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Dark Water Bullet

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Right now, everyone's attention gathered onto the central platform.

"Who do you think will win?"

"Are you dumb? This trash can rival Eldest Senior Brother?!"

"But didn't you also say that he couldn't beat Wu Renxing?"

Such discussions were going on all around the stadium. Most of the disciples believed that Chu Yan would be KO'd in a matter of seconds. How strong was Qi DIaomu? The current Eldest Senior Brother of the Flying Dragon Peak was also ranked seventh among the most talented disciples. It would be unthinkable to many that he might lose against Chu Yan, a person who hadn't cultivated for three years.

There were some who still held small hopes for Chu Yan because his performance today was already unthinkable to begin with. Although they had no expectations for Chu Yan winning, he should at least cause a certain amount of trouble for Qi Diaomu and provide some entertainment.

Qi Tianlie looked at the platform. He couldn't hide the smug on his face.

Hua Mengqi had an anxious expression. One was her childhood friend, they had always played together and had never hide secrets from each other, but their relations.h.i.+p was severed by the letter she had sent him. The other had loved and cared for her for years, and was now her future husband. How can I choose between them?

"Let the match begin."

Some time in the past, Chu Yan had always imagined that when facing Qi Diaomu once again, he would burst in rage. But right now, he had a calm face. His heart also didn't budge by anger, but instead, was replaced by a heavy murderous intent.

For the first time, Chu Yan waited, unlike his previous battles where he initiated the attack first. His eyes gave piercing gazes at the man who he had once called 'brother'.

"Junior Brother Chu, looks like I still belittle you."

Qi Diaomu eyes were showing a pa.s.sion to kill, his elegant behavior disappeared without a trace.

"I've waited three years. Today, is when I demand for what I have lost."

Chu Yan nonchalantly said.

Those words contained an unquestionable dignity.

"My Junior Brother Chu, you think you're still that talented boy from before? Ha, you might have some little tricks, but in my eyes you're nothing."

"It's useless to only talk."

"Good. Since you want to die that badly, I will grant you that wis.h.!.+"

Qi Diaomu replied in a rising tone. The disciples who were watching on the sides changed their expressions when he released a pressure corresponding to a tenth layer.

The late-stage was cla.s.sified as the ninth layer and up, and any cultivator at that level was a powerful existence in front of any middle or early stage Tempering Qi cultivators.

"To defeat you, I only need one move!"

As Qi Diaomu said that, a flaming red light flew out of his pocket. It was a long 'dao' br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a glow of flames, its surface had a layer of translucent packed small scales.

(TLN: dao, a Chinese melee weapon, similar to sabre, it has a straight back instead of a crook one.)

This was the spell artifact that he made his name with, a high-grade spell artifact 'Flaming Scale Dao'

The former Peak Master Chu Changtian hunted an early-stage rank four monster 'Water Flaming Scalepard' within the depth of Sky Piercing Mountain Range. He used its water element bones and flaming scales to refine two high-grade spell artifacts. One was named 'Autumn Water Sword' by Chu Yan, the other was this 'Flaming Scale Dao'.

(TLN: I combine 'scale' and 'leopard' to make 'Scalepard')


As Qi Diaomu pointed his finger, the Flaming Scale Dao's light glowed even brighter and flew  at Chu Yan with the intent to slice through him.

It became larger and larger in Chu Yan's eyes. He felt the intense heat hitting him in waves, yet he did not show a hint of panic. His eyes brimmed with fighting spirit.

"Father, today your son will erase this former disciple who tarnished your name."

He headed straight at the Dao with the steel pole swinging in a pattern while bursting a howl.

"Someone who doesn't know their limits."

Qi Diaomu had a flash of despise. The Flaming Scale Dao was a high-grade spell artifact, so no matter how strong a mortal weapon was, it shouldn't withstand the pressure of an artifact with that grade. To think that Chu Yan, who was just a mere third layer, wanted to fend off the attack directly, he could already imagine a scene where Chu Yan would be spilling blood from his mouth.


Without any accidents, the Flaming Scale Dao slammed onto the steel pole which Chu Yan brought in front of him.


Under his surprised look, Chu Yan was only forced back two steps. With a playful face, Chu Yan uttered, "Did you finish your first move?"

How can this be possible? How is he able to block my attack with his current cultivation level? Why is that steel pole so st.u.r.dy?... This doesn't matter, you will still lose today!

After his shocked in disbelief, Qi Diaomu reorganized his thoughts. He moved his fingers and the Flaming Scale Dao relaunched itself at Chu Yan.


The Flaming Scale Dao once again, collided with Chu Yan's steel pole while emitting a strong pressure. Like just now, Chu Yan was forced back two steps. But this time, the scorching heat from the pressure crawled up to Chu Yan's arm.

Chu Yan's eyes flickered, and two light blue spiritual energy surrounded his arms, providing them a sense of coolness.

At the same time, a thread of light blue spiritual energy appeared floating on his left index finger. He pointed it towards Qi Diaomu, and an inch-long bullet shot out from it.

Low-grade tier three spell: Dark Water Bullet

"You think you can hurt me with a mere tier three spells? Wait what~"

Qi Diaomu gave a spiteful laugh, but his eyes widened in the next moment.

In a flash, Chu Yan pointed multiple times and twenty something of the similar bullets headed towards him.

He casted twenty something spells in no more than six seconds… Just what he did he do for these three years?

Not only was Qi Diaomu was surprised, the audiences were also at awe.

Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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