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Chapter 649: The Twisted Mr. Shang (9)

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

But, why?

She was amnesiac, but there was nothing wrong with her mood. Why did she require sedatives?

She was sleeping really well as well, so why sleeping pills?

What sort of illness must she have to require those medicines?

Even though she was amnesiac and did not remember who she was right now, why would he have to give her these two types of medicines that clearly had the opposite effect of what she required?

She remembered clearly through her existing knowledge that long term usage of sedatives and sleeping pills could cause one's memory to weaken.

Was the reason why she was amnesiac because of these?

Could this man that was showing her concern on the surface actually be someone bad? Was he intentionally trying to have her forget everything—was this a plot that he had set up with others so that she would not remember who she was?

Who was she then?

What was their purpose of doing this?

She wanted to know who she was and get out of this place.

Although certain that she must not touch those sedatives and sleeping pills, she was also sure that the man must not know about her discovery.

In front of him, she popped all the pills down. However, she swallowed none of them.

In fact, she even refused to let him inject her with nutrient fluids anymore, worried that they might contain memory r.e.t.a.r.ding components as well.

She forced herself to eat more daily as she trained her body on the sly, hoping to regain her vitality earlier.

Initially, her entire throat was hoa.r.s.e and she could not even speak at all. Gradually, she recovered her voice, and even found the strength to walk down from the bed.

All the while, that man thought that she was unable to speak or move.

Two days later, when he was not noticing, she slipped off.

However, her body was still really weak, and she could stumble and fall a couple of times by just walking a little.

Sensing that there seemed to be people looking for her, she hid behind a tree and looked back, catching sight of them.

Who were those people? Why were they looking for her?

Had that man discovered that she'd gone missing? Were those his men?

She did not know who she was or whom she could trust.

The car accident…

Being locked up…

Everything seemed pre-planned.

But, why would anyone want to do that to them?

Were they… friends or foes?

Where was her family now that she had gone missing? Weren't they trying to look for her?

Were those people looking for her part of her family or foes? She was full of doubts, and she did not dare to try giving it a shot.

If she were to be captured by them, given her current body condition, there was no way she would be able to escape once more.

But, even now that she was out, she had no idea where she was supposed to go.

Lost, the only feeling in her heart was helplessness and fear.

There seemed to be two men following her.

Acting as though she was fine, she hastened in her steps, not knowing where she was headed entirely. Pa.s.sing by a river, she fell over right into it. The currents were rapid as she shut her eyes tightly, flowing with the river into an extremely huge lake as her body sank and bubbles foamed out of her mouth endlessly.

She did not want to die as she struggled furiously in the waters. However, it was all to no avail as she sank deeper and deeper.

Was she going to die?

She did not want to die!

Not before she found out who she was yet!

At that moment, the voice of a small girl rang out in her mind.

“Sister, you're so stupid! I already told you to relax your body, relax…! Stretch your arms straight and turn your palms outwards. While doing so, stretch your arms fully and push…”

“When you're gliding through the waters, you must push both arms against the water resistance and glide straight together. Relax your body and kick with your legs as well…”

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