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[User Leo's attributes :

After a week's worth of killing monsters and finis.h.i.+ng the training Leo had increased his attributes by at least 3 points each . He was finally satisfied with this outcome because now he could finally kill hordes of middle low tier monsters easily . He was almost ready to start working towards upper low tier monsters .

He wanted to fight more , but there was something he wanted to know .

' The are 4 ports on the island , right system ?' He thought in his mind .

[ The system had enough time to scan User Leo's surroundings using S.O.N.A.R.]

[ The tower is in the middle on an island which has a civilization near the ports and has a deep forest between the civilized area and the tower .]

[ There are 4 piers which work as ports and the civilized areas surround the whole forest .]

[ The boats seem to always come in a straight line and through observation , all heroes are teleported to the center of the island and the civilians have to pay a heavy price .]

[ The Island has a radius of about 500km , irregularly shaped and the lowest point is at sea level .]

Leo laughed as he said " You got all that from a SONAR ? Wait , don't tell me . I don't need to know . "

Now that he was done with his training , he wanted to rest . " How long have I been at it . I know I completed the training but how long have I not eaten anything ?"

[ User Leo has not consumed anything for 8 days . User Leo has been killing monsters for 2 days since he completed the training .

Time : 1342]

" Time to get lunch then ." But when he looked down at his clothes he finally noticed something .

He was still wearing the clothes he had been wearing when he came to this world , the clothes Grimm ran with .

' This world has many clothes that are the same as my old one . Or more like , its the same world but something went wrong .'

The clothes Grimm wore weren't that out of fas.h.i.+on , but they weren't Leo's style . Also , they made it harder to move when drenched in blood .

He had heard from his sister that the shops in hero a.s.sociation sold clothes with an auto-cleaning feature .

He took out The card he received from the Adventurer's Guild and looked at it and a projection came out which showed information .

[ Name : Leo Grimm (Male)

Gift : Physical

Hero Tier : Upper Low

Points : 4485

He looked at the unfamiliar window in front of him and asked the system ' Scan this . Make it safe for use and make sure it is safe .'

[ The s.p.a.ce-storage enchantment opens a s.p.a.ce pocket through a stored magic when mana is inserted . The tracker enchantment is used to track a mana signature stored in the card .]

' So they are just simple game like enchantments .' He said as he played around with the card . He looked at it again and the hologram popped out again . He thought of opening the s.p.a.ce storage . But nothing happened physically . Instead , he got a feeling of whatever was inside . It wasn't like he touched anything , instead he just knew it was a blocked up s.p.a.ce . It was a cube of area 8m³ .

' That seems helpful .' He said as he put away the card back in his pocket . Which reminded him once more he needed new clothes .

A few minutes later he was standing on the elevator to the public area with Leah .

" Seriously brother , Where were you ? I was so worried ." She said with a pouty look .

" Yeah , sorry . I made you so worried you had to go shopping .Ouch!" He said with a smirk on his face because of which Leah kicked his s.h.i.+n .

" Geez , at least tell me before you go next time ." She grumbled to who seemed to be no one .

" Sure , sure . But aren't you happy going to buy clothes for your big brother ." He said as he patted her on the head .

" Why didn't you take anything from the castle . Even when I was running away I didn't forget to take clothes for travelling and such ." She said as she looked at him with a weird gaze which made him seem much smaller .

" I was busy panicking over the fact that they may behead you . " he withdrew his hand and crossed them over his chest .

He leaned against the wall of the elevator . The elevator was silent for a long time . Leo broke the silence as he said with a smile as his hand went around her shoulder " Don't worry . I'll make them regret it ." He imagined how he would torture them all . ' You will all pay for making her run from her own home .' His hold around Leah's shoulders became tighter as his thoughts kept going .

He felt Leah shudder and looked down at her ." Hey don't be a baby . It isn't cold at all ." to which Leah simply nodded and the elevator returned to silence .

They got off the elevator and made their way to the clothing section of the shopping floor .

There was a reception like structure there with a door behind it and a man standing between the door and the reception .

He saw them coming as he smiled and said " Welcome , Miss Leah . I see you love the clothes you got from me a few days ago . What brings you and this ... man here ?"

Leah smiled back as she said pointing with both hands at Leo " This here is my big brother . Ever since we came to the a.s.sociation he's been killing monsters . He should be a , middle-low tier hero ?" she said the last part as she looked towards Leo .

" Upper-low , almost basic-intermediate ." he corrected her with a smile . Leah's eyes widened and the man looked towards him as if he didn't matter .

" Yet you bled so much ?" He asked with a disdainful smile .

" Ahh , no I am a physical type hero and I like to get close to monsters and directly tear them apart . " Leo said as he lifted one of his arms and directly manifested a claw . The man's eyes widened as he looked between the claw and Leo .

" So all that blood is monster blood?" He said with widened eyes .

Leo simply nodded and said " I had no clothes so I came here directly with my sister ."

" Miss Leah , you both came here yesterday , right ? And you came directly to me ?" He looked towards Leah with terrified eyes .

Leah just smiled awkwardly as she face-palmed " 8 days ago in the evening . He went out the very next day as soon as he got his card ."

Leo just smiled on the side as if the discussion didn't concern him . After a while the man stabilized his mental condition and asked for a handshake from Leo " I am Tyler I work as the enchanter in the clothing shop . You can tell me whatever clothes you want and I can enchant them for you ."

Leo's smile froze as he looked at Tyler , " You mean ... I can't see what I want ?"

Tyler just shook his head and said " Give me your card ."

Leo took his card out , no questions asked and put it on the reception desk .

Tyler looked over the card and the hologram popped out . Both him and Leah were looking at Leo's balance for the first time . Leah had started getting ready as soon as she heard he was going to call her to buy clothes .

[ Points : 4485 ]

There was silence for a long time . Leo just stood there waiting for Tyler to do something . After a while Tyler said " You killed so many mortal tier monsters ?"

Leo corrected once again with a smile " Most were middle-low tier monsters and some basic-low tier monsters and only about a 100 mortal tier monsters . Hey I didn't come here to be questioned I want clothes ."

Tyler snapped out of his shock and looked over Leo again " Of course . This is how you can show me how it needs to look . " Tyler put the card on the table and put a hand over it . The hologram changed to one which showed the physical body of Tyler without any s.e.xual characters . As soon as it came up Leo first stared at it for a bit , after which his mana started leaking from his body . The dark black mana which was leaking , had a natural choking feeling to it . Leo's smile was still the same , but both his hands had turned into claws .

He cracked his claws and looked towards Tyler " You mean to say , my SISTER did this too ?"

He was about to jump straight towards him when he heard his sister's stifled voice " It was his sister , brother . She was with me . "

His mana casually retracted and he looked towards Leah " Really ?" to which she replied " Yes . He went in and his sister came out and erected a barrier ."

He looked back towards Tyler and said with an awkward expression " Sorry , I get a little carried away when it comes to her ."

" I , can see that ." Tyler felt disturbed by the fact he was feeling choked even though he was a high tier hero . ' He is different .' he thought as he looked towards Leo still smiling awkwardly .

" So put your hand here and you can imagine what you want to wear and it will show on your hologram directly ."

"Hmm .. " He looked towards his sister to which she said " I don't care ." He was still disturbed by her being here . Regardless , he put his hand on the card and a hologram of his physical body appeared , just like with Tyler's , without any s.e.xual characters .

He imagined different types of clothes that could go with his vibrant and deep red hair . He wanted to cover his lower body as quickly as possible , so he started with lowers , pants , jeans and in the end settles with brown cargo pants and a set of white sneakers , which was simple . He just had to go through a bunch of colours . Next he looked for something to cover his chest . He thought he might try a look he once saw a celebrity wear , so he searched through his memories through outfits he had seen many celebrities usually wear . He went through many sets and stopped for a few seconds , shook his head and went for the next .

He had been going for a long time when he muttered " They all look good with those , but I want something for all temperatures ."

He heard Tyler's voice in his ears say" There's an enchant for that ."

As soon as he heard it a single outfit came to mind . He imagined wearing a White tank top and a black sweat s.h.i.+rt with its zipper open . He imagined the hologram change poses and finally said " That good ?" as he looked towards his sister.

She hesitated a little before she said " ... they all looked good ... " He kept looking at her for a while , after which he turned towards Tyler and said " Yeah , this looks good ."

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