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Chapter 1032: Instant Kill

In addition to the fact that High Elves had great talent, their incredibly long lifespan was undoubtedly an important reason for them to be all-rounded.

In the eyes of the High Elves, magic and combat skills were all about the use of power, so holding a sword did not mean that they did not know how to cast magic spells. This High Elf royal was undoubtedly an elite of the High Elves who had extremely high attainments in combat skills and magic.

After exchanging blows with the High Elf, Lin Li soon had a deeper understanding of his abilities. If this High Elf royal were to fight with the Silver Wyrm and the Fire Demon, it definitely wouldn’t have as hard of a time as Lin Li.

However, in the face of a more powerful opponent, Lin Li did not feel timid at all. In fact, he got even more excited, and the fatigue that he felt after the battle with the Fire Demon also vanished completely at this moment because he knew that fighting continuously with a powerhouse was the only way his abilities could increase rapidly.

The battle with the High Elf royal was clearly much tougher than the previous ones, and Lin Li could be considered to have resorted to all possible means. After spending tens of hours, he finally defeated the arrogant High Elf royal. Of course, through such a battle, Lin Li could clearly sense that he had gained a lot of things too.

After the High Elf royal, the Barbarous Arena continued to pick out stronger and more powerful opponents for Lin Li, including prehistoric magical beasts that had vanished from Anril, unknown human powerhouses, and even barbarians who claimed to be the descendants of the t.i.tans.

Lin Li continuously squeezed his potential, and fused the knowledge that he had learned from Geresco through the battles. In the Barbarous Arena, Lin Li defeated 10 opponents in a row, and when the 11th opponent appeared, he finally couldn’t persist any longer.

The 11th opponent that the Barbarous Arena arranged for Lin Li was an ancient wyrm whose power Lin Li could not figure out. After the ancient wyrm appeared, it managed to force Lin Li into a desperate situation, causing him to have no means to put his rich repertoire of combat techniques to use.

Fortunately, a ma.s.sive power that could not be contended with protected Lin Li, and sent him out of the Barbarous Arena. By the time Lin Li’s vision became clearer, he was already outside the vortex door, and the stone platform and crystal ball were a short distance away from him.

With some lingering fear, Lin Li turned around to go to the crystal ball before activating the power in the crystal ball. The crystal ball immediately showed the arena that Lin Li was in previously, and the scenes of him fighting his opponents were on display. He could even adjust the speed of the playback, zoom in and out, and change the perspective of the screen. It was simply a 360-degree battlefield recorder.

Previously, Lin Li would summarize gains and losses in the battle after each defeat of his opponents in the Barbarous Arena. Now, he was watching the battle scenes displayed in the crystal ball from the third-person view. Through the crystal ball, Lin Li could study all the battle scenes in detail and notice some of the things that he had failed to perceive previously.

The benefits that the series of intense battles gave Lin Li were beyond his imagination. That was different from the fight between Lin Li and Geresco’s incarnation. What Geresco’s incarnation taught Lin Li was Geresco’s knowledge, and what Lin Li obtained from the training and the battles of the Barbarous Arena truly belonged to him. Even the knowledge that Lin Li had obtained from Geresco’s incarnation was incorporated into his body during the battles, causing his mastery of his power to reach an unprecedented level.

Standing in front of the stone platform, Lin Li repeatedly watched the scenes of the battles that he was engaged in in the Barbarous Arena. When he finally internalized everything, he finally played the scene of the last battle.

The last battle was actually very short as it lasted only for a minute or two. Lin Li almost did not get to exhibit any of his countermeasures, and was soon sent back to that place. Frankly speaking, Lin Li did not have much of an impression of that battle. He was all muddled up when he was sent back.

Now, through the playback in the crystal ball, Lin Li finally had a chance to figure out why he suffered such a terrible defeat. However, what made him feel dejected was the fact that no matter how he tried to a.n.a.lyze it, he could not find a single chance of victory.

Initially, when he was in the Barbarous Arena, Lin Li felt that the last opponent’s strength was unfathomable, but now, after seeing the replay in the crystal ball, he vaguely felt that the opponent’s strength was probably at the peak of level-29 of the Sanctuary-realm.

The peak of the Sanctuary-realm! Could it be the same as the three Arbitrators? Lin Li had had a tough time defeating the first 10 opponents. Even after summarizing all his experiences, he knew that he might not be able to defeat his opponents easily even if he met them again. Besides, he would never be able to trump an opponent who was at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm, because that was beyond his limit.

After all, Lin Li had just reached level-27, and even if Geresco’s incarnation had personally guided him, there was still a great difference between his level and the peak of the Sanctuary-realm. In the face of absolute power, all his experience, skills, plans, and schemes would just be a joke. Advancing in level would depend on the difference between them too. No matter what, an ant would never be able to raise a huge elephant.

Perhaps he would only be able to defeat the ancient wyrm which was at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm when he reached level-28! The longer Lin Li looked at the battle scene in the crystal ball, the more guilty he felt. He simply felt that his opponent was definitely not someone he could defeat at this stage.

However, at the thought of this, an idea suddenly popped up in Lin Li’s mind. The Barbarous Arena had already arranged a powerhouse who was at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm to be his opponent. When he reached level-28, wouldn’t he have to face a powerhouse who had surpa.s.sed the Sanctuary-realm!?

Anyone who surpa.s.sed the Sanctuary-realm would probably be at the level of a deity! The absolute difference in realm was not something that could be made up with by other things, just like how Legendary powerhouses would never be able to go against Sanctuary powerhouses. Even Geresco and powerful existences like the Immortal King probably would not be able to ignore the gap between realms and kill an opponent that was at the level of a G.o.d!

At the thought of this, Lin Li couldn’t help but shake his head. Such a situation seemed to be far away from him, and he thought that he’d better think about how he should deal with the opponent in front of him. Those at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm could be considered demiG.o.ds; in fact, the difference between them and ordinary Sanctuary powerhouses could be considered a difference in realm.

Lin Li stood in front of the crystal ball, and thought hard for many hours, but was never able to think of a way to win. Feeling helpless, he had no choice but to put the matter aside for the time being. He turned around and stepped through the vortex door again. He then began the challenges in the Barbarous Arena.

This time, his encounter was the same as previously. Lin Li painstakingly defeated 10 opponents, and then was almost defenselessly sent out by the 11th opponent who was at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm. After he left, he carefully studied the scene in the crystal ball again and summarized everything that he had realized during the battle. He then entered the arena to start the challenges again.

Although every challenge would end at the 11th opponent, Lin Li would still gain ma.s.sive benefits from the Barbarous Arena. After all, a battle with an enemy of the same strength where he needed not worry about dying was a rare chance for anyone. Every battle would allow Lin Li to have a better control of power.

Lin Li even had a vague feeling that as he became more proficient in mastering his power, he might really succeed in crossing the level when he reached some realm, and challenge the opponent who was at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm.

Of course, he could not enjoy good stuff alone. Other than continuously entering the Barbarous Arena to face the challenges, Lin Li also arranged for his own men to enter it to receive training. The amazing thing about the Barbarous Arena was that regardless of the strength of the person who entered, the Barbarous Arena would automatically a.s.sign an opponent of equal strength. In fact, even if a baby entered, the Barbarous Arena would also arrange a baby as an opponent.

Thus, the Barbarous Arena was not only useful to Lin Li, it was also extremely beneficial and of great help to the Legendary-mages or the mages who had yet to reach the Legendary-realm.

Hence, while continuously entering the Barbarous Arena, Lin Li also called Connoris and the others over. Although relying on the Barbarous Arena might not let them break through to the Sanctuary-realm from the peak of the Legendary-realm, it would allow them to hone their combat power through the battles, and become the foundation for them to break through to the Sanctuary-realm.

Other than Connoris and his other subordinates, Lin Li also instructed Alan to pick out a batch of mages who were loyal and had made outstanding contributions to enter the Barbarous Arena and receive training. After entering the Barbarous Arena a few times, the selected mages began to break through the Legendary-realm one after another.

Although there was a large number of people who entered the Barbarous Arena, each of them would be allocated to an independent s.p.a.ce in the arena, and thus they would not affect each other at all. Therefore, Lin Li was not interrupted, and he continued with his torturous yet gratifying challenges.

Just as Lin Li continued to challenge his opponents in the arena, the Breezy Plains fell into a state of chaos after a short period of calm. The protagonists of the chaos turned out to be a messenger from the Gilded Kingdom and the Ashen Warlock Roland who lived in seclusion in the faraway Gran Town.

Clearly, Lin Li’s previous strike made the people of the Gilded Kingdom realize that it was not easy to attack the Breezy Plains. Hence, after getting such an outcome, the king of the Gilded Kingdom sent a batch of messengers to the Breezy Plains in hopes of reaching his goals through other means.

Although the people of the Gilded Kingdom also knew that the Breezy Plains was known as the land of chaos, and there were countless forces of various sizes, they had also asked around, and found out that the one who held the highest authority in the Breezy Plains was the Ashen Warlock who lived in Gran Town. Hence, they clamored about negotiating with the Ashen Warlock.

The Ashen Warlock had had no qualms about killing a prince of the Felan Kingdom and causing a stir with the Felan Kingdom’s army for the sake of his dog. The messenger of the Gilded Kingdom initially thought that the inconspicuous Ashen Warlock who lived in seclusion was just a powerhouse who was at the peak of the Legendary-realm, and did not expect to land himself in trouble.

The Ashen Warlock would never tolerate others disturbing his peace, and the Gilded Kingdom was extremely hysterical too. After the two parties met, there would definitely be trouble. Not giving the messenger of the Gilded Kingdom any chance to speak, the Ashen Warlock swung his arm, and immediately killed the envoys from the Gilded Kingdom.

The Ashen Warlock only spared the life of one of the hundreds of envoys, whom he instructed to relay the message to them to look for the president of the Tower of Dusk if they needed something. He also wanted the messenger to tell the people of the Gilded Kingdom not to bother him unnecessarily, otherwise he wouldn’t mind making a trip to the Gilded Kingdom.

The one who stayed alive was scared out of his wits, and he fled back to sea without stopping. At this moment, he finally knew why the various forces of the Breezy Plains would be willing to comply with the instructions of an old man who lived in seclusion.

As for retaliation, the people of the Gilded Kingdom would probably never dare to reveal their intention to take revenge. The Ashen Warlock was a maniacal Sanctuary powerhouse who could not be provoked by just anyone. If he were to go to the Gilded Kingdom, that would probably spell a disaster for the people of the kingdom.

However, the people of the kingdom could also tell that the Ashen Warlock was obviously not interested to ask about the matters in the Breezy Plains. It seemed that they really had to go see the president of the Tower of Ashes.

Hence, after the messengers were almost wiped out by the Ashen Warlock, the Gilded Kingdom sent more. This time, they arrived at the Tower of Dusk in Doland, which the Ashen Warlock had mentioned.

The size of the Tower of Dusk gave the messenger of the Gilded Kingdom a great shock. Before he arrived, he had found out some information about the Tower of Dusk, and he knew that the Tower of Dusk was a new force that had only been established a few years prior. Although their businesses were developing well, they had the universal problem that all new forces faced, and that was the lack of a background and foundation. However, it seemed now that the development of the Tower of Dusk was beyond the imagination of the messenger.

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