Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 1623 - I will give you a car as compensation.

Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire -

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Chapter 1623: I will give you a car as compensation.

Pei Ge picked up her phone and called her secretary, but the latter did not pick it up. She felt that something was off. Ji Ziming, who was sitting beside her, frowned and asked, “What’s wrong? n.o.body’s picking up?”

“Mhm, that’s odd. This is the personal line between us, so why is it not getting through?”

She felt that something was amiss and dialed again.

It still did not go through.

“Stop calling; I’ll get my men to look. If there’s any problem, I’ll tell you.”

He held her hands as he spoke softly.

Looking at his deep eyes, she dipped her head and said softly, “Ziming, let’s go home.”


Upon saying that, he stood up swiftly, but at the thought of something, he furrowed his brows and said, “Red Star is celebrating its anniversary; do you want to check it out?”

“I know about it; Manager Cheng called to tell me.”

She stood up and took the doc.u.ments. “Let’s go home and not talk about work stuff when we’re home.”


He nodded. At the same time, on another end, Ellie and Qu Jingwan were quarreling downstairs.

“I say, general manager, aren’t you making a big fuss? Since you think that I was the one behind it, why won’t you let me compensate you with a new car?”

Qu Jingwan leaned against her works.p.a.ce and blocked the other from going there.

“Miss Qu, there are some words I have to say: We are adults and should know how to conduct ourselves.”

Ellie straightened her back, and her voluptuous chest, which was the most attractive part of her, became apparent.

“Know how to conduct ourselves? Are you trying to talk to me about that now? Sure.”

She smiled, having thoroughly investigated this general manager’s background. Being in the Ji Group for quite a while, she had heard of all the rumors about Ellie.

“Then, I’ll talk to you about it.”

She purposely raised her voice, and it was just right, for this was the company’s quitting time.

One was a well-respected general manager and the other was this missy who was the CEO’s fiancée in name. A drama was slowly unfolding between these two women.

Seeing the crowd around them increasing in numbers, Qu Jingwan acted like a high and mighty peac.o.c.k in her ten-centimeter high heels which crushed Ellie’s aura slightly.

“General manager, everyone is looking; don’t say that I’m bullying you.”

Looking at her, Ellie understood that the other was the best at using the crowd to show that she was the one who should be sympathized with.

What an evil woman.

She looked coldly at the missy before as the latter inverted black and white while she could only be angry about it. No matter how she explained herself, she would be the one detested by others. She was the victim here, yet she became the villain.

The world was fickle and nothing more than this.

“What are you guys doing? Why are you guys crowding here?”

Pei Ge hooked her arm around Ji Ziming’s as she looked at the crowd, feeling baffled. Spotting the two ladies facing off in the middle of this, she withdrew her arm from the man and walked to their side.

She asked softly, “What’s happening here?”

“You’re finally here! You judge and see whether it is my or this general manager’s fault.”

Qu Jingwan saw Pei Ge walking over and hurriedly pulled her to her side. She thought that, since they were living under the same roof, this woman would care more for her. She did not expect that the latter would overturn the sympathy she had garnered from the crowd and even turn the tables on her.

“I say, this is the office; why are you getting everyone to look at you two quarreling? Can’t you spare a thought to the company’s reputation? Plus, you bear the Qu surname. You’re sent here by the Qu Group as their representative; isn’t it disgraceful to shout and wrangle out in the open?”

Pei Ge’s words were sharp, and though she was pulled close by the other, it did not mean that she would not harbor evil thoughts toward such a deadly foe.

Qu Jingwan, as a result, lost too much face in front of everyone, especially after getting mocked by this woman following her deliberate action.

She stood rooted to the spot, unable to believe that these words were coming from Pei Ge’s mouth.

She reckoned that this woman would never side with others, easily forgetting how she had threatened the latter just this morning.

The person who had dug herself a hole and jumped in herself was none other than Qu Jingwan.


Anger was boiling in her, for she did not expect the other to side with Ellie.

“What’s wrong with me? I’m merely speaking what everyone else is thinking here; don’t you guys agree?”

With a few words from her, Pei Ge reversed the situation. Ellie, who was originally without any backer, got the best support, whereas Qu Jingwan, whom everyone supported earlier, was now cast to the side.

“You… You guys!”

The missy scanned her surroundings and noticed that everyone was afraid of the other.

The current Pei Ge resembled a queen, such that she could only look on and not say anything in opposition.

“Very good! Just you wait!”

Qu Jingwan did not see the man, who was standing just outside the crowd. Right now, her raging mind was thinking of several ways for Pei Ge to meet an accident.

Sensing that the situation was disadvantageous to her, she stormed off the Ji Group’s facilities. The driver whom the Ji family had arranged for her was waiting not far from the entrance.

Once she was gone, the crowd started to disperse as well. The more eye-catching person than this woman was the man standing behind the gla.s.s door.

“Thank you, madam.”

Ellie thanked her; if it were not for her a.s.sistance, she would be unable to explain herself today.

“What’s there to thank me for? You’ve been working in the Ji Group for so long. Anyway, when faced with a similar situation, and you can’t beat your opponent, just stay away if I am not there to help you out. Fortunately, I saw it today, or else, you’d be faced with a lot of problems.”

Pei Ge felt sorry and aggrieved for this general manager.

She was clearly an exquisite lady, but she had lost much of her composure after being bullied by the Qu missy.

Who is Qu Jingwan actually torturing by coming to the Ji Group?

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