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Chapter 1992: Clear Purpose

“Mr. Mei, I can a.s.sure you that my new actress is best for the new film,” Xiao Yuqian said. “She’s perfect in both her looks and vibe. This is the information on her. Please have a look.”

Xiao Yuqian handed a folder about the actress to Mr. Mei. After taking a quick glance, Mr. Mei put the doc.u.ment back down and nodded.

“Not bad at all. Just as you’ve said, she’s suitable for the role.”

“But just a picture and a CV aren’t enough, am I right?” Niu Jiang quickly said. “You would have to meet her face to face to her. How about you look at Miss Ning Xing here? She’s born for that role that you’re seeking for! Just imagine her in a traditional dress.”

Mr. Mei had already recognized the actress sitting next to Niu Jiang the moment she came in. She was Xiao Yuxin, a child actress with some fame.

“Your real name is Xiao Yuxin, am I right?” Mr. Mei asked. “Are you a relative of Miss Xiao here?”

“Mr. Mei is definitely smarter than others!” Niu Jiang praised. “She’s Miss Xiao’s cousin.”

“I see.” Mr. Mei nodded. “Looks like I’ll have to give this role to Miss Ning Xin then since she’s Miss Xiao’s cousin and all.”

“Thank you so much!” Niu Jiang thanked him profoundly. “Ning Xin, you should thank Mr. Mei too for giving you a chance!”

Xiao Yuxin quickly got up and bowed to Mr. Mei before turning to look at Xiao Yuqian.

Xiao Yuqian’s face was expressionless. But under that emotionless face, she was furious. She knew that Niu Jiang would use Xiao Yuxin’s relations.h.i.+p with her.

There was no way Xiao Yuqian could argue more. It would only seem like she was trying to fight for the spot.

“Now that the deal is done, I’ll take my leave,” Xiao Yuqian said. “I still have an urgent matter to attend to. Please excuse me.”

Xiao Yuqian gave up on the character and got up. But before she could leave, Mr. Mei grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

“Please, sit. I still have a role that one of my friends is looking for.” Mr. Mei smiled. “Why don’t you come to my place tomorrow and I’ll arrange for you to meet him?”

Mr. Mei put a little strength into his hand, trying to signal something to Xiao Yuqian. Xiao Yuqian instantly understood what Mr. Mei wanted. He was trying to score a night with her.

It was clear that Mr. Mei wanted Xiao Yuqian to exchange her body for the role.

Xiao Yuqian wasn’t going to give a chance to the sly fox.

“Thank you for the chance, but I’m fine without it.” Xiao Yuqian smiled and pulled her hand back. “Let’s find a chance to work together in the future.”

Xiao Yuqian then turned to Niu Jiang and said, “Can I borrow my cousin for a while?”

“Of course. Please.” Niu Jiang smiled.

Xiao Yuqian pulled Xiao Yuxin out from the room and warned, “Xinxin, be careful of Niu Jiang, okay? Don’t become someone else’s tool.”

Ever since Xiao Yuxin had signed under Niu Jiang, his aim was clear. He wanted to use Xiao Yuxin to bring Xiao Yuqian down from her number one spot.

Even though Xiao Yuqian was genuinely worried, it sounded to Xiao Yuxin like she was angry because she couldn’t land the role.

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