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Chapter 536: Master-level Ring

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“I… I should have thought of it earlier. At Doland, it isn't surprising to recruit pharmacists with such abilities! Tower of Dusk, Guild of Magic…” Sienna was at a loss for words. Although he had worked with Lin Li once, Lin Li didn't mention anything about the Tower of Dusk, and said little about the Guild of Magic. Sienna didn't take this to heart, since it was common for mages to mention the Guild of Magic. However, how could he not think of the Guild of Magic after knowing Lin Li's abilities?

“Did we talk about pharmacists just now…” Charles' voice was obviously shaking. He still couldn't believe that the one who stood in front of him was the owner of the Tower of Dusk, President of the Guild of Magic and the mastermind behind recruiting so many pharmacists…

 “Yes!” Sienna nodded stiffly. His tone was rather sympathetic, and he said, “You even said that the Tower of Dusk won't be happy for long, and asked why I didn't join in poaching.”

Charles' face turned pale. He seemed to be inches shorter. He replied, “Yes, you also asked me how to please the pharmacists, saying you were preparing to give it a try.”

 “…” Sienna looked afar and forced himself to stay composed. He said, “I know that a big shot like Mage Felic wouldn't mind my words, since he had even forgiven your rudeness.”

 Upon leaving the Seven Leaf Gra.s.s, Lin Li wasn't interested in walking around Roland City anymore, so he brought Wilkinson and other companions back home. This wasn't because that manager of the Seven Leaf Gra.s.s had ruined his mood, but because Roland City was rather dull in the eyes of Lin Li. Though this world was considered bustling, it was nothing compared to the metropolis Lin Li had seen before.

Back at the luxurious castle, those extremely bored pharmacists crowded around curiously upon seeing Lin Li's return. Of course, they didn't dare to waste Lin Li's time, so they bombarded Wilkinson with questions.

 Lin Li returned to his room and reminded the Undead servants not to let anyone disturb him. He then closed the door and started doing what he had always done at the Tower of Dusk—he retrieved the Book of Eternity that Geresco had left behind from the Ring of Endless Storm and read it attentively.

The greatest gain from the trip deep into the Abyss of Tharlen in the Blackstone Mountains was not the Throne of Darkness, but rather the three items left behind by the late Geresco Lin Li had gotten from Tutankhamun: a key, a magical crystal, and a book. It was hard to say which of the three items was more valuable, but any one of them was more valuable than the Throne of Darkness.

The key was for opening the seventh Sky Castle of the High Elves. n.o.body knew how Geresco had gotten hold of it, but no doubt the absence of the seventh Sky Castle during the war had played an important role in ending the Dark Age. Maybe the power of the missing seventh Sky Castle was still a mystery for most people, but Lin Li clearly understood how terrifying it was because he possessed a blueprint of a Sky Castle.

From this Sky Castle blueprint, Lin Li had a clear idea of how powerful a Sky Castle was despite never experiencing the Dark Age and seeing a Sky Castle himself. Compared to the Sky Castle, the Eternal Furnace that Highlord Osric had built was like a child's toy.

Although Lin Li planned to follow Connoris' suggestion and integrate the Throne of Darkness with the Eternal Furnace, its power was still limited and incomparable to the powerful seventh Sky Castle's. However, Lin Li was quite eager to know what it would be like after the natural Magical Domain from the underground palace had integrated into the Eternal Furnace. Could that create an eighth Sky Castle?

However, no matter how powerful the Sky Castle was, Lin Li couldn't gain much from it now. Out of the three items, the ones that had constantly benefited Lin Li were the other two—the magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant and the Book of Eternity made from Leaves of Eternity.

The Evil Eye that was good at Mental Spells possessed extremely strong mental strength. An accessory made from an Evil Eye magical crystal using special processing techniques could increase the mental strength of the wearer, though it couldn't provide mages with powerful magical strength.

The degree of mental strength was often used to judge the talent and potential of a mage in terms of magic. This was because it was very hard to increase mental strength through any kind of training. Thus, it was almost impossible to change a mage's magical potential. Some people were destined to be mage apprentices for their entire lives, while others could easily reach the Sanctuary-realm. All this was determined by the degree of mental strength.

Hence, nothing was more important to a mage than mental strength, and nothing was as attractive to mages as the Evil Eye magical crystal which could increase one's mental strength. If there was any, it had to be this magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant owned by Lin Li now.

The magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant had far greater effect on increasing mental strength than any ordinary Evil Eye's magical crystal. Even the most ordinary mage apprentice could at least become a level-19 Archmage with the presence of a magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant. Moreover, his mental strength would be far greater than that of other Archmages.

However, one could not simply put it close to the chest for the magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant to show its greatest effect. There was a special occupation in Anril for that, just like pharmacists, blacksmiths, and inscribers, who were well respected by powerhouses despite being weak in strength. They were the crystal sculptors, who could make magical accessories.

One should not think that someone who merely made a ring or embedded a gem could be considered a crystal sculptor. Crystal sculpting required the arrangement of different ingredients and different carving methods for different gems and magical crystals, and even involved the use of the mageweath and potions. It was not wrong to say that the occupation of crystal sculptor was extremely profound, and not as straightforward as pharmaceutics or inscription.

If this magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant were taken by Hutton or Stephen, they probably wouldn't know how to use it. If the crystal was processed by an ordinary crystal sculptor, it would be a blessing if even half of its power could be unleashed. If they were unlucky, they might even destroy this magical crystal.

However, it was different in the hands of Lin Li. If the crystal couldn't even be processed by a crystal sculptor master, then n.o.body could possibly process it in the entire Anril. Yet Lin Li had an advantage that a normal crystal sculptor master didn't—he was also a pharmaceutics Guru, Guru of inscription, and blacksmith Guru!

The magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant was the size of a palm when he'd obtained it. Only with special master-level potions did Lin Li manage to shrink the crystal until the size of a pea without damaging it in any way. Ordinary crystal sculptors couldn't do this. They could shrink a magical crystal by half at most, but how could a magical crystal half the size of a palm be used to make accessories?

The metal used to make rings was also better than the others. It was one of the treasures found in the Ring of Endless Storm—a metal brought from the other world. Even though it was said to be a treasure, the Divinity Metal wasn't a super rare commodity to Lin Li. After all, he was only using one of the 20 bars of Divinity Metal to make the ring.

Lin Li had all kinds of metals stored in the Ring of Endless Storm. However, he had chosen the Divinity Metal as the material for the ring not because it was the most expensive, but because rings made with it wouldn't have additional properties.

The magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant only had one use—to greatly increase mental strength. Not considering this most important property, this magical crystal was even worse than a typical level-15 magical crystal. Therefore, Lin Li was only using this magical crystal to make an accessory that could increase his mental strength when worn. He didn't need any other irrelevant properties like attack or defense buff for something as precious as the magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant. After all, Lin Li wasn't short of level-15 magical crystals.

The value of the Divinity Metal was its growth property. Equipment made from the Divinity Metal seemed ordinary at first as it didn't have any striking properties. However, as time pa.s.sed, the growth property of the Divinity Metal was revealed. During the growing process, equipment made from the Divinity Metal would increase the abilities of the user consistently. Thus, all equipment made from the Divinity Metal was likely to become an artifact.

So, Lin Li chose the Divinity Metal and personally made a ring with fine mageweath. The shrunken magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant was embedded on top of the ring. After this ring was made, Lin Li always wore it. He seemed to clearly feel that his mental strength was increasing rapidly.

 The magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant could make an ordinary mage apprentice quickly grow into a level-19 Archmage due to its help in increasing mental strength. However, it couldn't guarantee that the user would reach the Legendary-realm with ease. This was because one needed not only the increase in mental strength and magic, but also understanding and grasp of world's Rules in order to reach the Legendary-realm.

The increase in mental strength could only help Lin Li increase his power. It wouldn't help with leveling up his realm. Hence, the magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant still wasn't the most useful item for him out of the three.

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