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Chapter 882 Soothed

Although he knew that there was another explanation behind this matter, Wu Tiecheng still stood on the side of the Little Witch. After all, she was the Director’s granddaughter and had a powerful background.

If these people wanted to blame anyone, they could only blame themselves for being blind. They could provoke anyone but why choose the Little Witch.

He turned to look at them and said in a cold voice, “Tell me! What’s going on? Luo Hongying is just a girl. How could you bring her here and casually said she molested Hu Mei’er? Do you know how bad the impact of such behavior is?”


The four of them were dumbfounded. At this point, He Kaishan couldn’t care about anything else. He said first, “Mr. Wu, I don’t know what’s going on. I just came with Dong Zhenhai to have a look. It has nothing to do with me.”

As an excellent student and one of the top ten masters of the academy, Dong Zhenhai naturally did not want to be expelled from the academy. Then he said, “Mr. Wu, in fact, I don’t know what’s going on, too.

“What I just told you is what Hu Mei’er had told me. It has nothing to do with me.”

Seeing that both of them began to s.h.i.+rk their responsibilities, Dong Zhenjiang naturally did not want to get himself involved. He said, “Mr. Wu, I actually don’t know what’s going on at all. I just heard someone calling for help, so I went to fetch you.”

Among the four people, three of them said that they knew nothing. Wu Tiecheng looked at Hu Mei’er coldly.

Seeing the three people s.h.i.+rking the responsibility, Hu Mei’er burst with anger. It was obviously their idea. She just helped them, but now they all seemed to have abandoned her. “Whatever! Let’s die together!” she fumed.

She said, “Mr. Wu, I’ll tell you the truth now. It was He Kaishan’s idea. Dong Zhenhai asked me to do it. Dong Zhenjiang also played a crucial role. They are the masterminds behind this. I was coerced by them…”

“Nonsense. When did I come up with the idea…”

“I’m innocent. I don’t know what’s going on…”

“I was just pa.s.sing by. I fetched the teacher when I heard someone calling for help. Hu Mei’er, don’t slander me…”

For a moment, the four of them were arguing and s.h.i.+rking their responsibilities.

At this moment, the door opened. Qin Haodong came in with Zhao Xingyue.

The whole thing was planned by him. When he learned that He Kaishan and the others were going to play the badger game, he began to make preparations. He changed his height by using the Bone Contraction Skill when Hu Mei’er came in.

When he entered the room to change his clothes, he altered the appearance of the Little Witch by using Polymorph. Then, he dressed the Little Witch up as himself and asked her to go with Hu Mei’er. Therefore, there was the scene that took place later.

When Hu Mei’er called for help, the Little Witch buried her head under the quilt and washed her face with medicine to restore her own appearance.

After Wu Tiecheng came, according to the words Qin Haodong had taught the Little Witch in advance, the whole matter was totally reversed. Thus, these blackmailers were in turn blackmailed.

They had to put on a full show. After Qin Haodong entered the door, he asked the Little Witch with concern, “Hongying, are you okay?”

“Little brother, they bullied me and wanted me to do that kind of thing with them…”

The Little Witch threw herself into Qin Haodong’s arms. She looked aggrieved but whispered in his ear, “I did well, didn’t I? You must cook something delicious for me.”

Qin Haodong patted her on the shoulder, indicating that he would definitely reward her. Then, with an angry face, he said to Wu Tiecheng, “Mr. Wu, our Tortoise Academy is the most famous academy in the Lingwu Continent. How could this happen?

“These sc.u.mbags dared to do this to such a cute little girl. They must be punished!”

“Is the Little Witch cute?”

He Kaishan and the others were taken aback. They usually avoided her when they went out. Who dared to provoke her?

Dong Zhenhai seemed to understand something. He shouted angrily, “Qin Haodong, this is all your doing, isn’t it?”

Qin Haodong said innocently, “I don’t know what you’re talking about! I just heard that Hongying was taken away by a stranger, so I quickly came to look for her. I was afraid that such an innocent girl like her would be taken advantage of by bad people. I didn’t expect you all to have such bad intentions!”

Hearing that she was repeatedly praised as cute and innocent, the Little Witch secretly gave Qin Haodong a thumbs-up. Obviously, she was very satisfied with his explanation.

“All right! Stop arguing!”

As a teacher of the academy, Wu Tiecheng had almost figured out the whole thing. Basically, He Kaishan and the others wanted to trap Qin Haodong but they ended up being trapped by the young man instead.

However, Qin Haodong did it perfectly, leaving no flaws. Besides, the Little Witch was Qin Haodong’s accomplice. Wu Tiecheng naturally knew how to deal with this matter.

He looked coldly at He Kaishan and the other three and said, “As students of the Tortoise Academy, you actually violated the rules of the academy and did something untoward to your Junior Sister. Tell me how should I punish you?”

He Kaishan cried out hurriedly, “Mr. Wu, we’re innocent. We really didn’t do anything untoward to Luo Hongying.”

Dong Zhenhai cried, “That’s right. Mr. Wu, when we see Luo Hongying in daily life, we will always avoid her. How would we dare to provoke her? She’s the witch of our academy. Who dares to mess with her…”

At this point, he couldn’t care about anything else and directly called Luo Hongying by her nickname.

“The facts are clear. Do you still want to deny it?”

Wu Tiecheng said coldly, “Anyway, it’s your fault today. If you want to be punished lightly, get the forgiveness of Luo Hongying first. Or, you’ll be expelled from the academy.”

As an experienced teacher, he naturally knew how to deal with this matter. He Kaishan and Dong Zhenhai were both outstanding students of the academy. The contest between the North and South Academies was about to begin. If he really expelled both of them, it would definitely cause great losses to his side.

Moreover, this matter was not simple. As they said, the Little Witch usually made a mess in the entire academy. No one dared to provoke her, not to mention molestation. No one with a sane mind would do that.

Because of these two reasons, he adopted a compromise approach. After earning Luo Hongying’s forgiveness, they would not be driven out of the academy.

He Kaishan was also a very smart person. He immediately understood Wu Tiecheng’s intention. The key to dealing with this matter was to satisfy the Little Witch.

He immediately lowered his head and said, “Junior Sister, I’m sorry. We were wrong. Please forgive us.”

Dong Zhenhai, Dong Zhenjiang, and Hu Mei’er were also aware of this, so they apologized to the Little Witch.

“I’m so scared. I’m almost scared to death. I’ll listen to my little brother and do whatever he wants you to do.”

Luo Hongying found it very interesting to be praised as innocent and cute. Then she pretended to be lovable and leaned into Qin Haodong’s arms.

Wu Tiecheng was greatly surprised. As a teacher of the academy, he watched Luo Hongying grow up and naturally knew what kind of person she was.

She was used to being very unruly and had the backing of that extremely protective old lady. No one in the entire academy could control her, not even the President, Luo Dongqing.

But now, she always followed the advice of this young man in front of her and was obedient and lovable. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed it.

He Kaishan looked at Qin Haodong again and knew that he had underestimated him. He said, “State your conditions.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Since we are all cla.s.smates in the same academy and the result of this matter is not serious, there is no need to drive you out of the academy.”

“How about this? You take out some money to soothe Hongying’s soul and this matter will be settled.”


After listening to him, the faces of the four people became extremely ugly.

“Soothe? You should be the one to placate us, okay? If you want to blackmail us, just say it. Why do you say it so righteously?” they fumed.

Dong Zhenhai gnashed his teeth in anger. However, he knew that if he didn’t pay for it today, this thing wouldn’t be over.

He asked, “How much do you want?”

Qin Haodong said, “We’re all cla.s.smates. We’ll just take 2,000 top-level Spirit Stones!”

“What the f*ck…”

The four people almost spat out mouthfuls of blood. They had been swindled of 500 Spirit Stones initially. With the 2000 top-level Spirit Stones, it was a total of 2500 top-level Spirit Stones. This was not a small number in the entire Tortoise Academy.

Dong Zhenjiang cried, “Qin Haodong, are you blackmailing me? You’re asking for too much, aren’t you?”

Qin Haodong looked at Luo Hongying in his arms and said, “They think it’s too much. Why don’t we stop asking for money?”

The Little Witch cooperated and said, “Well, Uncle Wu, just expel the four of them directly.”

He Kaishan didn’t want to make things worse, so he quickly shouted, “It’s just 2,000 top-level Spirit Stones. We’ll pay for it.”

After that, he looked at Dong Zhenhai and said, “Hurry up and take out the money.”


Dong Zhenhai had suffered a great loss since he became Qin Haodong’s enemy. He had lost more than 2,000 top-level Spirit Stones, and plus the 2,500 Spirit Stones on his hand, he almost lost 5000 in total.

After so many years in the academy, he had finally acc.u.mulated such a small sum of money. Now, almost all of it had been taken away by Qin Haodong. When he took out the money, his heart bled badly.

“Qin Haodong, here you are!”

He threw the small bag with 2500 Spirit Stones over.

“That’s right. You’re welcome to make trouble for me in the future!”

Qin Haodong smiled smugly at the four of them. Then he said goodbye to Wu Tiecheng and left with the Little Witch and Zhao Xingyue.

Wu Tiecheng glared fiercely at the four people. “Behave yourselves in the future. You can provoke anyone but you can’t provoke the Little Witch.”

He Kaishan and the other four were extremely depressed. They had planned to teach Qin Haodong a lesson but they didn’t expect that he would become the Little Witch. They also didn’t want to provoke the Little Witch.

After Wu Tiecheng left, Dong Zhenhai said bitterly, “Brother He, we can’t just let it go like this. Why don’t we challenge him?”

He Kaishan said gloomily, “Do you still not understand that we have totally underestimated Qin Haodong. What’s the use of us issuing a challenge? If he is not sure he can defeat us, he can completely refuse our challenge.”

“If he agrees, are you sure you can win?”


Dong Zhenhai had nothing to say for a while. Since the beginning of the fight, Qin Haodong seemed to be careless but he had carefully planned his move every time. He never suffered a loss and took the top-level Spirit Stones away from him, time and again.

Dong Zhenhai said, “Brother He, what do you think we should do? We can’t just let it go like this. I can’t take it.”

A malicious look flashed across He Kaishan’s face. “Of course we can’t let it go like this. The freshman compet.i.tion is coming soon. This guy is known as the new king of this year. He will definitely be among the top.”

“According to the rules of our academy, new students with outstanding grades have to be hunted by old students. At that time, we will have a chance to take revenge.”

After hearing what he said, the Dong brothers immediately looked excited. Dong Zhenhai shouted, “Brother He, you’re right. Let’s see who can protect him at that time!”

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