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Chapter 412 – Thank G.o.d!


“Xiao Bing.” Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes into a small slit. “What is going on?”

“Didn’t I just say it?” Dong Xuebing could not explain the details.

Everyone is still trying to process what Dong Xuebing said.

The younger generation, like Xie Jing, Xie Ran, etc., the first reaction is ‘this is impossible.’

Xie Hao also doesn’t believe what he heard. He looks at Dong Xuebing in a daze. “Brother Dong, Brother-in-law, my idol, I know you are good at fighting and can fight more than a dozen grown-ups at the same time. But the Museum… has security alarms, security guards, CCTV cameras, etc. Their guards are also armed, and you are saying that you went to the National Museum and stole the Buddha Statue and that scroll earlier today? Why are you not trapped within the Museum when they sealed off the exits? Why didn’t the CCTV cameras capture you? How come the Airport Security didn’t detect you? How did you get past the customs in j.a.pan and Beijing Airport?! d.a.m.n! Are you bulls.h.i.+tting us?”

Dong Xuebing doesn’t know what to say.

No wonder no one believes him. This is too unbelievable.

Madam Han did not even ask and quickly picks up the Buddha statue Dong Xuebing gave her.

Everyone turned and looked at Madam Han. They are waiting for her to say something.

It’s not they don’t trust Dong Xuebing. This is too unbelievable!

This time, Han Jing did not put it away after a short glance. She picked it up and examined it carefully. After that, she looks at the bottom of the statue, and her pupils dilated, and she started breathing heavily.

Xie Huilan quickly went over to help her mother up. “Mum, how is it?”

Madam Han hugged the statue in her arms tightly, and her tears rolled down her cheeks. “This is our family’s Buddha Statue! It’s the real one! When Senior Xie handed this statue to me, there is a small crack around one centimeter at the bottom.” She closes her eyes and mumbles to the skies. “Thank G.o.d… Thank G.o.d!”

No words can describe Madam Han’s feelings now after recovering the Buddha Statue!

The rest in the mansion were speechless. It’s really Madam Han’s lost Buddha Statue?!

“Brother Dong! Did you really steal it back?!”

“You are the one the whole of j.a.pan is searching for?! You… how did you come back?”

After knowing the Buddha statue was smuggled overseas yesterday, no one had expected it to return to the Xie Family. But one day later, Dong Xuebing stole it back and even steal j.a.pan’s National Treasure on his way back. This is ridiculous. Are you possessed by G.o.d? Are you a deity from the heavens? How did you escape from the tight security at the Museum?

Madam Han wiped her tears. “Sorry, I lost my composure. I am too happy and had embarra.s.sed myself. Xiao Bing, come over and sit beside me.”

Dong Xuebing acknowledged and sat beside Han Jing.

Han Jing grabbed Dong Xuebing’s hand and squeezed it hard. “Thank you. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Dong Xuebing replied embarra.s.sedly. “Haha… you are too polite. This is what I should do.”

“I had never thought I can get this Buddha Statue back.” Madam Han is still holding on to the Buddha Statue tightly in her left hand and patted Dong Xuebing’s hand with the other hand. “This is really a surprise gift… Thank you, Xiao Bing. It must be tough on you.”

“It’s not tough.” Dong Xuebing replied casually. “After you were warded in the hospital last night, I got my connections to put me on a flight to j.a.pan and spent the night there. After I woke up, I went to the National Museum and grabbed the relics before heading to the airport. The moment I touched down, I rushed here. Everything had gone smoothly.”

Xie Hao rolled his eyes. Bulls.h.i.+t!

Dong Xuebing had made it sound simple, but everyone at the dining table knew he is lying.

Tokyo’s National Museum is famous internationally and has tight security measures. How can it be that easy? Dong Xuebing has to get through layers of security checks, and they can imagine what sort of dangers he faced. If he was caught by the j.a.panese Police, he might have to spend the rest of his life in prison there.

Dong Xuebing’s rank, Section Chief, might be low among Xie Family’s third generation. Still, he is moving up much faster than any one of them. It can be said he has a bright future.

But Dong Xuebing dares to risk his everything.

Dong Xuebing dares to create such a big mess in j.a.pan for Madam Han and almost gets caught.

Dong Xuebing is also a Section Chief with the government and still has a long way to go, but he doesn’t even know how to protect himself. How can he make such a big risk? Doesn’t he know that if anything goes wrong, he might not return for the rest of his life and will never get to see Huilan or his mother again?

Dong Xuebing knew the consequences of his actions.

But despite knowing the risk, he still did it, which touched Han Jing, Xie Guobang, and the rest!

Anyone can say he is prepared to risk everything, but how many people dare to do it if it concerns his life and future?

Xie Ran is quiet after knowing what happened. He was still unhappy with Dong Xuebing for being late and felt disrespectful to Madam Han. But after knowing he had risked his life by stealing from Tokyo’s Museum and almost didn’t make it back, he felt embarra.s.sed. Luckily he did not voice out his displeasure with Dong Xuebing earlier, or he will be too ashamed to face him.

“Xiao Bing.” Han Jing looks at Dong Xuebing lovingly. “Are you hurt?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “No. I did not fight with anyone and had tried my best to hide from them.”

Han Jing patted Dong Xuebing’s hand. “You… this is too risky. How am I going to face Huilan if anything happens to you in j.a.pan?”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I am blessed. Nothing will happen to me.”

“Brother Dong.” Xie Jing finally digested what Dong Xuebing had done and took a deep breath. “Thank you.” She is responsible for losing the Buddha statue and had been guilty for the past two days. She had cried several times and felt she had let her Eldest Aunt down. Now, they had finally gotten back the statue, and she is really thankful to Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing kept saying, it’s alright. “It’s a small matter, and there’s no need to thank me anymore. This is making me uncomfortable. Haha…”

Xie Hao saw everyone thanking Dong Xuebing and shouted. “d.a.m.n! How did this topic change so suddenly? I still don’t know how my brother-in-law got back from j.a.pan, and you all talked about something else? That is j.a.pan’s National Museum, and he had also stolen their National Treasure! How did he come back in one piece?”

This is also the question Xie Ran has in his mind.

Dong Xuebing explained it was luck and coincidences for everything to go according to his plan.

Xie Hao didn’t believe him and rolled his eyes. “Oh, where is that National Treasure?”

Everyone turned and looked at Dong Xuebing. That’s right. Where is j.a.pan’s National Treasure?

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat and smiled. “I met Mu Zhengzhong, Teacher Mu, on the flight back and had donated it to his Museum. They should be exhibiting it tomorrow.”

Everyone is stunned again.

Xie Hao cursed. “d.a.m.n! You are too evil! Exhibiting it?! This is slapping j.a.pan in their faces!”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “How can you speak to your Brother Dong like this?! You want me to slap you?”

Xie Jing bursts out laughing. “Good! This should be the way we treat them!” She felt Brother Dong is too bold. After creating such a scene in j.a.pan’s National Museum, he still dares to donate their National Treasure to the Museum to be put on display. He seems to be eager to let j.a.pan know that their National Treasure had left its borders. This is face-slapping at its finest!

Xie Guojian spoke. He laughed and raised his wine gla.s.s. “Good job! Come, let your Second Uncle give you a toast! Bottoms up!” He had argued with Xie Huilan earlier over Dong Xuebing because he was late. But after finding out what happened, he had to say something. Furthermore, he likes what Dong Xuebing did. Within the Xie Family, Xie Guojian’s character is the most similar to Senior Xie.

Xie Huilan smiled. “Second Uncle. You are our elder. How can you give him a toast?”

Dong Xuebing quickly raises his gla.s.s. “That’s right. I should be the one toasting you.”

After finis.h.i.+ng the alcohol in the gla.s.s, Xie Guojiang said. “I know about Mu Zhengzhong. He is the one who operates a private museum, right? Alright. Let me handle this. I will send some of my soldiers to guard it when it is on display.” He was furious with the j.a.panese Museum for refusing to return his Sister-in-law’s item and wants to use this opportunity to get back at them.

The news on the TV is still reporting about the National Museum’s break-in case. The National Treasure of j.a.pan was stolen, and no news channel will miss reporting this earth-shattering case.

Suddenly, some small words appeared at the bottom of the screen, stating the investigation results. The Museum did not recover the and in their premises. Both relics might have been brought out of the Museum and are currently unknown. The j.a.panese Police suspects this was done by a group of criminals. They are currently investigating all the suspicious people in the Museum and searching for the criminals in Tokyo. The government officials swore that they will never let their National Treasure be smuggled out of the country. The suspects and the stolen relics should still be in Tokyo, and it’s only a matter of time before they are arrested.

After looking at the news bulletin, everyone looked at Dong Xuebing. Arrest the criminal? The criminal is in China enjoying his dinner now!

Everyone has a better understanding of Dong Xuebing’s capability after seeing the whole of Tokyo Police Force cannot do anything to him!

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