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Chapter 654: Taunts

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the living room sat two women wrapped with clothes from head to toe, sitting next to each other on the sofa. Queen Jiao went back into the house, leaving only Li Yi sitting directly opposite the sisters, staring right into each other’s eyes.

Their ultra-wide, ultra-black covered the true faces of the two ladies, but their uns.h.i.+elded skin was as white as jade. One look at them would be enough to know that both of them were not ordinary women.

They were Xu Man and Xu Yue…

Li Yi went to push the cups on the coffee table slightly forward. “Ahem, drink some water.”

“I’m not thirsty!”

“Thank you!”

Xu Yue refused to drink while Xu Man raised the cup to her lips and took a sip. Although the sisters were twins, their personalities were starkly different.

Xu Yue slammed on the table. “I’ll just be direct with you. Something has happened in our household.”

“Younger sister!”

Xu Man was very displeased by Xu Yue’s temperament, tugging lightly at a corner of her s.h.i.+rt.

“This is what happened. Previously, we asked you to pretend to be our boyfriends, and our family found out about it.” Xu Man was blus.h.i.+ng bright red, finally explaining the purpose of their visit.

The boyfriend that was brought home by both the elder and younger sister in the family shared the same name, Li Yi. That grandfather of theirs was not a gullible man and had exposed the entire affair after a round of questioning.

Xu Yue was so p.i.s.sed off that she was gritting her teeth. “You… you… you… If you had told me early on that you had previously pretended to be my brother-in-law, I’d never have allowed you to pretend to be my boyfriend! Not over my dead body!”

Li Yi was displeased. “You’re the one that forcefully dragged me there. Now you’re blaming me for everything.”

When Xu Yue said the phrase ‘brother-in-law’, Xu Man’s face flushed red again. The superstar was always poised and composed in every interview but was easily embarra.s.sed in her private life.

Li Yi asked Xu Man, “So what happened after the exposé? What did that old man in your family say?”

Xu Man lowered her head and mumbled, “My grandfather gave us a round of stern reprimanding, then… then…”

Li Yi was feeling a headache growing at the back of his head. “Then what? Just tell me directly, O’ superstar, where did your on-screen composure go?”

Xu Man was still stammering over her words. “Then… Then…”

Xu Yue stepped up to s.n.a.t.c.h the opportunity to speak. “Then my grandfather told us to come to you. He wants you to pick one of us to be your girlfriend!”

Li Yi practically leapt to his feet. “Nani…” 1

His mouth was wide agape, his expression frozen in a display of astonishment. He stared at Xu Man and her sister in horror, failing to even speak for a long time.

Was it possible for something so absurd to happen in this world? A pair of sisters found a guy to pretend to be their respective boyfriends, and when they were exposed, they were actually asked to return to their fake boyfriend and ask him to become their real boyfriend…

Li Yi felt as if he was struck by lightning. For one moment, he was in disbelief.

He had to admit that the old man of the Xu Family was truly someone extraordinary…

“My grandfather said that there were too few young men nowadays that could endure his temper. You could barely be considered one, so even though you’ve angered him with your lies, he figured that he might not be able to find anyone better in the future. Thus, he told us to come and look for you.”


Xu Yue pressed both of her palms on the coffee table and glared at Li Yi. She chided, “Choose one of us now!”

“Choose one of you…”

Li Yi’s jaw dropped; his tongue entirely tied. How could he even speak after that?

Xu Yue snorted again, “Judging from your expression, don’t tell me that you’re thinking of getting both of us?”

“Both of you…”

“Younger sister, don’t word it that way…” Xu Man was so embarra.s.sed that she could no longer keep her head up.

Li Yi drank some water and tried to regain his composure. He had calmed down quickly after that.

“If you really insist that I choose among both of you…”

Xu Yue clenched her fist while Xu Man slightly raised her head. Both sisters stared at Li Yi nervously.

“I won’t be choosing anyone!”

“What?” Both Xu Man and Xu Yue shouted simultaneously.

“I won’t be selecting any one of you because I already have a girlfriend. She’s Queen Jiao, so it’s not like you don’t know her.”

Xu Man and her sister shared a look. For a while, both of them were speechless.

Li Yi coughed softly. “I’ll be frank with both of you. I have more than one girlfriend…”

“What?” Xu Man and Xu Yue yelped again.

“Gongsun Chuqian, Little Elf from the Magical Realm, ahem… and Fire Ice, all of them are my women…”


Xu Yue slammed the table powerfully before storming out of the living room without turning her head even once.

Xu Yue had left in a fit of anger. Xu Man was still quite calm since she was a superstar that had seen many events after all. She asked softly, “Dark Wing, is this… Is this true?”

“It’s absolutely true. Oh also, on top of these, I still have another girlfriend overseas…”

“Sorry for interrupting your day…” Xu Man stood and bowed her head at Li Yi before running out of the house.

Li Yi did not stand. He remained seated on the sofa while he drank some water leisurely.

At that time, Jiaojiao poked her head out from the bedroom to look at him. “Rascal, why didn’t you send both of those exquisite women off when they left?”

“Why would I send them off?”

“Tsk tsk. I’ve never expected that a perverted man like you would actually reject their offer.”

Jiaojiao had managed to eavesdrop on everything that was discussed between Li Yi and the Xu sisters.

Li Yi stretched for a bit. “It’s not a good thing to have too many women in my life. I must reject them whenever I can.”

Jiaojiao asked, “Why is that so?”

“I’ll be tired.”

“F*ck off!”

A pillow flew towards him. Li Yi managed to grab it and proceeded to hug it between his arms.

Qian’er’s return to her home had a much bigger impact on Li Yi than the Windcloud spouses not coming online. After all, he was only friends with Brother Windcloud Nine and his wife. He was lovers with Qian’er, and they shared a relations.h.i.+p that he would never forget for the eternity of his life.

It would definitely be a lie if he were to say that he was entirely unworried about her.

For the following few days, Li Yi no longer had any mood to go online in the game. The few calls that he had made to Qian’er had all ended up receiving a notification that the user had switched off their phone.

Li Yi had no idea that at this moment, a gorgeous limited-edition Lamborghini would appear below his house like clockwork every day. The car would stay for a short moment before leaving.

“Sister, what should we do?”

“How should I know, let’s just… drag it out. Drag it out.”

In the Lamborghini, the two sisters stared at each other with a sour face. Then, they sighed at the same time without any prior arrangement.


This was a terrible situation. When the Xu sisters had returned home, they had braced themselves and told their grandfather about Li Yi and his girlfriends. The old man immediately became hostile and had shattered a table upon kicking it. Were it not for their grandmother holding him back, the old man would have shot at them with a gun.

“Both of you are foolish things! Not only have you failed to get a boyfriend, but you also can’t even s.n.a.t.c.h a boyfriend for yourselves? I don’t care what excuses you’re giving me, but the Xu family will never have any cowards within the family regardless of gender. I will never judge a person wrongly, and that man that I have my eyes on will never be a wrong choice. Doesn’t he only have girlfriends? They aren’t married, no? Just mess up their relations.h.i.+p then!”

“I am now fixated on getting this man as my son-in-law. If both of you fail to get him, don’t ever step into this house again. Get out, get out, get out!”

Just like that, both sisters had left and arrived below Li Yi’s house…

However, no matter how thick-skinned they could be, they were too ashamed to go and meet Li Yi again. Thus, they had no other alternative but to come and loiter around the area daily, even though they had no idea why they were there for…

On the afternoon of the fourth day, Xu Yue made up her mind and proclaimed, “Sister, let’s just go in!”

“What should we say when we go in? Do we tell him that our grandfather forced us to meet him and insisted he picks one of us? Tell him that if he refuses to choose, we’ll die in front of him? Are we going to do that?”

Xu Yue’s eye brightened and clapped her hands, “That’s a great idea, it’s almost magical.”

Xu Man poked Xu Yue on her forehead. “Great my a.r.s.e! Get some brains up in here will you? It’s already embarra.s.sing as it is, if we were to really do that, I would probably die from embarra.s.sment.”

“Ah, what should we do then?”

“Who would I ask if you were to ask me that?”

“Ah…” Both of the sisters sighed simultaneously.

The Lamborghini stopped by for three hours before it gradually left…


For a few days, Li Yi did not even go online to the game. He merely ate, slept, and woke up, rinse and repeat. With Jiaojiao and Fire Ice by his side, he was not lonely or bored throughout this period of time. He was still worried that something might have happened to Qian’er though, and that was the reason why he never seemed to be energetic enough.

Currently, he was contemplating a problem. In his previous life, Qian’er was put on house arrest after she returned home, and he was the one that had sneakily gone to rescue her. What about this present life? Would her fate change if he did not go save her?

He could not be bothered anymore. He would wait for a few more days, and if Qian’er had yet to return to him, he would go and steal her by himself again.

Li Yi had finally seen the light after brooding for a few days. Suddenly, he was feeling significantly more energetic than before. He got up from the bed and washed his face before going out for a run around the area. When he was sufficiently excited, he put the gaming controller on and entered the Pantheon World…

Even though he was merely away from the game for a few days, the Pantheon World had some new changes already.

Li Yi logged in to the in-game forum to find a hot post that had recently garnered tens of thousands of clicks.

‘Emergence of the Territory Powerhouse of the Ninth Continent! Dark Wing ↓ kneel!’

Who was that? The post mentioned his name and directly compared themselves to him. Li Yi was curious and went on to click and watch it.

Within the post were a 3000-word post and a video clip. Li Yi clicked on the video and immediately grasped the situation after just a few looks at it.

The Vice Guild Master of the Undefeatable Legends, Not Gray Wolf, had learnt Territory Power. He then took to attack the Celestial Capital of the Ninth Continent when both Brother Windcloud Nine and Sister Windcloud Nine was not around, successfully destroying the Celestial Capital.

Over 80% of the buildings in the Celestial Capital were destroyed, causing the tax collection to rise nationwide. This indirectly caused actions such as purchasing medicine, fixing equipment, and even using teleportation to be charged at sky-high prices.

The Celestial Capital was the heart of the nation. Once it was destroyed, tax rates would soar nationwide, and an expensive tax would be forcefully charged on activities such as purchasing medicine, fixing equipment, and teleportation services.

In other words, once the Celestial Capital of a nation was destroyed, all players in the nation will be affected by the loss. Thus, Not Gray Wolf’s actions had undoubtedly caused an uproar among the

Despite getting surrounded and attacked by thousands of players, he had managed to defeat all of them. Then, he went on to announce that the Undefeatable Legends Guild would collectively betray the nation and swear their allegiance to the Southern Continent from now on.

Not Gray Wolf’s guild must have been poached by the Fluttering Snow Alliance. Otherwise, he would have never acted and destroyed the Celestial Capital of his own nation. After all, even he himself would suffer from the consequences if the nation’s Celestial Capital was destroyed.

However, he would not incur any losses if he were to betray his nation after he destroyed the Celestial Capital. In contrast, the fee charged to players who leave their nation would be halved when the Celestial Capital was in shambles.

Not Gray Wolf’s actions were a show of loyalty to the Fluttering Snow Alliance. Destroying the Capital and betraying the nation meant that he would never go back on his decision. This guy had always been very resolute in his ways.

Li Yi had patiently watched the entire video of him destroying the Celestial Capital. In actuality, there was no need for him to watch the video at all; he knew what Not Gray Wolf’s Territory Skill was.

Not Gray Wolf’s cla.s.s was an Undead Summoner, and his Territory Skill was named Undead Form!

“Dark Wing, kneel! This time, it was that old dog Windcloud. You’re up next!”

At the end of the video, Not Gray Wolf arrogantly pointed a middle finger at the camera before turning his hand to point said finger to the ground.

This video was recorded by Not Gray Wolf himself. There was no doubt that this sentence was said directly to Li Yi.

This was an undisguised taunt, huh…

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