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Duan Yuyang harshly smacked his palm against the ground indignantly after listening, “Isn't that old fart from the Shen family too shameless?! Such a sinister person didn't get punished by the heavens and even ascended successfully. Isn't he afraid that ghosts will knock on his door in the middle of the night?!”

Yuan Tianwen coaxed, “Don't get angry because of such people. It's not that he won't get punished, just that the time has not yet come. This sort of insidious person will receive his retribution sooner or later.”

Yan Tianhen nodded. “If my Dage and I get the chance to leave the Five Continents' mainlands in the future and ascend to the Nine Lands, we'll definitely ferret this b.a.s.t.a.r.d out and kill him to avenge Senior Lu!”

After he spoke, Yan Tianhen sighed. “Can we really leave the Five Continents' mainlands?”

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Lin Xuanzhi answered, “As long as you want to, then we can.”

Duan Yuyang asked, “Does Ah Hen want to go out to have a look?”

Yan Tianhen nodded. “When Daddy was around, he used to tell me about the world outside the Five Continents' mainlands. Countries and sects stand in great numbers there, and treasures could be found everywhere. And there's innumerable influential figures there too.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him tenderly. “I'll accompany you no matter where you want to go.”

Yan Tianhen looked back at Lin Xuanzhi with s.h.i.+ning eyes, then nodded forcefully.

Duan Yuyang looked at them enviously.

Yuan Tianwen asked, “Do you want to go outside and have a look?”

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“Me ma…” Duan Yuyang shrugged indifferently. “I know very well what kind of level I'm at, so I won't join in the fun.”

Yuan Tianwen placed on hand over the back of Duan Yuyang's hand, which was covering his knee. “It's okay. If you want to stay here, then I'll stay by your side.”

Duan Yuyang looked horrified as he pulled his hand out. “A loser like me can't hold back someone who's favoured by the heavens like you. Look for someone else ba, I won't be part of your life.”

“How could you say that you're holding me back?” Yuan Tianwen looked at him anxiously, “Yangyang, I know that I was terribly wrong and let you down. However, I've already been punished for my mistakes these days. What am I not doing well? Just tell me, I'll change everything. I won't ask for you to forgive me, I'd just like to ask you to please not push me away.”

A faint sourness arose in Duan Yuyang's heart. Yuan Tianwen had never been the type of person to understand what exactly 'servile' meant, but at this moment, he was almost imploring.

If this was before he knew what the Duan family had done with him, he might have been willing to continue to be with Yuan Tianwen. But now, how could he use this kind of body to drag Yuan Tianwen down?

Duan Yuyang resisted the sourness surfacing in his heart and sneered, “Young Master Yuan, frankly, there's no problem with what you've been doing recently. As for sincerity ma…you do have it.”

Yuan Tianwen revealed a glimmer of joy, but soon, Duan Yuyang dealt him a heavy blow–

“But people's minds can change. I used to like you, but it doesn't necessarily mean that I still like you now. Your kindness is just a burden you're imposing on me.”

“Burden?” Yuan Tianwen asked in disbelief.

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Yuan Tianwen suffered a heavy blow. He clenched his fist and looked at Duan Yuyang. “No matter what you say, I will never part with you.”

Duan Yuyang sneered, his expression changing completely. “If you continue to pester me, I'll let everyone know just how shameless the young master of the Yuan family is. I don't think the Yuan family can lose this kind of face.”

Yuan Tianwen stared at Duan Yuyang for a long while; the latter's expression remained unchanged — he didn't seem to be joking.

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Yuan Tianwen suddenly stood up and walked away with large strides.

Yan Tianhen was staring agape. He couldn't help but click his tongue. “Yuyang Gege, aren't you being too ruthless? His face is all dark from anger!”

“Yeah.” Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Duan Yuyang askance. “Moreover, you hit right where it hurts. Although Yuan Tianwen himself doesn't mind being shameless, he definitely can't make the Yuan family lose face.”

For people like Yuan Tianwen, family honour would always come before personal gains and losses.

If everyone were to know that the young master of the Yuan family was hara.s.sing a man and couldn't even get what he was begging for, they would probably laugh so hard that their teeth fell out! The Yuan family would never let him undermine their reputation like that.

It was reasonable for Yuan Tianwen to get that angry.

Duan Yuyang uttered a hng, seemingly proud to the extreme. “Honourable me just likes doing that, so what? Have anything to say about that?”

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Lin Xuanzhi smiled. “What can I say? It's fine as long as you don't come to regret it.”

“Of course I won't regret it.”

He didn't want to mention such a painful thing again. He changed the subject to Lin Xuanzhi, “You'll have an acrimonious fallout with the Shen family then.”

After they were thrown out of the cave by Lu Qingli, intentionally or unintentionally, like they were rubbish, they realised that the four of them had been thrown to the same place by some coincidence.

As for the rest, they didn't know where they had gone.

So the two sides managed to avoid fighting as soon as they got out.

Yet Lin Xuanzhi was very calm. “If we're going to fall out, then we'll just fall out ba. We'll never walk on the same path anyway, falling out will happen sooner or later.”

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Duan Yuyang stared at him with an inquiring gaze. “Lin Xuanzhi, I am curious how you seem to have learned about the secret of the Pill Limit Mysterious Land long ago.”

“My news sources are probably more reliable ba.”

Duan Yuyang stopped his questioning and changed to teasing him instead, “Yet you didn't refuse Shen Rubing before this. I even thought that you had some kind of interest in that beauty, but from the looks of it now, you're also someone who wouldn't get up early in the morning if there's no benefit in doing so.”

“That has always been the case.” Lin Xuanzhi wouln't yield even an inch for the things he wanted, even if he had to do so by any means possible.

Within a few days, all of them were physically and mentally exhausted. After eating something to fill their stomachs, they each went to find a place to rest, and Yan Tianhen naturally followed Lin Xuanzhi.

He laid on Lin Xuanzhi's leg, looking up at Lin Xuanzhi's perfect jaw. “Dage, that medicinal pill today is the celestial-level pill that can repair your Dantian Qi sea.”

“Yes. I was quite lucky.”

“Then when does Dage intend to consume it?”

“I'll think about it when we find a safe place tomorrow.”

Yan Tianhen nodded. “It's better to consume it early ba, then I'll feel more at ease too.”

Lin Xuanzhi reached out to stroke the tip of Yan Tianhen's nose. “Why do I always feel like Ah Hen has grown up overnight?”

“It's time for me to grow up. If I don't grow up, what would Dage do?”

“Me?” Lin Xuanzhi didn't understand why he said that. “On the contrary, I hope that Ah Hen will stay a child forever.”

“Does Dage really wish for that?” Yan Tianhen asked innocently, “If I don't grow up, I'll never be able to understand Dage's thoughts.”

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Lin Xuanzhi's gaze landed upon his reddish cheeks and suddenly grew wiser when happiness approached. He vaguely understood what Yan Tianhen was trying to express.

Lin Xuanzhi's breathing paused. “And what do you think about me?”

Yan Tianhen sat up. He looked up into Lin Xuanzhi's eyes. “I want these eyes of yours to look at me alone forever.”

Yan Tianhen's eyes reflected specks of stars s.h.i.+ning with a beautiful splendour, as if the sun, moon, and mountains since ancient times had appeared within them.

He spoke with utmost earnestness and devotion. Within an instant, Lin Xuanzhi felt like all the beautiful scenery, local customs, famous mountains and rivers, as well as the flouris.h.i.+ng blossoms and magnificent landscapes he had seen in the thousand years of his past life could not compare to the smiling pair of eyes of the person in front of him.

The inhumane loneliness and hards.h.i.+ps he suffered while cultivating for a thousand years in the Soul Plate in his past life all vanished in a puff of smoke within this instant until there was nothing left.

Yan Tianhen was his redemption.

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Lin Xuanzhi held Yan Tianhen tightly in his arms, his voice turning hoa.r.s.e because of his excitement from getting what he had yearned for.

“Ah Hen…”

“Dage.” Yan Tianhen sounded a little aggrieved, “I want you to promise me that from now on, you'll never try to sound me out and upset me by treating other people well on purpose. Do you know how upset I felt when you ignored me and insisted on standing together with that Shen Rubing?”

Lin Zhan had once said to Lin Xuanzhi that Ah Hen was a clever one.

He could see through things better than others could and comprehend situations faster as well.

He could see through everything.

How could Lin Xuanzhi not agree? He kissed Yan Tianhen's forehead and seemed to sigh, “It's my fault. It will never happen again. When you were feeling aggrieved, I felt even more upset than you.”

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“You're lying.” Yan Tianhen was also one to hold grudges. He still remembered that when they just entered Pill Limit Mysterious Land, Lin Xuanzhi had made him strip everything such that he had to run around naked. He pursed his lips, “You made me lose face in public on purpose, and angered me into leaving too!”

Lin Xuanzhi stroked the tip of his nose apologetically, “It's my fault, I apologise.”

Yan Tianhen pursed his lips. “At that time, I thought that you'd never treat me well anymore, you were really too much.”

Faced with Yan Tianhen's accusations, Lin Xuanzhi really regretted acting on impulse because of his anger, which upset Yan Tianhen and let his imagination run wild.

“I was very angry then too.” Lin Xuanzhi said, “How much I care about you is equivalent to how much I hated the words you said to me at that time.”

It went so far as to make him force out a mouthful of blood from anger.

Yan Tianhen knew nothing about that, but he also knew that he was in the wrong.

He dared not look at Lin Xuanzhi. He buried his head in his neck and said in a m.u.f.fled voice, “I shouldn't have said all that on purpose to make you angry. But you hid the fact that Shen Rubing was going to marry you from me, I was really upset.”

Lin Xuanzhi somewhat understood why Yan Tianhen suddenly blew up at him. It appeared that someone with a loose mouth had actually told Yan Tianhen about that.

After pondering for a while, he could guess that it was Lin Yaer.

Lin Xuanzhi pondered over how to make Lin Yaer suffer while saying, “I never took that seriously in the first place. It's the Shen family's business for them to propose marriage, after all, I would have never agreed no matter what, so I didn't think that it was necessary to tell you.”

Yan Tianhen uttered a hng, “I'll let it be this time. In the future, no matter if it's something major or trivial, you have to tell me. You're such a good person, so the number of people who like you must be equivalent to the strands of hair on a cow. You have to give me a warning in advance so that it'll be easier for me to guard against them.”

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