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Chapter 1119: One vs. eight

In the gra.s.sland.

Everyone thought Dong Xuebing would be killed, and those two soldiers who fired four rounds were sure they would kill him. They are marksmen and have partic.i.p.ated in real battles before. However, none expected Dong Xuebing to dodge those bullets so easily. Zhang Longjuan, Yao Shun, and Old Hong were also stunned.

They do not know Dong Xuebing.

Bullets were ineffective against him!

Dong Xuebing continued slowly towards those soldiers, ignoring their guns.

Those soldiers do not know about Dong Xuebing’s combat skills and do not know why he can dodge those bullets. They just opened fire.

“Ta… ta… ta… ta… ta….”

More than a dozen bullets zoomed toward Dong Xuebing.

“Get down, Xiao Dong!” Zhang Longjuan screamed.

“Watch out!” Yao Shun and Old Hong shouted.

Dong Xuebing continued to walk forward. He tiled his head, dodged three rounds, bent his legs slightly, and dodged another three rounds. He took a big step forward and dodged a few more rounds. He had gotten very near to those soldiers.

More than a dozen bullets were missed!

All the soldiers were stunned.

Once or twice might be coincidences. But dodging so many bullets is no longer luck!

The soldiers knew that they had met a formidable enemy. The youngest guy in this group is the most dangerous!

They did not think Dong Xuebing could dodge the bullets. They felt he had a fast reaction and predicted the bullets’ trajectory. However, this is not something an ordinary person can do.

None of them dare to belittle this young man anymore.

Even an idiot can tell Dong Xuebing is someone extraordinary.


“Shoot him!”

The soldiers shouted and continued to shoot Dong Xuebing.

They had closed the distance between them, and Dong Xuebing became their bigger target. He also got less s.p.a.ce to dodge the bullets.

“Ta… ta… ta….”

After countless rounds, the soldiers realized none of their bullets could land on Dong Xuebing.

How fast is his reaction?!

How can he avoid so many bullets?

Before they could grasp the situation, Dong Xuebing walked up to them. No one saw how he moved, and blood gushed out from the nearest soldier’s chest.

One second….

Two seconds….

That young soldier collapsed and could not get up again.

The other soldiers were furious. Some tried to shoot Dong Xuebing, while others reloaded their weapons.

Dong Xuebing moved.

An old soldier felt something flash, and Dong Xuebing appeared before him. He wanted to fire, but he could not move his body anymore. He fell to the ground, and a steak knife was plunged into his chest.

Dong Xuebing pulled out the knife and looked at another soldier. His expression was scary. He looked calm and emotionless. He had killed a lot of people these few years. From criminals to pirates, and he is getting numb to these killings. He does not know if this is good or bad, but he cannot hesitate in this life-or-death situation.

Three soldiers….

Five more to go.

Suddenly, ta…ta… ta… ta….

Two soldiers fired their rifles.

Pistols are single rounds, and rifles are different. The soldiers felt that regardless of how fast or agile their reaction was, there was no way for them to dodge automatic rifles. Maybe it will happen in the movies.

Dong Xuebing could not dodge all the bullets.

Bullets had covered all his escape routes.

If Dong Xuebing faced these soldiers alone, he could use STOP and ‘teleport’ behind them. However, Zhang Longjuan, Yao Shun, and Old Hong were looking at him. He cannot do it. Since he cannot dodge the bullets, he will not dodge.

He still has other ways.

STOP! Dong Xuebing mumbled in his heart.

Time stopped.

The bullets whizzing through the air froze in mid-air. Around seven to eight rounds almost reached Dong Xuebing’s chest and head.

Dozens of bullets froze in mid-air in front of him.

Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes and held his steak knives in his left hand. He grabbed the two rounds in front of him. During the time-stop, these objects were heavy. He used his strength and ‘plucked’ the bullets from the air. He took a step forward and continued to grab the third, fourth, fifth, etc. bullets.

Very soon, his hand was full.

Dong Xuebing kept the bullets in his pocket and returned to his earlier standing posture.

Stop deactivated!


All the soldiers were stunned. Dong Xuebing stood there unharmed. All those bullets had vanished. Humans cannot see the bullets, and no one knows he has kept all those bullets in his pocket. They thought all the bullets had vanished into thin air.

What is going on?!

Why can’t we hit him?!

The soldiers’ faces changed. 

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Power and Wealth Chapter 1119: One vs. eight summary

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