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Yang Ku seemed to have thought of something, his expression changing slightly. "Retreat! Everyone, leave the beach... keep a distance of 1,600 feet!"

Earlier on, when King Coral Monster had first emerged from the sea, some people had already retreated quietly.

When they heard the command, they ran away immediately.

The King Coral Monster didn't even hide its presence, which was like the scorching sun s.h.i.+ning brightly on Earth.

The monsters at the side of the King Coral Monster were excited, splas.h.i.+ng out of the sea and letting out ear-piercing shrieks.

When Goldie saw that everyone had retreated and none of them were waiting for it, it became panicked.

It stumbled while pulling the King Eel, not letting go of it and desperately dragging it.

Gao Peng had said that if it dragged this eel back, it would be given 500 credits.

That was 500! Its pocket money every month was only 375 credits, so this would be worth more than a month's income.

Goldie panicked. It raised its head and saw Flamy flying above it. "Gua, fat crane. Fat crane, quick, hit me."

"d.a.m.n baldie!" Upon hearing this, Flamy grew angry, opened its mouth, and spit flames onto Goldie. Burn, you d.a.m.ned bald duck. I'll burn you into a sauce-roasted duck!

While being burned, Goldie squinted its eyes, letting comfortable groans out of its throat.

The continuous burning damage of the flame was calculated every second. Although the flame extinguished gradually after eight seconds, Goldie's size had increased eight times over, and its length, width, and height were doubled. It was now a burly 23-foot-tall duck.

When it dragged the monster again, it was a lot easier. Goldie felt like its waist had straightened, its back wasn't bent, and it wasn't even panting. It dragged it a few hundred yards in one breath.

Yang Ku looked at Goldie again.


He rubbed his eyes. "This duck…" Clearly, it hadn't been this big before, so was it that this duck could become either big or small according to its will?

Yang Ku only glanced at Goldie out of curiosity, when actually, he didn't care about such a trivial matter.

A large number of scimitar fins on the surface of the sea cut across the water and quickly approached the sh.o.r.eline like an a.s.sault submarine.

"Those can't be sharks, can they?" someone said.

"They're a little similar, but this fin is golden. A shark's fin isn't this color."

"Then what kind of fish is that?"

"Everyone, be careful, these aren't sharks. They're called Golden Moorish Idols. Although they aren't sharks, they aren't less dangerous than them!" Yang Ku's face was serious, as he had read a lot about monsters before that coincidentally, included the Golden Moorish Idol's attributes.

[Monster Name]: Golden Moorish Idol

[Monster Level]: Level 11-20 (Elite-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Normal (Excellent) (Perfect)

[Monster Skills]: Sharp Fin Level 1

[Monster Attribute]: Metal

[Monster Weakness]: 1. Gills on two sides.

[Monster Description]: Evolved from Moorish Idols, they inherited the characteristics of living in groups and like to live in the lush areas of the reefs and feed on the sponges and seaweed there. Because they devour a lot of sponge seaweed from the King Coral Monster, they rely on it and have grown attached to it.

"Retreat quickly! Leave this place immediately!" someone shouted from behind.

Most people evacuated from the shallow water on the beach, but a few people didn't retreat in time. The giant wave left a lot of monsters' corpses on the beach. In the rush, no one removed the corpses, but a few people took them, thinking that they could make a fortune.

The Golden Moorish Idol had already got there, their sharp golden sickle cutting through the water as if it was being cut by rows of golden scimitars.

The monster trainers who were picking up the corpses reacted only after they heard the shouts from people behind them. They quickly stood up and ran backward, but how could their speed compare to sea monsters that had mutated?

Some were rather clever. Even if they stayed in the shallow areas, they were close to the rear. Though there were fewer corpses, if they reacted quickly enough, they could still run up the sh.o.r.e.

But there was someone who went further, so when he noticed the scimitar fins from behind, he panicked. "Save me, Da Hei, save me!"

"Woof!" The Adamantine German Shepherd that was carrying a few sea monster's corpses behind him growled, shook its body, and the monsters' corpses were all dropped off into the sea. Stretching its limbs, it rushed towards its owner in a frenzy.

It leaped 30 feet before it put down its paw forcefully!

A Golden Moorish Idol that was ten feet away from the owner was pawed aside and swirled in a circle in the water, dazed.

But they weren't out of danger yet; this was just one of the Golden Moorish Idols that was near them. Behind them, there were seven or eight of them coming from all directions, like a group of cunning wolves!

The monster trainer finally realized the danger, and hurriedly, he climbed on the Adamantine German Shepherd's back, tightening his legs and hugging its neck tightly. "Da Hei, quick, let's go."

The Adamantine German Shepherd looked at the Golden Moorish Idols that were approaching seriously and frowned. As it stepped out, its body tilted, and its right leg limped.

At this time, the burning pain moved from the wounds to the nerves. Although its. .h.i.t just now had sent the Golden Moorish Idol flying, its sharp fins, which were sharper than a steel knife, had cut a long wound along the sole of its foot.

It looked around, eyes fierce and serious. Its canine tooth slowly appeared as its lips moved and it growled a low warning from its throat. At the same time, it slowly retreated, the soles of its feet stepping on the water surface making a crisp "pa" noise, its body limping.

The Golden Moorish Idols that were circling them kept turning around, not in a hurry to attack.

"Hurry up and go. They're waiting for their companions." With a slight change of expression, the monster trainer who was on the Adamantine German Shepherd's back spoke softly and anxiously.

The Adamantine German Shepherd ran towards the sh.o.r.e without hesitation, but its injured foot affected its running. Upon seeing that the Adamantine German Shepherd was trying to escape, the Golden Moorish Idols that were swimming around rushed at it like an arrow immediately!

"Woof, woof!" The Adamantine German Shepherd was barking and running, its hard as steel fur was cut off by the Golden Moorish Idols. A group of Golden Moorish Idols didn't need to leap from the water, they could easily cut its belly by just swimming around it.

The speed of the Golden Moorish Idols in the water was much faster. They dashed around it, back and forth.

Blood dyed the sea around the Adamantine German Shepherd red.

"Save me. Please help me… No, please help Da Hei. I should die, but Da Hei shouldn't." The man who was on the Adamantine German Shepherd's back cried and shouted at the people on sh.o.r.e.

Some people looked cold and had no expressions. They were used to the reality of life and death. When people became greedy, they reaped what they sowed.

Some were also hesitant, since they suspected that this person was putting up a show deliberately.

The Adamantine German Shepherd lowered its head suddenly and bit one of the Golden Moorish Idols, its lips covered with blood. The corner of its lip was cut by the sharp sickle, exposing the pinkish muscles within.

But the Golden Moorish Idol in its mouth had also been bitten through. It was trying to struggle in the mouth of the Adamantine German Shepherd.

Gao Peng looked at the person on the Adamantine German Shepherd. Seeing that the status of this person was [Guilty], Gao Peng squinted, then he patted Flamy's leg beside him. "Flamy, go get some snacks."

Flamy turned into a ball of flames and flew out, the burning flames pulling a long tail flame behind it and swept across the sea in an instant. Flamy just dipped at the sea, and a lively Golden Moorish Idol that was struggling was already in its mouth.

The sickle of the Golden Moorish Idol that could cut up the Adamantine German Shepherd's fur hit Flamy's beak, making a crisp sound, yet it seemed weak.

With a gentle pull, the eyeb.a.l.l.s of the Golden Moorish Idol were almost coming out, like it was being squeezed to death by chopsticks, then it was being swallowed through Flamy's throat, into its stomach.

Flamy pouted. The taste wasn't very good—it was a bit dry and also a little salty.

But sometimes, changing tastes wasn't bad, so it went and quickly transformed into a sharp sword that descended from the sky to the sea's surface. The heads of the Golden Moorish Idols were poked out by its beak, then swallowed one by one.

"Flamy, finish it quickly. That big manta ray is coming again." Gao Peng saw a black shadow not far away that wasn't coming near, so he warned Flamy.

When Flamy heard that, it raised its tail, its exuberant fur blowing up, "Sooner or later... sooner or later..." After repeating these words fiercely, it finally ejected a large flame into the ocean behind the Adamantine German Shepherd's back, boiling the seawater. As a result, the Golden Moorish Idols all moved away to escape it.

With Flamy's help in causing the delay, the Adamantine German Shepherd and the man on its back finally reached the sh.o.r.e. His black T-s.h.i.+rt was thoroughly soaked, and his wet hair was stuck to his ear and eyebrows.

With the protection of the Adamantine German Shepherd, this monster trainer hadn't suffered any injuries and was just shocked. But the Adamantine German Shepherd that was 13 feet long collapsed and sunk onto the beach, with a large amount of blood oozing from its abdomen and limbs.

A group of spectators gathered, and some sighed. "You were too careless. Look at your familiar that was badly injured trying to save you."

"At that time, Commander Yang had already ordered us to retreat, yet you didn't. Now, your familiar is paying for your greed."

Some who loved familiars started to criticize him.

The monster trainer knelt down, trying his best to cover his German Shepherd's wounds, but compared to the wound, his hands were too small, and blood was still flowing out nonstop.

There were also some intellectuals who stood by and watched. Since it was none of their business, they loftily gave him quick glances and left.

Nevertheless, someone comforted him, "It's fortunate that you still have your life. The military should have a place to treat familiars, so you can go to them."

The Adamantine German Shepherd stuck out its tongue and licked its owner. Its eyes were calm, full of dependence and trust in its master.

Xia Youxi knelt on the ground, eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears.

His heart was full of self-blame and guilt. He had only wanted to sell the body of the sea monster that Da Hei had just killed, then buy materials from the proceeds for Da Hei to have the opportunity to continue to evolve, but who would have thought…

"Step aside, if you don't want your familiar to die." Gao Peng patted his shoulder. The status of the Adamantine German Shepherd had dropped down to [severe injury] and was progressing towards [fatal injury].

Xia Youxi saw Flamy, who was standing behind Gao Peng, and recognized the familiar that had just rescued him. He squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying. "Thank you just now for—"

"Let it be." Gao Peng lifted him up and pushed him aside. If he kept delaying, this familiar would die.

Seeing that its owner had been thrown aside, the Adamantine German Shepherd struggled to sit up in an attempt to bark at Gao Peng.

Gao Peng pressed it down on the beach, "The owner doesn't seem to have realized this, but this familiar is quite loyal. Silly, use your ability to save it."

After a few seconds, there wasn't any response, so Gao Peng continued to call, "Silly, Silly!"

"Puji puji?" Silly had been dozing off when Gao Peng called it. It hurriedly flew down from Gao Peng's shoulder and circled around Gao Peng with a confused look.

"Quick, use your healing skills and save this dog."

Silly was stunned…

Healing skills? Do I have healing skills?

Upon seeing its dumb look, Gao Peng almost spit out blood. "Have you forgotten that you have such a skill since you haven't used it in so long?"

You're at least at Level 35. Although the Wood-type is just your sub-attribute, healing a Level 20 Elite shouldn't be a problem. Gao Peng didn't expect this dumb jellyfish to make this stupid joke.

Fortunately, I have a spare tire... No, fortunately, I have an alternative option!

Gao Peng let Dumby squat down and picked a few white fluffs from a dandelion off his head.

He crumbled the fluff, then put them on the Adamantine German Shepherd's wound. The fluff melted when it touched the wound. Exuding white light, the b.l.o.o.d.y wound quickly stopped bleeding, though the wound wasn't yet completely healed.

The Yin Yang Calendula was only at Level seven, so its healing ability was limited.

Silly finally remembered how it could use its ability after a while.

After making a sound, more than ten tentacles crammed into the wound messily. Then, the tentacles seemed to light up like small light bulbs, radiating a clear, transparent green light.

The wound that was caused by the cut was gradually healing, and the breathing of the Adamantine German Shepherd also stabilized.

"Thank you, thank you!" Xia Youxi knelt down and bowed to Gao Peng.

Gao Peng yawned, then walked away slowly. "I just helped you because of the loyalty of your familiar. Don't think about it too much."

Silly went back to Gao Peng's shoulder and took credit along with Gao Peng. "Gao Peng, I'm the best! Aren't I super smart?"

"That's right, that's right, Silly is the smartest."


"We heard that someone was injured here. Where is he?" A senior officer from the Yang Cheng Military Region rushed over with a few soldiers and familiars.

"He's been healed by the Skeleton King's familiar already." Someone pointed at Gao Peng, who was playing with his familiars in the distance.

The senior officer looked at Gao Peng, who was far away, and recognized him. "So the Skeleton King is in this area."

Because the familiar of Gao Peng's that had brought him fame was the Skeleton Tyrant, Dumby, and also the Wood Peac.o.c.k Skeleton and the King Centipede Skeleton, followed by the Winged Thunder Monkey Skeleton, to outsiders, half of the familiars around Gao Peng were skeletons.

So at Yang Cheng, someone had nicknamed Gao Peng the Skeleton King.

If no accidents happened, after this war ended, Gao Peng's t.i.tle, the Skeleton King, would start to be spread by these monster trainers who came from different regions across the world.

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