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Chapter 637: 637、The Certificate

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The certificate was warm to the touch the moment it got reeled out of the printer. Old Mrs. Huo was so overjoyed that her eyes were wet. “Now for the wedding…” Her words rang in sharp whispers, both excited and impatient.

“Chen, it’s time for you to report for duty at the camp. Take care of that top secret mission quickly and marry Wen He home!” Urged the old lady as she took out a pair of engagement rings, “Take good care of your wife from now on!”

“Yes, mother,” said Huo Chen with the case in his hands while putting on a bright and plastic smile.

“What are you two waiting for? Put in on! I know you two aren’t officially married yet but at least these pair of rings could fulfill you youngsters’ need of declaring owners.h.i.+p!” The old lady chuckled, having the urge of putting on the rings for them. The old and cla.s.sic music of marriage rang in rhythm in their heads under an old witness. Huo Chen took out the ring while Wen He reached out her right hand with her ring finger lifted. She bit her lip and smiled wryly at Huo Chen.

It was a bizarre experience to exchange rings at the bureau lobby, especially when they had an audience behind them.

There were not many people in the marriage registry but everybody was looking at them endearingly as Huo Chen suddenly held Wen He’s wrist gently. He imagined how Zhaoyang was standing before him instead.

His mind slowly wandered away to a different tale where Zhaoyang was the woman he was going to marry instead.

But his dream broke down immediately after.

It was never Yang Yang. It was Wen He. That was the reality as the silvery light of their engagement ring shone glaringly under the lamp. The circle of bond rested on her slender finger finely like a loop of light—a perfect fit.

Wen He, in return, also picked the ring from Huo Chen’s case. Her heart raced as she looked into the eyes of her man.

What the h.e.l.l is going on?! We are just faking it, aren’t we?

It’s not real! Wen He, wake up! Calm down!

Wen He convinced herself in her mind even though the B5-sized certificate had stated the truth. Therefore, she was confused.

The bond between them was sealed the moment the special men’s ring slid through Huo Chen’s boney ring finger.

The old lady was dabbing her reddened eyes with her napkin throughout the whole session. She gave a brief nod at Wen He before seeing them off at the registry. Wen He got back to the car and took off the ring quickly. Brandis.h.i.+ng it in her grip, she reeled down the window to get some fresh air as she pondered for the next few minutes.

“Huo Chen, is it illegal to kill somebody?”

“The villains are to be punished by the laws. Any other way to punish them would be against the law.” Huo Chen on the steering wheel pa.s.sed her a glance, “We still have a long trip to go, you can take a nap if you want.”

“I’m not going to sleep. I want to kill somebody.” Her fingers rubbed the ring hard, “a.s.suming the said villain did not comply with my plead, even threatened to take my life, can I fire my gun while it would be counted as a form of self defence?”

I might not know where Bai has gone but I definitely know where Ol’ Jiu was before he was gone and who caused all these in the first place! There’s only one culprit!

“Well, that depends, a lot. For now, you are considered illegal for holding guns being an ordinary citizen.”

“You *are* a walking book of law,” muttered Wen He as she sneaked into his pocket and took out the ring case to replace the diamond engagement ring. The case was tossed to the dashboard after that.

“You better leave it on or you won’t be able to enter the camp with me,” reminded Huo Chen.

“Right! I forgot! Thanks for the reminder. I realize you can be quite sweet despite your ruthless appearance.”

She got up and picked up the case again, “Frankly, I sympathize with you a lot. If you were not in coma back then, you’ll probably be happily married with Lu Zhaoyang by now—Maybe it’ll be better if you could stay asleep for the rest of your life. Then it’ll be taken as a way to avenge our organization. No more drama will need to happen.”

Huo Chen did not respond to her words.

I might not be married with Yang Yang now but I would rather be alive.

At least, with me being alive, I can accompany her and even protect her.

“Wait, I remember there’s a little boy who follows Lu Zhaoyang around. Is it yours or Huo Yunting’s?” For some reason, Wen He was curious.

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