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Chapter 775 Slaughter in Dunhuang

“The disappearance of that man had left the world of martial art leaderless in Hero Country. Actually, its powerless members were left vulnerable to any threats” a middle-aged white man with a majestic aura, which was cultivated during his long-term superior position said. His tone was full of self-confidence and aggressiveness. “I’ll see who it is on earth deliberating creating such a mystery here and whether he has the ability to drive the Dark Water Inst.i.tute out of Dunhuang” he said.

The panoramic view of Dunhuang could be seen from this 27-floor mansion through its large clear French windows.

The middle-aged white man looked at the whole city with a proud expression.

The man, named Delors, was appointed as a head manager by Dark Water Company in DunHuang. He was an innate cultivator and one of the famous superiors in Wide North Continent.

As one of the largest international financial groups in Wide North Continent, Dark Water Company had been doing secret researches in cultivation prior to the era of cultivation. Thus, the company achieved its rapid prosperity amid the cultivation era and soon became one of the largest financial groups of cultivators in Wide North Continent. The company coveted Dunhuang for its important position as a transfer station and had planned to capture the city long before, so it reached out to Dunhuang. Its ambition swelled after it managed to eradicate one of its biggest enemies, the Hero Martial Arts Alliance.

“Have the Bison company retreated?” he asked.

Behind him stood a strong man in a tight black suit. He made a phone call and then said, “Your Honor, people of the Bison Company are still in Celestial Inn while their vice-president Miller, has entered into the secret realm of Mogao Caves with 30 elites. They haven’t returned yet. Lawrence, the person-in-charge, and the others are waiting in the inn with some precautions but there’s no sign of retreat.”

“Ho ho, those Bison idiots have divided their troops to go into the secret realm of Mogao Caves. How stupid they are...... As long as I capture DunHuang, everything within its dimension will be mine.” Delors said with a sneer.

He looked back and asked, “By the way, where’s the Fierce Tiger Gang?”

He was quite afraid of that organization.

After all, it was said that the organization was supported by a G.o.d and had been expanding rapidly recently.

The strong man in the suit picked up his phone and asked one question. Then he shook his head and said, “Though the Fierce Tiger Gang only sent 15 people here, all of them are superiors among elites. The leader Aaron is a tough guy, nicknamed ‘Golden Tiger’. After his arrival, he went straight into the secret realm of Mogao Caves. There’s no update about him, but I guess he has already gone into the realm.”

Hearing this, Delors laughed scornfully again and said “After all, the Fierce Tiger Gang lacks strength. They are nothing but a group of boorish men without wisdom. There is no need to keep them in mind.”

By the time he finished speaking, the incense stick finally burned to the end, leaving only a short piece of ash.

All the Dark Water members in the room felt nervous at the time.

The sky was still gloomy.

But at this moment, nothing special happened.

Delors narrowed his eyes with a disdainful smile on his face.

“Well, sure enough, someone is deliberately trying to be mystifying...” he sneered.

At that moment, the phone suddenly rang again.

“Hm?” He picked it up, and several holographic images popped up in front of him.

“Oh my G.o.d, they are... members of the Fierce Tiger Gang? Your Honor, look!” The man cried.

Everyone’s sight was focused on the holographic projection screens.

These were live pictures and videos transmitted from the Dark Water Company by high-tech communication devices. It seemed like the entrance of Mogao Caves, which were familiar to them. But what was terrifying was that all the 15 elites of the Fierce Tiger Gang had been pierced through by fifteen rock spikes respectively like sugarcoated apples. They were suspended in the air, their blood flowing down the spikes. The picture was one of a b.l.o.o.d.y and cruel scene and all of them were dead. There was a line of words that had been dyed red by blood under the rock spikes which said – “Foreigners who enter into Mogao Caves must die.”

The Chinese characters protruding from the nine rocks seemed to have been carefully carved by masters. But the b.l.o.o.d.y red color manifested a sense of ineffable shock and horror.

The Tiger squad was completely wiped out.

And it seemed that they had been killed in an instant.

The pupils of Delors’s eyes were like that of a cat’s, which suddenly shrank to the size of a needle tip.

Enormous fear engulfed him in an instant.

“Where did you buy this incense from?” He looked at the burnt incense stick and stared sternly at the black-clothed subordinate.

The subordinate was slightly stunned and said, “From the market below...”

“d.a.m.n it, let’s go. It’s ... it’s a local product and must be counterfeit incense. It burned too fast, and only 30 minutes have pa.s.sed now... Move, hurry up and leave here.”

He roared as he spread his black wings, like a fallen angel. With a wingspan of 12 meters, the wings burst out of his suit. He jumped up and smashed the floor-to-ceiling window in front of him. As fast as a black meteor, he flew straight out of Dunhuang at a very fast speed.

But it was too late.

At this moment, all the elites of the Black Water saw a giant hand made out of clouds reaching out of the gloomy sky. The hand pinched the Fallen Angel incarnation, Delors, as easily as if it was pinching a fly. He was crushed into a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp in an instant and exploded in the sky, with black feathers flying everywhere.

“Oh, no...” He died with miserable screams echoing through the sky.

He didn’t expect that everything would suddenly come to an end when he came to the Hero Country and was about to realize his ambition.

That d.a.m.ned counterfeit incense made him miscalculate the time. He could have escaped from Dunhuang according to his original plan as long as something unexpected happened.

The elites of the Dark Water were completely stunned.

However, the death of Delors was just the beginning.

Other giant black hands stretched out from the dark clouds and reached into all parts of Dunhuang. Foreign cultivators hidden in the city, without exception, were crushed like insects by these giant hands.

One of the giant hands stretched to the hotel where Dark Water members stayed and instantly reached in through the broken French window.

“Oh, no. Spare us, please. We’re willing to leave.”

“Ah ah...” All the elites of Dark Water Organization died amid miserable screams and cries for mercy.

Some members ran out of the room from the door, but the giant black hands kept separating into black fog chains, like monster tentacles. These guys were dragged back into the room and killed one after another.

At the same time in the Celestial Inn.

The most famous inn in Dunhuang, the Celestial Inn had been forcibly taken over by a group of foreigners. Later, some Chinese tourists were injured in this inn which engaged the official army to mediate but the matter was left unsettled.

In fact, it was elites of Bisonn Company, one of the five major cultivation groups in Wide North Continent, that forcibly occupied the inn.

In the chaotic situation, even the Hero Martial Arts Alliance and the official military found it difficult to drive them away.

But screams came from the inn at the moment.

The giant hands of the Divine Spirit that descended from the clouds, were like symbols of death

The superior white elites of the Bison Company howled and struggled madly.

“No...” screamed an old white man in a black robe with a scepter, curly maroon hair, and a hooked nose. The infinite black rays made him seem as vicious as a devil. He was less than 10 feet out of the inn when he was pulled back by the black mist chains. His shrill and desperate screams gradually disappeared.

Similar ma.s.sacres took place all over Dunhuang.

The gloomy clouds seemed to be guarded by Death. Giant black hands from the clouds kept turning into black mist chains, accurately reaping the lives of foreign cultivators.

In the center of Dunhuang.

In the military camps.

“It’s true that these hands only attack foreign cultivators... That’s so amazing but how?” exclaimed a young military staff officer, with an excited and shocked expression.

The military army couldn’t help but cheer outside the command room.

“Those d.a.m.ned foreigners were acting like tyrants. They deserve it.”

“Right. Those who neglected the warnings and remained in the city are all those with evil intentions. They should be killed.”

“According to the latest news, cultivators from the Dark Water Company and the Bison Company have been completely annihilated. These two plus the previous Fierce Tiger Gang, const.i.tute the three largest international organizations. However, all their people were killed. The man must have come back. Otherwise, no one else could boast of such a formidable force.”

“We’ll be relieved if he really came back.”

“That’s right. Back in the time when he was reigning, who dared to oppose us?”

Some news had spread among the soldiers on a small scale. These days, when they served as order sustainers of Dunhuang, they had endured humiliation for the sake of the overall situation, especially faced with foreign cultivators. They had had enough of them and finally vented their anger.

In the control room.

“It is confirmed that Consultant Li Mu had come back.” a female officer said after she reviewed some video images of Li Mu.

In theory, female officers were not allowed access to these top-secret materials. She was fortunate to be the first to have a look at Li Mu under these current exceptional circ.u.mstances.

Having heard her confirmation, everyone in the control room breathed a long sigh of relief. Some lowered their voices to repress their ecstasy while waving their fists animatedly, with excited expressions.

He had come back.

The man had finally returned.

He appeared like a redeemer at the most critical moment.

The young man in charge of Dunhuang military affairs was less than 30 years old and his name was Tang Haizhi. He was one of the special forces who entered the secret realm of Mount Shu. Soon, he was promoted after that mission. And he was one of the persons who had seen Li Mu before. Hearing the confirmation of the female officer, he suddenly cheered and recalled the glorious years when he followed Li Mu and swept through all parties. Wherever they went, all the cultivators would bow to them.

“That’s great. Call the Central Military Committee and Central Party immediately to tell them the news,” Tang Haizhi said exultantly.

“Comrades, we must be ready to welcome the return of Consultant Li Mu. Dunhuang will be returned completely to the arms of our Hero Country right from today.”

It was rare for him to be so excited that he forgot himself.

Mogao Caves.

Cave 220.

The worldlet of Buddha Xumi mural.

Li Mu stepped forward bravely, and the monkey-armed demon sized him up roughly. The demon couldn’t feel any powerful energy fluctuations in Li Mu’s body at all, so he did not take him seriously and said with a grim smile, “Well, our Demon Coalition is definitely going to wipe out your Hero Martial Arts Alliance. Hahaha. Now that you are standing with the Hero Martial Arts Alliance, you deserve to die.”

The luminous red sword in his hand stabbed out after these words.

“Watch out!” Zhao Feilong shouted anxiously when he saw that Li Mu didn’t even try to dodge.

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