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Chapter 323: Opening the Coffin!

Edited by RED

Lei Long and Yao Mei Er separated the fighters, and the Qi dispersed. People's faces were completely red. Lin Feng and Yao Mei Er's battle was just too astonis.h.i.+ng and scary.

"If you want to battle using your full strength, wait for another week when the Great Compet.i.tion of the G.o.ds List begins. You already agreed on a date, didn't you?" said Lei Long.

Lin Feng didn't care. Ye Lü Qi looked glum. He realized that Lin Feng was much stronger than he had expected. Such people were dangerous because there was a huge disparity between their cultivation level and their actual strength.

Ye Lü Qi ground his teeth. He really wanted to crush Lin Feng, but now he had no choice but to control himself and calm down. The coffin was more important than his grudge against Lin Feng!

"Everybody, give the Celestial G.o.ds Government face. Give us the coffin."

"Indeed, dear friends, give us face, leave the coffin for the Thunder G.o.ds Government."

"Hihi, please, honeys…" Yao Mei Er also smiled seductively. Many people were disappointed, but they knew they had to give up on the coffin.

Some independent cultivators and members of the Six Groups left. Such people were still shocked by Ye Lü Qi's attacks. Their lives were more important than that coffin.

Ye Lü Qi glanced at Lin Feng, then threw himself at the coffin and raised his fist.

Clang, clang!… Terrifying golden energies collided with the coffin, but Ye Lü Qi's fist didn't pierce through it. The coffin crackled, but it didn't open.

When Lin Feng saw that, his expression suddenly changed. What was that coffin made of?

"No, we have to cooperate, otherwise, we won't manage to open it," Lei Long frowned. Ye Lü Qi couldn't open the coffin on his own.

"The four of us? Difficult," said Lin Feng, shaking his head. Lei Long's eyes gleamed, but he didn't say anything.

Ye Lü Qi smiled mockingly and said, "If you're afraid, you can p.i.s.s off."

"You want me to attack you again?" said Lin Feng icily.

"Hmph! You think I'm afraid of you?!" said Ye Lü Qi, clenching his fists again. They both released threads of Qi again.

"Enough! Stop arguing! If you want to benefit from this opportunity, stop arguing!" said Lei Long angrily.

Ye Lü Qi was furious, but he controlled himself. Hmph! After we get the precious treasures from inside the coffin, I'll kill you!

"If the strong cultivators of the Du Hu Government and the Dark G.o.ds Government were here, it'd be much better," Lei Long sighed. He seemed disappointed. Even though they'd have to share the loot with even more people, it'd still be better. It would be less troublesome and much easier.

"They have nothing to do with the Demon Emperor, they're not interested in his legacy," said Yao Mei Er, shaking her head. The Du Hu Government and the Dark G.o.ds Government had been created by Celestial Emperors. They had nothing to do with Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, so they had no interest in sending people to his grave.

The b.e.s.t.i.a.l G.o.ds Government was deeply connected to the Demon Emperor. The ancestor and founder of the b.e.s.t.i.a.l G.o.ds Government was one of the Demon Emperor's beloved daughters… or at least, that's what the legends said.

The Thunder G.o.ds Government and the Celestial G.o.ds Government were also connected to the Demon Emperor to a certain extent, so they also wanted to benefit from that opportunity.

"Apart from the Five Governments and the Six Groups, isn't anyone else interested in the Demon Emperor's grave?" asked Lin Feng suddenly. He remembered the middle-aged man he had fought.

"Nah, impossible, apart from the Six Groups and the Five Governments, who else is there? The Four Halls? They don't lack resources and G.o.dly Emperors, they don't need anything from the Demon Emperor's grave," said Lei Long, shaking his head. Apart from the Six Groups and the Five Governments, there were some independent cultivators who were interested in the Demon Emperor's, but no other big group was.

"And what about groups from outside of G.o.ds City?" asked Lin Feng.

Lei Long asked, "What are you trying to say?"

"I'll tell you the truth. I b.u.mped into a middle-aged man in black clothes, his demon blood Qi was extremely powerful. I wonder what his real social status is, and if he has something to do with the Demon Emperor," Lin Feng said honestly.

Lei Long frowned and nodded, "I saw him too. He's gathering experience. I exchanged three attacks with him and it was a draw, so he left. I didn't chase him. But now that you mention it, he's indeed strange," mused Lei Long, narrowing his eyes and recalling his battle against the man.

"Could it be that he's from outside of G.o.ds City?" Lei Long shook his head. He seemed surprised.

"Master Lei Long, by G.o.ds City, do you mean the Central Continent of the G.o.ds?" asked Lin Feng. He had always thought that G.o.ds City was just a way to describe the Central Continent of the G.o.ds, but after arriving, he had started doubting.

"Hehe, you b.u.mpkin, I really wonder how you came to G.o.ds City," Ye Lü Qi mocked. Even though they couldn't fight for the time being, he still seized every opportunity to humiliate Lin Feng. It made him feel better.

Lin Feng glanced at him, but otherwise ignored him. Ye Lü Qi looked glum again, but Ye Lü Dan Xing shook his head and sighed, so Ye Lü Qi didn't say anything.

"Lin Feng, G.o.ds Country is the Central Continent of the G.o.ds, but it's not the only place in the center, there are other places which are even bigger, such as the G.o.ds Government, G.o.dsland, and the G.o.ds Country.

"The G.o.ds Country is very famous and powerful. G.o.ds City, G.o.dsland and the G.o.ds Government are all part of the G.o.ds Country.

"There are the Six Groups and the Five Governments in G.o.ds City, as well as some smaller second-cla.s.s groups. The G.o.ds Government stands above G.o.ds City. It's where the Four Temples are, many of us people from G.o.ds City, dream of going there."

"G.o.dsland is where the Three Dynasties are. It's a vast world. It's millions of square miles in size. There are many creatures from ancient times there, such as unicorns, taoties, ancient dragons, ancient phoenixes, and so on."

"The G.o.ds Country is a holy place for G.o.ds. I don't think many people ever have the opportunity to go there because even Celestial Emperors first go to G.o.dsland. Celestial Emperors are the strongest cultivators of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty," explained Lei Long. His eyes were filled with admiration as he talked about those things.

Lin Feng was amazed. He initially thought that the City of G.o.ds represented the whole Central Continent, but now, he understood the whole situation much better.

The G.o.ds Government, G.o.dsland, those places seemed incredible.

Maybe that the mysterious man in black clothes really wasn't from here. What about Di Shu? Lin Feng hadn't seen him for a half a year and now he seemed so much stronger. Where had he been?

"Alright, let's stop wasting time. It's not a school here. If you want to learn, go and ask your elders. Let's open the coffin now," Ye Lü Qi grunted coldly.

Lin Feng ignored Ye Lü Qi and looked at Yao Mei Er and Lei Long, "I know how we can open it, just back me up and…"

"Hehe? You? You're an arrogant little brat. You know how?" Ye Lü Qi didn't even give Lin Feng time to speak, he instantly interrupted and sneered at him.

He had already met people who were arrogant, but Lin Feng was breaking records!

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