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Chapter 736: My Treasure, Please Return

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"Now, kill the One-Legged Bull on your left. Otherwise, you will never see your Bai Ze again." The Zombie Scarecrow's voice befell the ears of the crowd of beasts like a funeral bell.

Zhu Yan's body quaked. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

He was not a Zhu Yan by birth. It was just that he had some Zhu Yan blood running through his veins. It was very diluted and he did not know how many generations there were in between.

Over a long period of time, he had finally increased the thickness of his Zhu Yan blood, purifying it gradually to the point where he was nearly a pure-blood Zhu Yan.

So, in his bones, he was still that little monkey on the mountain.

Zhu Yan's expression was gloomy and uncertain. He clenched his fists in a death grip.

"Big Sea, can we s.n.a.t.c.h the soul from him?" Gao Peng asked Fatty Big Sea internally.

Fatty Big Sea said in a low voice, "It would be very difficult."

"What if Dumby strikes?"

"The premise is that Dumby also strikes. If not, it would definitely be impossible for me alone, a mere fish, to do it." Fatty Big Sea was slightly embarra.s.sed.

Gao Peng turned silent. To be honest, he did not dare to take a gamble right now.

If his gamble failed, there was a high probability that they would lose Bai Ze.

"Quick." The smile on the Zombie Scarecrow's face became more and more eerie. In its palm, Bai Ze let out a cry of pain.

"Stop it!!!" Zhu Yan looked up to the sky and roared. He viciously smashed the ground with his fist, causing the earth to rupture.

The One-Legged Bull took care to guard against Zhu Yan. If Zhu Yan were really to go mad, he really had no guarantee that he would be able to deal with this ferocious beast when it was in a frenzy.

The sky suddenly darkened.

The earth sank into darkness.

All living things were in pitch-black darkness.

All of their six senses were restricted in the darkness.

The six senses were their sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and their perception of imminent danger which transcended their senses, which could also be called - intuition.

"This power…" Gao Peng had vague knowledge of the source of this power. It was time for him to strike.

"Who is this?" Fatty Big Sea realized with shock that he had actually lost use of all his five senses. Further, his perception of imminent danger, which had always been quite developed, suddenly seemed to lose all effect. He was in a complete vacuum and everything around him felt unknown to him.

Unexpectedly, Fatty Big Sea felt a little unfamiliar and uneasy towards this empty and dark environment.

"The first fellow on the Carnage Chart," Gao Peng stated.

"So it's that fellow…" Fatty Big Sea was solemn beyond compare. Admittedly, he had underestimated these monsters. This fellow was very powerful.

The black fog dissipated like the waning tide. A gigantic tree that was completely black and purple in color grew on the land. Purple flames flowed through the cracks in its black trunk. At the very top of the huge tree was a handsome and unusual-looking pitch-black bird with a gaze as sharp as a knife.

A black sun and moon surrounded this gigantic blackbird's shoulders. There was a long, black bridge floating under its feet.

The light of G.o.d coiled around the long bridge. There were strange manifestations surrounding it. It was a divine artifact of extremely high quality.

Bai Ze's spirit stood on the black bridge.

As Bai Ze stood on the bridge, she glanced at the blackbird from time to time before looking down at Zhu Yan.

"You're as dumb as always." The voice of the Eternal Night Vulture was extremely bright, like the sound of metal clanging.

"Did we know each other before?" Zhu Yan frowned.

The Eternal Night Vulture smiled faintly but did not respond.

The Zombie Scarecrow lowered its head. The chain in its palm had been cut to create an opening. The spirits inside had vanished without a trace.

Black light emanated faintly from the depths of the Zombie Scarecrow's eyes. The black fog which curled around its body suddenly blended into its surroundings.

There was no particular abnormal signs. But through the data frame, Gao Peng realized that a negative mode stated as [Misfortune Aura] had appeared above the heads of the people around him.

In no time, Gao Peng saw firsthand the extent of a Level 10 Misfortune Aura.

With a rumble, the ground beneath his feet suddenly trembled. An earthquake occurred a hundred miles away.

Cras.h.i.+ng sounds.

The chain shook. The soul captivation chain in the Zombie Scarecrow's hand automatically healed itself and suddenly flew outwards. The chain split into nine separate chains. Among them, three of the chains each attacked the One-Legged Bull, Zhu Yan and the Eternal Night Vulture. The remaining five chains transformed into vicious pythons that attacked Fatty Big Sea.

The One-Legged Bull, Zhu Yan and the Eternal Night Vulture had all fought with it before, so it chose the weakest fellow that was hiding at the back.

It would first deal with the weakest of the bunch, before slowly dealing with these fellows!

The corners of the Zombie Scarecrow's mouth split open to reveal an excited expression. Come on, come on, let me captivate your souls!!!

The chains fluttering in midair gave off red sparks. The five chains turned into evil spirits that intertwined and greedily headed towards Fatty Big Sea.

Fatty Big Sea's face turned completely red. There are so many monsters but it's only attacking me. How can it look down on me like this?

It opened its ma.s.sive mouth. The terrifyingly huge mouth seemed as if it was about to devour the abyss.


The sky darkened immediately. The Ocean Tyrant had descended upon the earth!

A fishy odor pervaded the dense and dark sky. Like toothpicks, the five soul captivation chains pierced into Fatty Big Sea's ma.s.sive body.

With a gentle sway, the low and m.u.f.fled sounds of the tide spread outwards.

The ripples spread outwards layer by layer in a circular manner.

Various grotesque and variegated shapes manifested in the moist steam.

The Ocean Tyrant whipped its tail and smashed its head into a black hole.

Boom, boom, boom.

A terrifyingly powerful suction came out of the black hole.

It was as if a black sun had fallen from the sky and smashed their heads.

The frantic atmospheric pressure caused the ground to crack and rocks to swirl in the air.

The Zombie Scarecrow, "…"

It did not dare to doggedly resist this move. It looked fearfully at the incomparably huge black hole above its head.

This was the Rule of Devouring. It would have no recourse either if it was sucked in by the black hole even if it had the power of revival.

Under Gao Peng's instructions, Fatty Big Sea's irritable voice traveled from behind the black hole. "An overwhelming majority of the straws making up this scarecrow's body has already attained deification. Ordinary attacks are useless against it. We can only kill it by destroying the last straw in its body."

The eyes of the Eternal Night Vulture narrowed into slits. It brandished its wings repeatedly and thick black thread formed a cage that trapped the Zombie Scarecrow right in the middle.

The Zombie Scarecrow s.h.i.+fted to the left with the black threads densely clinging to its whole body.

This black thread stuck to its body like glue, making it difficult for it to even move an inch.

It did not rely on strength to begin with. It was difficult to expect a monster whose host body was a scarecrow to have a lot of strength.

The Zombie Scarecrow stretched its arms out wide. The endless deadly gas turned into crows that screeched and flew out of its body.

Caw, caw, caw -

The black hole swallowed up all the crows and did not turn weak from the crows' attack. Instead, after devouring the crows, its suction became stronger and stronger.

The Zombie Scarecrow's expression changed abruptly. As the black hole moved closer and closer, the Zombie Scarecrow was gradually descending into madness due to the threat of death.

A bang reverberated.

The Zombie Scarecrow suddenly disintegrated. Its body turned into countless black crows that flew in all directions.

Several crows were stuck to the black thread, but others managed to escape and fly through the gaps between the threads.

A sinister smile appeared on Fatty Big Sea's face as if his scheme had succeeded. "This is how things should be."

Vertical and horizontal rays of golden light suddenly radiated from the ground. Several crows crashed directly into the golden light, which was just like a wall that trapped all the crows in its maze.

The ground trembled and a labyrinth tore the land apart and slowly rose from the earth.

The tall and st.u.r.dy grey walls were simple beyond compare. There was a gigantic hole in one of the surrounding walls. It was as if something had drilled through it.

"My treasure, please return," Fatty Big Sea yelled loudly.

The labyrinth shook all of a sudden and turned smaller and smaller. In the end, it transformed into a golden block as large as a palm and fell into Fatty Big Sea's fin.

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