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Chapter 1553: Who He Really Was

When Jing Xi started her e-bike, Xiao Tieniu asked this from behind eagerly.

He asked every time she left.

Jing Xi was touched. She patted him on the head and smiled. “Of course I will! You stay home and wait for me, ok?”

“Sure. Mom you can never leave Niuniu alone!”

She could tell from the look in his eyes how much he longed for a mother.

He mistook her as his mother and relied so much on her that Jing Xi could never reject him.


She made her promise and waved him goodbye.

Someone inside the room had been staring at her disappearing figure.

No one knew that the man called Heiniu was actually Mo Yutian, who had fallen off the cliff together with Little Apple three years ago in the canyon.

He and the baby were taken by the undercurrent and driven to a small island of Starstan.

He lost his artificial leg and hurt the other one. He could no longer walk properly and had been living by begging.

He told no one about his real name, Mo Yutian, because he knew how much he was hated. Therefore he named himself Heiniu and Little Apple, Xiao Tieniu.

Until one day an ugly girl named Jin Xiaoxi saved him when he was being beaten and helped them.

Because she looked identical to Jing Xi from behind, he could not help following her all the way here.

Jin Xiaoxi had been taking care of him and Little Apple for over a year. He was very grateful. They could not have survived without her help.

Returning to the Jins’ house, Jing Xi heard Ge Juhua’s laughter before she entered.

Pus.h.i.+ng the door open, she asked, “Mother, what are you laughing at?”

Ge Juhua was extremely excited and forgot to taunt her. “I’m laughing because we are becoming rich! Have you heard about it? Your father confirmed we could apply to immigrate to the Dragon Kingdom. We will be rewarded $200,000 per person and a.s.signed a huge house. There are five of us, which means a million dollars! Oh my G.o.d! A million! We’re rich!”

Thinking of the one million dollars, Ge Juhua felt like she was standing on top of the world. That’s a whole lot!

Jing Xi knew she placed money over everything else.

And she would do whatever she could to take advantage whenever she could.

She had heard about the immigration policies of the Dragon Kingdom. It was supposed to call the former Dragon Kingdom people to return to their homeland.

But Jing Xi wondered…they were all from Starstan. How could they be qualified?

“Mother, we are from Starstan, why are we moving to the Dragon Kingdom? What if they found it out?”

“No way. We know that your father’s uncle’s seventh granduncle used to be from the Dragon Kingdom. We are half Dragon. There’s nothing to be worried about. Just think of the one million dollars! Who would be willing to spend a miserable life here fis.h.i.+ng and selling seafood?”

Her father’s uncle’s seventh’s granduncle?

Half Dragon?

Who taught her the math?

In fact, Jing Xi did not care about where they lived. The problem was who could take care of Da Heiniu and Xiao Tieniu if she left.

She could not leave little Niuniu!

She had promised to visit them every day.

Jing Xi thought for a while and said, “Mother, you go ahead with moving to the Dragon Kingdom. I’m staying here.”

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