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Chapter 1072 Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 22

Rong Mo carried Shang Mo to his room with the help of Big Mountain.

“Mr Rong, please get a towel,” Big Mountain requested as he helped Shang Mo take off his shoes.

Entering the bathroom, Rong Mo warmed a towel with hot water before handing it to Big Mountain so that he could use it to wipe Shang Mo’s face.

However, Big Mountain did not take it from her and instead, he dodged. Rong Mo then frowned – she had to do it?

Rong Mo: “…”

Stunned for a moment, Rong Mo started helping Shang Mo wipe his face.

Shang Mo had truly drank too much such that his entire head was hurting especially at the temple area which felt as though a sharp objecting was piercing it. He took the warm towel from Rong Mo and covered his entire face with it.

It was only with the warmth that he started feeling better.

Before long, he closed his eyes and took the towel away, handing it to Rong Mo. “It’s cold.”

Rong Mo took it over and rinsed it with hot water once more before pa.s.sing it to Shang Mo.

Once again, Shang Mo covered his face with it and sobered up slightly. Opening his eyes, his gaze was fixated on Rong Mo’s face.

Rong Mo suddenly felt that Shang Mo seemed like a poisonous poppy.

She had not thought that spectacles would make such a huge difference to a person’s image.

Ma.s.saging his temple area gently, Shang Mo raised his brow and looked at Rong Mo beside the bed.

It was as though he was hinting that she should help him ma.s.sage.

However, Rong Mo sat there stilly.

His expression turned slightly ashen as he raised his gaze towards Big Mountain standing at the side coldly. Instantly, Big Mountain froze up slightly and looked at Shang Mo, stunned, before turning to Rong Mo and slowly backing off.

Closing his eyes once more, Shang Mo leaned against the bed while pa.s.sing the towel to Rong Mo.

Rong Mo only found out that Big Mountain had left after standing up. Stunned for a moment, she wet the towel again and returned before covering the towel on Shang Mo’s face.

Shang Mo then turned and laid down on Rong Mo’s lap right away.

Rong Mo’s sweet, pet.i.te face was filled with shock as her eyes widened slightly in a dazed manner. “…”

What was going on here?

How did he end up on her leg?

Rong Mo’s body stiffened uncontrollably – this was the first time she was so intimate with a man as her heart started racing.

“My head hurts!” Shang Mo knitted his brows and ordered coldly, “Ma.s.sage!”

Rong Mo grunted internally.

The drunk Shang Mo resembled a child.

She was both speechless and exasperated before putting her hand on his temple and started ma.s.saging gently.

It was the perfect pressure and her comfortable ma.s.saging had his expression relaxing. His head no longer hurt and neither did his heart as he smirked gently beneath the towel.

“Mr Shang, don’t drink so much in the future. Granny would be worried if she finds out,” Not wanting the atmosphere to be overly tense, Rong Mo added a casual statement about Granny Shang.

“Got it.”

Not expecting a reply, Rong Mo was stunned slightly at his voice.

“You have a thing for Qianxun?” Suddenly, Shang Mo asked.

Rong Mo’s hands paused instinctively as she looked at Shang Mo and asked, shocked, “Why would you say that?”

How could she possibly fancy Qianxun – they were both women!

Shang Mo said nothing as he hid his face beneath the towel.

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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light Chapter 1072 - Memories Regained, Sisters Reunited 22 summary

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