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"I'm all right!" the two replied in unison.

Yan Se shot Lu Bai a stare. When turning to look at Lu Zhaoyang, she caught a glimpse of the red mark on her neck.

Yo, Boss had got a base hit! She thought.

"Is it still hurt?" Looking at the gauze and the bandages on them, Lu Zhaoyang admonished, "Please pay attention while driving next time. especially you, Yan Se!"

She had seen the traffic surveillance footage and it was scary. Yan Se was stooping down, seemingly looking for something while driving.

"Understood. I promise there won't be a next time!" Yan Se replied with her head drooped.

Right after, Lu Zhaoyang and Huo Yunting left the hospital knowing that the two were all right.

She saw Lin Yazhi quietly walking in as soon as she got back into her office.

What is supposed to come, will come.

Lu Zhaoyang thought as she sat down, turning on the computer. "Get straight to the point."

"Last night…" Lin Yazhi's eyes fell on her neck, "Is that a mosquito bite?"

"I guess so." She returned with an ambiguous answer before getting up to pour herself a gla.s.s of water.

Seeing her calm reaction, Lin Yazhi turned around and locked the door behind her.

Leaning on the door, her eyes were fixated on Lu Zhaoyang, who bowed to get herself water from the dispenser.

She looks so hot, even when looking from behind. No wonder the president has fallen for her. So what if they are brother and sister? They are not related in any way biologically.

While thinking of this, Lin Yazhi suddenly felt at ease.

"Sister Lu Zhaoyang, regarding Xuxu's father—is it the president?"

"Does he look like him?" Lu Zhaoyang said with a smile after turning around and taking a sip from the gla.s.s.

"Lin Yazhi thought so. "Of course. He looked like him the first time I laid my eyes on him."

"Did you hear it all last night?" Sitting on the chair and after thinking for a while, Lu Zhaoyang decided to threaten her. "The lesser you know, the better."

Feeling intimidated, Li Yazhi quickly made a zipped mouth gesture. But curiosity had gotten the better of her, she could not help but swallow.

Now thinking of it, Ming Yue does look a bit like her. No wonder the president was looking after Ming Yue for a few years while Sister Zhaoyang was away; is this not "love me, love my dog?" Lin Yazhi thought.

"Anything else?" Seeing that she was still leaning against the door, Lu Zhaoyang turned to ask curiously.

"I just want to say, the president has got pretty good stamina!" After that, Lin Yazhi covered her face with her hands and ran out the door. She left Lu Zhaoyang alone in the office with her face flushed. She just hoped that Xuxu had not heard anything last night.

Huo Yunting listlessly looked up at Lu Zhaoyang, who dropped the doc.u.ment on the table. Who got on her nerves?

"What's the matter with you? Do you come to me hoping that I can put out your fire?" Huo Yunting got to his feet and said with a teasing look on his handsome face. "I'm more than willing to help. Be it on the desk, sofa, chair, lounge, or carpet… you choose." 

"You…" Lu Zhaoyang stepped back as he stepped forward. "Stop being a jerk. Sign the doc.u.ments!"

Huo Yunting did not stop and when he saw the love bite that he left on her neck, he could not help but break out in a smile.

"The doc.u.ments can wait. Let me first put out your fire. You look angry." After last night, he became more agreeable as long as she was beside him. It did not matter if he was choked with resentment.

"Could you please stop thinking with your d.i.c.k?" She shot Huo Yunting a glare, "Yes, I'm angry with you. Lin Yazhi would not have found out had you not been so shameless last night."

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