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Chapter 411 – This is real?!

The mansion’s living room.

Everyone’s eyes are glued to the TV.

The National Museum break-in? What’s going on? How can a break-in happen there?

This is last-minute news. j.a.pan had tried to withhold the news, but the Chinese reporters stationed in j.a.pan found out about it. The newscaster read out the news emotionlessly on the TV. “Our reporters had just informed us that j.a.pan’s No. 1 Museum, Tokyo National Museum, was broken into at around 1pm today. Because the Museum is not accepting any interviews, we are still trying to find out the details…”

Xie Hao laughed out loud when he heard this. “Serve them right!”

Xie Jing is also happy. “Good! This should teach them a lesson!”

Han Jing, Xie Guobang, and the rest are very concerned about this. “Xiao Hao, switch to a news channel.”

Some TV stations have more restrictions and will not report on unconfirmed news by the official parties. But other TV stations do not have these restrictions and will report more details.

After switching three to four channels, they finally found one news channel.

The news is showing footage of Ueno Ons.h.i.+ Park’s entrance. It should be recorded by an Overseas Chinese student or a tourist with their phone. A crowd had gathered outside, and there is a police cordon tape sealing the entrance. More than a dozen police officers are there to maintain order and the front yard is full of police cars. Something major had happened.

Xie Guobang frowned. “Seems like the stolen relic is very valuable.”

“There are so many officers there. Did their National Treasure got stolen?” Ci Lifen asked.

Xie Hao laughed. “This is what they deserve! Hahahaha… All of their displayed items should be stolen!”

The footage switched to the newscaster. “From what our reporter gathered, the case happened around 1 pm Tokyo time, and the Museum is still opened to the public. The first alarm in the Asian Gallery sounded. An overseas Chinese student told the reporter that he was near the gallery when it happened. Lots of guards rushed over immediately. But they did not find anyone other than shattered gla.s.s pieces. About more than ten minutes later, the security alarm sounded again. This time, it is in the Main Gallery. The Museum still has not issued an official statement on what was stolen.”

After that, the footage switched to old news footage, introducing the National Museum’s security features.

This is j.a.pan’s archived news footage with Chinese translations at the bottom.

The footage introduced the state-of-the-art security features within the National Museum, etc. Still, after the clip ended, the newscaster said no one had been arrested, and this crime happened in broad daylight. The CCTV did not capture the criminal, nor are there any eyewitnesses. The reporter at the scene had received news that the Police were investigating the staff and did not rule-out this might be an inside job.

Xie Jing took a deep breath. “Who is this criminal? How can he be so skillful?”

Ci Lifen is also puzzled. “By right, it should not happen. How can this happen in the day, and they cannot catch the criminal? What are their Police doing? What happened to their security?”

Xie Ran nodded. “This should not happen. The Police there should at least have some clues. From the report, it seems that the culprit had escaped.”

Han Jing said after a long pause. “The culprit should not have escaped and should be hiding within the Museum. Maybe he is under investigation now, but he had hidden the stolen goods already.”

Xie Hao replied gloatingly. “I hope it is their National Treasures that is stolen!”

Dong Xuebing was still feeling upset for being interrupted earlier. He cleared his throat and added. “Yes. It’s the . One of j.a.pan’s National Treasures.”

Xie Jing paused for a second. “Huh? I heard of this painting before, and it seems to be one of j.a.pan’s top National Treasures.”

Xie Hao laughed. “Brother-in-law, how do you know that scroll is stolen? The reporter in j.a.pan does not even know. I was talking nonsense earlier. Furthermore, how can they lose their National Treasure? The security for their National Treasures gallery should be tighter than other galleries, and who can steal it?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “That might not be true. The had already left j.a.pan.”

Everyone looks at Dong Xuebing and wonders why he is so sure about this.

Ci Lifen shook her head. “What Xiao Hao said is right. The National Treasure should not be stolen. It’s too difficult to steal j.a.pan’s National Treasures. Most likely, it is our country’s First-tier or second-tier relics. It is even harder to smuggle it out of j.a.pan. How is the criminal going to get past customs? Furthermore, there will be two security checks if the criminal took a flight. Even if you don’t declare a branded watch to the custom, you will not get past it. Let alone the .”

Xie Ran laughed. “The museum had been cordoned off, and the criminal might not even leave the museum’s compound unless he can fly.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “There will be a way.”

Xie Hao laughed. “Brother Dong, why are you going against us? Their National Treasures will not be stolen. Stop arguing.”

Before Xie Hao can finish, the newscaster paused.

The newscaster listened to his earpiece for a few seconds and continued reporting. “It’s been confirmed by the National Museum that the was stolen. This cultural relic is one of the Museum’s 88 National Treasures. It has a high historical value…”

Xie Hao was stunned. “d.a.m.n! It’s really their National Treasure?!”

Xie Ran was shocked and couldn’t believe his ears!

Han Jing, Ci Lifen, and the rest were also stunned. “Xiao Bing, how did you know about this?”

Before Dong Xuebing could reply, the newscaster on the TV said something that shocked everyone. “Two cultural relics had been stolen from the Museum. A Museum staff, who refused to be named, told us that the other piece is a Tianlong Mountain Sandstone Buddha Statue displayed in the Asia Gallery. It is our Second-tier cultural relic!”

Everyone in the mansion froze in place!

Tianlong Mountain Sandstone Buddha Statue?!

After two to three seconds, Madam Han stood up excitedly. “Xiao Bing! The Buddha Statue you gave me earlier… is…”

Dong Xuebing rubbed his nose. “It’s the real one. The one you lost. Errr… I just… stole it back from j.a.pan.”


Everyone is stunned and speechless!

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