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A thick layer of earth elements transformed into a wide, rolling ma.s.s.

Bang, bang, bang.

Dull explosions echoed on the field, and monsters were crushed into mists of blood. The air was filled with the b.l.o.o.d.y mist, and the field was dyed red. The smell of blood hung in the air.

When it smelled the blood, the creature rolled its eyes and crawled toward the smell, sniffing to track it. The girl on its back was dizzy because of its movements.

"Xiao Cao, can you give me a beam?" Gao Peng ordered Xiao Cao, which was on Dumby's head.

Xiao Cao's head swayed, and a beam of warm white light penetrated the air, s.h.i.+ning onto the ground. The milky white column of light was visible even during the day, and it shone in front of Roundy, the Iron Eater.

Then the raging Iron Eater became sluggish… Its line of sight began to focus on a certain point in the air, and it opened its mouth with a dumb look on its face.

"What kind of monster is this? It looks kind of ugly." The Desolate Frost Lion looked strangely at Roundy with a little astonishment.

It was mainly because Roundy looked strange. It was two distinct colors, black and white. Two dark circles contained small eyes the size of mung beans.

"In ancient times, pandas were called Iron Eaters." Gao Peng understood after he saw the violent Iron Eater become stupefied when it saw the light column.

This monster was thick and strong, and it could eat anything, which could be told from its nickname. It had been given its name because it could swallow metal. If it had a stomach that can digest iron, it could basically eat anything.

"I haven't heard of it." The Desolate Frost Lion shook its head honestly.

"h.e.l.lo, my name is Gao Peng." Gao Peng greeted the girl on Roundy's back that looked like a caretaker.

The girl stood up from Roundy's back and seemed shy looking at such a handsome teenager. The girl pulled at the hem of her clothes and introduced herself while blus.h.i.+ng. "My name is Lei Yuns.h.i.+."

When Roundy saw its owner greeting other guys, it became angry and stood on both of its hind legs to roar at Gao Peng.

Gao Peng was silent.

Roundy then turned around and hugged its owner, while looking at Gao Peng alertly, just like it was avoiding a thief. Looking at the little panda's tiny movements, Gao Peng was dumbfounded.

"Youxi!" Lei Yuns.h.i.+ stared at her own monster. When Roundy saw its own owner is shouting at it because of another male, it started to feel anxious and wailed loudly.

"You have a very cute monster," Gao Peng said with a smile.

Roundy's strength wasn't weak. It was probably the strongest in the southwest. It was also the strongest monster that Gao Peng has ever seen other than White Dragon.

Gao Peng wanted to make friends with it. With his ability to grow to his current level in the first four or five years after the disaster, he had already become the top trainer in the world. As long as he made no big mistakes, he could be one of the world's top trainers in the future.

Lei Yuns.h.i.+ was an honorary parliament member of the Chuan Fu base city. Her position wasn't high, and she wasn't overly materialistic. As long as she had enough to eat for herself and her monster, she was satisfied.

The monster also had a very calm and mild character and wasn't very wild. Before the disaster, she had been a breeder in the Chuan Fu Panda Animal Center. Youxi was the panda she grew up watching. After the disaster, Youxi quickly emerged from the crowd and became bigger and fiercer. Unknowingly, Lei Yuns.h.i.+ became a trainer somehow.

Youxi wasn't close to anyone except her, and its personality was undivided and overbearing.

Lei Yuns.h.i.+ and Gao Peng returned to the Chuan Fu base city and received a warm welcome. After a night in the Chuan Fu base city, Gao Peng packed his things and continued his journey to the west.

Chuan Fu was just a scenic spot along the way. His real destination was St. Jelem.

Continuing his journey to the west, the temperature in the air was dropping. The vast gra.s.slands were endless, with blue sky and white clouds in the distance. Several Giant Bones Bulls were standing on the gra.s.sland and grazing quietly. Their thick fur fell like waterfalls, and their eyes were mellow and gentle.

Hearing the sound from Stripey's movement, the Giant Bones Bulls sniffed and slowly walked to another spot to graze.

"Hmm, strange. They aren't afraid of Stripey." Gao Peng had some doubts. The Giant Bones Bulls seemed too brave.

The air was moist and cold, and the Desolate Frost Lion, which preferred this environment, became more energetic.

"Baby, baby," The Treasure Sniffing Rodent became excited. It stood up like a groundhog and looked at a spot not far away with surprise in its eyes. Gao Peng, who was lying in a lazy chair, rolled his eyes. The mouse's level was still too low, and its taste needed to be improved.

"Gao Peng, it seems that there really is treasure. I can smell it," the Desolate Frost Lion suddenly said. "If it's that good of a thing, I may recover some strength."

Gao Peng only believed after Desolate Frost Lion said that there was treasure.

Upon seeing this, the Treasure Sniffing Rodent was somewhat heartbroken, because no one believed what it said...

"Just over there, go over there... No, it's on the left." The Desolate Frost Lion led Gao Peng to it.

After walking about 18 miles, a small pool suddenly appeared in sight. The deep blue pool was emitting a chilly air. That chilly air spread from the pool to the surrounding area and had completely frozen any patches of gra.s.s near the pool.

"Good stuff." The Desolate Frost Lion became excited. "I can use this water!"

[Material Name]: Freezing Aqua

[Material Info]: A liquid containing huge amounts of Frost Power. The strong Frost Power is extremely corrosive.

In the distant gra.s.s, a rabbit was shocked. It went to the edge of the cold pool, and one of its feet touched the pool. Then, after taking two more steps on the gra.s.s, its body suddenly stiffened, and its face turned purple. Finally, it turned into a popsicle.

It may have been a good thing for some monsters, but it was poison to others.

"Wait here for a while." The Desolate Frost Lion rushed down from Stripey's back to the pool of Freezing Aqua and jumped into the pool with a splash.

Gao Peng could perceive the joy of the Desolate Frost Lion through the Blood Contract. This pool, although shunned by other monsters, was a tonic for the lion.

Three hours later, the wet Desolate Frost Lion came out of the pool, taking in big gulps of fresh air. Gao Peng's eyes twitched as he saw the Desolate Frost Lion had jumped from Level 31 to Level 36 within three hours.

After taking a deep breath, the Desolate Frost Lion continued to dive into the water.

The Desolate Frost Lion emerged from the pool with regret after Gao Peng stayed at the poolside for a whole day.

"Why did you stop?" Gao Peng asked curiously, looking at the Freezing Aqua that hadn't been fully absorbed.

"I've broken through to Lord-tier. This cold water will have little effect on me. I need to find a more concentrated Freezing Aqua." The Desolate Frost Lion shook away the water still on its body.

The little lion, which was only the size of a palm before, had now doubled in size, and its level had risen to Level 41.

"You can upgrade your level just by dipping yourself in ice water?" Gao Peng was a little surprised that there was such a method.

It seemed to know what Gao Peng was thinking. "It's definitely not the case for normal monsters. This is a high-level use of Blood Power," the lion said with a smile.

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