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Chapter 636: 636、I’m Safe. Take Care.

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Yeah. Duh!” Wen He fidgeted the lace on her dress subconsciously, “More importantly, what’s with her ‘plans’ on us? A big wedding ceremony I heard? Is that real? Is she crazy? I’ll be exposed immediately!”

The case of Wen He being wanted by the government was top secret. Therefore, Wen He would more likely be safe even if she were to travel with Huo Chen to the military base. But in a wedding ceremony accomodating all the military authorities? They might have seen the top secret doc.u.ment before. They might be very well-informed about the high-profiled criminals like Wen He. She might be the first bride to be taken away by armed forces in the Capital.

“There’s only one last way,” said Huo Chen as he got up.

“You’re going to tell everything? No. She’s old. She can’t take the truth. What if she had a heart attack and ended up in the ICU? I can’t take the sin! How about this…”

She quickly caught up with Huo Chen and continued, “Tell your mommy that we will get ‘registered’ first *without* a wedding. Just explain to her that you need to be back with the military promptly due to a top secret mission that requires you to stay very, very low.”

Huo Chen pondered in silence as he watched Wen He’s serious look, “Right. Thank you. You’ll leave after everything is done and we divorce.” He nodded.

“OK!” His index finger and thumb formed a circle as she saw him off at the stairs. A few minutes later, her mobile phone vibrated like the call of the dead. The name of the sender was a codename she recognized—it was Lu Bai. She took a deep breath before opening the message. It had been days since they last spoke. Had something happened perhaps?

[Ol’ Jiu is dead. I’m safe. Take care.]

“F*CK!” She panted as she reread the message in disbelief. Her hands began shaking.

Ol… Ol’ Jiu… you are dead?


What in the world happened after I left?

She immediately dialed up Lu Bai yet the call was blocked.

Wen He rubbed her forehead as she fell upon the sofa. It almost felt like Ol’ Jiu was sitting next to her, placing his arm over her shoulder as if buddies and alive, chuckling teasingly as he made those silly vows of them getting married on certain conditions.

And he was no more.

She pinched her forehead as her eyes felt sore from her sorrow.

Huo Chen returned to her, wondering if their marriage plan was too much for her to handle, “If you feel reluctant about the marriage, we will figure out something else.”

“No, no, no, no, no.” Wen He withdrew her agony, wiping away her tears as the show had to go on. Ol’ Jiu must be avenged! “Most importantly, did she agree to your proposition?”

“Yes, for the moment though. She said that she must be there when we collect our marriage certificate.”

“Why must every elderly in this novel be so clever?”

Wen He stood up, there was not much time to be wasted, “Fine, fine, fine. We’ll finish this off today. So is it possible for you to get back to the camp today as well?”

“Yes.” Huo Chen exchanged gazes with her, no longer defensive as there was a brief moment of serenity on his face, “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Don’t worry about me. Girls are supposed to be sentimental at this moment of life. I must put up an act or it’ll look fake. ‘Yes, Wen He, you’re getting married. You’re going to run your own family.’ I need to be mentally prepared.”

Wen He wrapped his arm and acted lightheartedly, “Please smile naturally by then. Be proud. I gave both my virgin marriage and divorce to you.”

Huo Chen returned her a confused look, though he nodded at her every word like an obedient fool.

Inside Huo Chen’s ride, Wen He was quiet throughout the way to their destiny.

It was awkwardly quiet. Fortunately, the old lady was not with them. She might have seen through their insincerity in marriage if she was there.

Huo Chen could not help but have a few glances at the woman next to him. The jolly woman was not so jolly for the day.

“Sir, ma’am, please fill up this form and sign your names at the line below.”


“Alright.” Wen He picked up the pen near her absent-mindedly as she felt the constant gaze from the elderly next to them. She could feel the sincere and simple joy in the old lady’s eyes.

She rubbed her lips looking at the lines on the doc.u.ment, the word “Spouse” was scorching to her eyes the more she imagined the old lady’s smile.

She felt guilty. Fairly guilty.

She tricked Huo Chen. She cheated the old lady.

“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Huo,” said the receptionist.

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