or four spell talismans he received from Jiang Clan's treasure trove the other day were all rare treasures . It would be a waste if they couldn't be used . Although Mo Wen had practiced in an Immortal Cultivator Sect before, he hadn't practiced in this lifetime, so he didn't even have the spiritual power to use the spell talismans .

However, Mo Wen wasn't at his wit's end yet, as he actually still had the half piece of spiritual stone with him . If he could absorb that piece of spiritual stone, it could allow him to have a little spiritual power for a short period of time . However, that spiritual stone was only half a piece and could only be used once, and he had three or four spell talismans . Hence, it was insufficient .

The amount of spiritual power required to use the spell talisman was very little, so it would be a waste to use half a piece of spiritual stone . After all, this world was not the Immortal Cultivation world . It was very difficult to find spiritual stones, so every piece was very precious .

Mo Wen had been contemplating the solution to this problem for the past few days . After much consideration and the incorporation of the knowledge and experiences of the Medicine Sage, Ji Wuya, he actually found quite a good solution .

A stalk of spiritual medicine would have spiritual energy in it . As the spiritual medicine could only grow with the absorption of spiritual energy, if he was able to extract the spiritual energy from the spiritual medicine and subsequently store it with a special method, perhaps it could give an effect similar to the spiritual stone . Although the amount of extracted spiritual energy was incomparable to that of the spiritual stone, it was sufficient to unseal a spell talisman .

If Mo Wen had been in the past, this thinking would be a fantasy and couldn't be implemented, even if he had spiritual medicine . After all, it was not an easy task to extract spiritual energy from spiritual medicine, and even many Immortal Cultivators couldn't do it, not to mention an ancient martial arts pract.i.tioner like himself .

However, after receiving Ji Wuya's heritage, he began to know many alchemy techniques that were rare, strange, and even unheard of in the past . Some alchemy techniques were so wondrous and insightful that they were simply superb ingenuity that rivaled the art of the heavens .

Among them was a kind of alchemy technique by the name of Reeling of Silk from Coc.o.o.n, which was able to extract the essence from a stalk of herbal medicine .  Whatever components one needed, one would be able to extract those particular components . In terms of the degree of fineness, it was simply wondrous that even a single element could be extracted .

With the Reeling of Silk from Coc.o.o.n method, Mo Wen would be able to extract the spiritual energy from the spiritual medicine and store the spiritual energy appropriately through a special method .

Gu Jingman was practicing under Mo Wen's supervision while Mo Wen was fiddling with stalks of spiritual medicines . With the support of the Dafang Sect's resources, the spiritual medicines in his hands were not as scare as before . After all, a ma.s.sive sect that was constantly collecting herbal medicines in the deep mountains and virgin forests would definitely have dozens of stalks of spiritual medicines .

Moreover, under Mo Wen's command, the Dafang Sect had been continuously buying precious herbal medicines from different sects in the ancient martial arts world .  Occasionally, they could get some spiritual medicines . These days, there were one or two stalks of spiritual medicines being sent back every few days .

“Done!” After an unknown period of time, delight flashed in Mo Wen's eyes . There was a red cauldron floating beside him . At this time, the lid of the cauldron was already open, and there were five or six white rounded pills rolling in the cauldron . They seemed to have some spiritual energy .

“They shall be called Spiritual Energy Pills in the future . ” Mo Wen stretched out two fingers to pick up a pill . He realized that it indeed contained quite a lot of spiritual energy . The spiritual energy was gathered together, like a small spiritual stone .

These pills were the things that Mo Wen had researched for the past few days . They were manufactured using the Reeling of Silk from Coc.o.o.n technique to extract the spiritual energy from the spiritual medicine before storing them into a pill using a special method .

The Spiritual Energy Pills manufactured didn't have any efficacy . They only contained pure spiritual energy . They were almost useless to others . It would be the same for ancient martial arts pract.i.tioners to eat the Spiritual Energy Pills and sugar granules, since there would be absolutely no effect . As for the Immortal Cultivators, they basically wouldn't value such a small amount of spiritual energy . However, to Mo Wen, these Spiritual Energy Pills happened to complement his deficiency .

After five days, w.a.n.g Yinru came out of seclusion . She was like the water lotus that had emerged from the water and looked as hydrated and delicate as a honey peach . Her skin and complexion were superb compared to the past and simply looked ten years younger . Now, when she stood next to Gu Jingman, n.o.body would be able to distinguish who was older in terms of appearance .

The effect of the Cyan Spiritual Pills, other than healing injuries, was to clean the body thoroughly and change the body completely . There were many pills that could restore the core, and there were many pills that healed internal injuries, too, but in terms of effects, very few pills were comparable to Cyan Spiritual Pills .

“Goodness . Auntie w.a.n.g, how could you… What kind of panacea did Mo Wen feed you?” Gu Jingman placed a hand over her mouth and looked at w.a.n.g Yinru in shock . Her big round eyes were completely fixed on w.a.n.g Yinru .

w.a.n.g Yinru blinked her eyes and looked at herself . She pursed her lips into a smile before asking, “Is anything wrong? This is normal, isn't it?”

In fact, she had already noticed her own change before she came out of seclusion . She was so excited that her heart palpitated rapidly, and she couldn't get to sleep . However, w.a.n.g Yinru was someone who wouldn't let it show in front of Gu Jingman .

Not only had her Cultivation been fully restored, but she also became much prettier and younger, like a 20-year-old girl . Instantly, the trauma that she had previously endured vanished without a trace .

“What happened?” Gu Jingman's lip twitched as she stared in Mo Wen's direction . How could she pretend not to notice how her looks have changed? Shameless!

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