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Chapter 1989: Hearing It Made Him Feel Strangely Good

They ran into her colleague Niu Jiang near the elevator by coincidence. Niu Jiang saw Xiao Yuqian walking with an arrogant looking man and he smiled. “Hey, Manager Xiao, your house must have been busy recently!”

“With Manager Niu’s blessing, things are still going okay at my house.”

“Is this the new artist that was signed with you?”

Niu Jiang took the lead to greet him but Ma Haodong didn’t even acknowledge him, ignoring him completely.

The news that the new artist signed under Xiao Yuqian was a rich young guy had already spread throughout the company long ago. Niu Jiang saw his insufferable arrogant expression today and knew he was not someone who was easy to serve.

He felt very pleased in his heart. He was pleased Xiao Yuqian’s star artist, Su Jimo, was in big trouble. And now, she wanted to start managing a new guy but the person she chose was a young guy from a rich family. From the look of things, it wouldn’t be easy for her to turn things around.

“That’s right. He is the new guy I’m managing.”

Xiao Yuqian’s relations.h.i.+p with Niu Jiang had always been rocky at the company. Their relations.h.i.+p was that of compet.i.tors.

The two of them had entered the company in the same batch but Xiao Yuqian had already become a star manager and Niu Jiang was still where he’d been before. This made Niu Jiang feel unhappy towards her, as he felt Xiao Yuqian had taken his rightful place.

There was also that time when they fought over resources. That’s why Niu Jiang always disliked her. Always hoping that something would happen to her, always hoping something would happen to her artists…

“I wonder if Manager Xiao will have the ability to turn him into the second Su Jimo! Everyone is waiting to see it!” Niu Jiang said while smiling craftily.

“There is no need for Manager Niu to worry. No one I’ve chosen has ever let me down before.”

Xiao Yuqian said it as a counterattack but to Ma Haodong, this sentence was undoubtedly a word of confidence in him. Hearing it made him feel strangely good.

Niu Jiang also didn’t forget to gloat at Xiao Yuqian. “Oh right, I also signed an artist recently. You might know her, her name is Xiao Yuxin. I heard she is Manager Xiao’s cousin.”

Xiao Yuqian wasn’t really surprised by this. She already knew Xiao Yuxin wanted to come to Huayin. Moreover, Yuxin had initially wanted to sign under her but she rejected her to avoid arousing suspicions.

“That’s right. She is my cousin. I have to ask Manager Niu to take care of her well in the future,” Xiao Yuqian said politely.

Niu Jiang said, “You can rest a.s.sured, Manager Xiao. I will definitely make her into one of the top celebrities at Huayin!”

Niu Jiang thought Xiao Yuxin, who he had signed on, was quite good. She debuted as a child actress. He would only need to put in some effort to be able to help Xiao Yuxin make it big.

As long as he held Xiao Yuxin as a card to play, he would definitely not have any problems if he wanted to deal with Xiao Yuqian in the future.

While they were talking about Xiao Yuxin, she finally arrived. When she saw Xiao Yuqian and Niu Jiang, she quickly greeted them. “Manager Niu! Sis!”

Xiao Yuqian looked at her sternly and told her, “Xinxin, we are at the company and family doesn’t count here. You have to pay attention to what is proper.”

“Oh, Manager Xiao.” Xiao Yuxin’s face looked a bit awkward. She saw Ma Haodong and said excitedly, “Haodong, what a coincidence. We will be able to be colleagues in the future.”

For Xiao Yuqian’s sake, Ma Haodong nodded towards her.

The elevator arrived at their floor and Xiao Yuqian left with Ma Haodong. Niu Jiang and Xiao Yuxin also walked out of the elevator. Xiao Yuxin looked at them as they left and pouted her lips.

She hated how Xiao Yuqian was always so arrogant, always trying to lecture her. Wasn’t her att.i.tude towards her a bit too apathetic?

Niu Jiang stood behind Xiao Yuxin and said, “Don’t you really want to surpa.s.s her?”

“Of course!”

“Follow me well and listen to my instructions. I guarantee you I can turn you into the number one at Huayin,” Niu Jiang said.

“Really? Thank you so much, Manager Niu. I really made the correct decision by following you.”

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