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Chapter 413 – Bringing forward the marriage date?!

8 pm.

Xie Family Mansion.

Madam Han’s dinner had ended, and Dong Xuebing’s phone rang.

Xie Hao was still questioning Dong Xuebing about how he stole the Museum’s relics in the living room. He finally found an excuse to leave when his phone rang. He walks over to the window and looks at the caller. It’s Beijing’s Western District State Security Branch, Sixth Bureau’s Deputy Chief Old Qian.

“h.e.l.lo, Old Qian?”

“Chief Xiao Dong, you are putting me in a difficult spot.”

“Huh? What happened?”

Old Qian smiled. “Don’t tell me that you have nothing to do with Tokyo Museum’s break-in.”

Dong Xuebing denied it. “How is it possible? I just heard about it on the news. It has nothing to do with me.”

If it was someone else, Old Qian would never suspect as not everyone can do this. But Dong Xuebing is different. When he was the Deputy Chief of the General Affairs Office, he had performed miracles more than once. Even the City State Security Bureau had heard of him. Anything is possible if Dong Xuebing is involved. “You had flown to Tokyo at night, and the Museum is break-in the next afternoon. After that, you flew back one hour later. This…”

Dong Xuebing replied ‘innocently.’ “Old Qian, you are accusing me. No matter how bold I am, I will not dare to steal j.a.pan’s Nation Treasure.”

Xie Hao, Xie Jing, and the rest overheard Dong Xuebing and looks at him. How can he lie without batting an eyelid?

“Good to know it’s not you. Chief Xu is asking me about this. I will help you explain to her.” Old Qian did not continue as he is afraid of getting into trouble. After all, this case is too sensitive.

Dong Xuebing sigh with relief after hanging up.

Xie Hao giggled. “Brother-in-law, I realized that you are good at lying. Your face did not even change.”

Xie Huilan sipped on her teacup and smiled. “Really? I think I should think about what Xiao Bing had said to me in the past. Maybe all those are lies… Haha…”

Dong Xuebing quickly replied. “No… Absolutely not. I will never lie to you.”

Everyone laughed, especially Xie Hao. He laughed the loudest.

“Go to the room.” Xie Huilan stood up and smiled. “I want to interrogate you.”

Dong Xuebing knew Xie Huilan is joking, and she must have something to speak to him. He gave Xie Hao a stare and followed Xie Huilan into a room upstairs.

The room is very clean and tidy.

After closing the door, Xie Huilan smiled. “This is my room. You can sleep here tonight.”

Dong Xuebing looks at Xie Huilan excitedly. “Are you serious? We are going to sleep together?”

“I did not say this. I had stayed there for more than a day. I need to return to Yan Tai County to finish my work and will be leaving soon.” Xie Huilan looks at her watch. “I will be leaving in 20 minutes.”

Fine… Got excited about nothing.

After a short pause, Xie Huilan suddenly said. “You… don’t do anything risky like this again.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “I will take note of it, but I will risk my life for you. It’s only stealing some relics. This is nothing to me. I will do anything for you.” Dong Xuebing had always felt pressure when he was with Xie Huilan and didn’t dare to say such sweet nothings. But he had just done something outstanding and is bolder now.

Xie Huilan smiled and looks at him. “You… are good with words.”

“I am only speaking my mind. I…” Before Dong Xuebing could finish, he was interrupted.

Xie Huilan had one hand around with his waist and the other in his hair. Her sweet s.e.xy lips are pressed on Dong Xuebing’s, making him stunned. He had never kissed Xie Huilan like this before. A few seconds later, their lips parted, and a string of saliva was hanging for a while. “Haha… your lips are really sweet. Did you eat fruits earlier?”

Dong Xuebing is still in a daze. “Yes… I had eaten a piece of apple.”

“I want to say…”

Dong Xuebing got bolder after the kiss and hugged Xie Huilan. He kissed her on her forehead, and his right hand stroked her skinny waist. “You are very slim.”

Xie Huilan smiled. “What do you mean? My figure is not good enough?”

“No… you are perfect.”

“Haha…” Xie Huilan’s eyes narrowed into two crescents. “You had made me proud today. Sometimes I wonder how come you are so capable?”

Dong Xuebing smiled wearily. “How come you make it sound like I had always let you down?”

“You are sensitive. Haha… You had always made me proud, ok?”

“But I am worried that your family will think I am too reckless. This incident has a negative impact, as I had gone to j.a.pan to steal their relics. Although I am not wrong morally, I had broken the law…” Dong Xuebing blinks. “This… Will your family think badly of me?”

Xie Huilan smiled and shook her head. “Have you read ?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Which character do you like?”

“… Err…” Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Lu Zhishen.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “That’s right. Most people will like this type of ‘’reckless’ character when they read this story. These characters don’t care about consequences and don’t use their brains. But it’s these traits that make people like them.”

Dong Xuebing felt warm. “Then what about you?”

“What do you think? Haha…” Xie Huilan looks at her watch again. “Alright. I need to be going. You had created a big mess this time. Don’t return to the County and stay at my Dad’s place for a few days. No one can touch you here. Return when this incident dies down, and remember to apply for leave at the Investment Promotion Agency. Ok?”

“Ok. Give me another kiss.”

“Stop trying to take advantage of me, ok?”

Both continued for a while before going downstairs to the living room.

Xie Hao, Xie Jing, Ci Lifen, and the rest were still watching TV when they saw Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan coming downstairs with red faces. They smiled as they knew they should be doing something naughty upstairs.

Xie Huilan is ‘thick skin’ and did not even bat an eyelid.

But Dong Xuebing could not stand it and blush.


At around 8.30 pm, Xie Huilan left, and Xie Guoliang and Xie Guojian left with their families.

Dong Xuebing said. “Auntie, Uncle, I will be going too.”

Xie Guobang replied. “You must be tired. Just stay over tonight. Your Auntie had cleaned up Huilan’s room for you.” Asking Dong Xuebing to stay and letting him sleep in Xie Huilan’s room indirectly tells Dong Xuebing he approves of their relations.h.i.+p. He had never shown his approval like this before.

Han Jing smiled and held Dong Xuebing’s hand. “You are not allowed to go back tonight. Come and accompany me for a chat.”

“Ok. Sorry to bother you all.” Dong Xuebing did not reject their offer.

Han Jing is in a good mood today. Dong Xuebing had ‘s.n.a.t.c.hed’ the Buddha statue back from Tokyo, and not only he had made Xie Huilan proud, but he had also made her proud. She pulled Dong Xuebing to the sofa and said. “Your Second Aunt kept saying that I had found a good son-in-law. Guoliang and Guojian also kept praising you. Haha… Your Eldest Uncle had called Senior Xie to tell him about you, and Senior Xie asked you to play chess with him when you are free.”

Madam Han said a lot to Dong Xuebing, which is her way of expressing grat.i.tude to Dong Xuebing.

Han Jing knew how risky it was for Dong Xuebing to break into the Museum by himself, and no words can express her feelings.

They chatted until around 9 pm.

Madam Han suddenly asked. “How is your work?”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “Everything is on track, but the investment target is quite high this year, and I am not sure if I can hit it.”

Han Jing nodded and laughed. “I had mentioned previously that I will allow you and Huilan to get married when you are promoted to Deputy Director. But you are just promoted to Section Chief, and no matter how well you perform, it will take a while before you can be promoted again. Also, you had never managed a village town before. If you want to move up, you need to manage a village town as the mayor for the experience. This is a must before you can be promoted to Deputy Director rank, and it will take some time. Huilan is not young… Xiao Bing, I had not considered this before. Let’s forget about the Deputy Director rank. I will allow both of you to register your marriage when you are transferred away from Huilan. What do you think?”

What do I think?!


Dong Xuebing could not control his happiness. “Sure. I will listen to you.”

Han Jing patted the back of Dong Xuebing’s hand and turned to Xie Guobang. “Guobang, I will decide on this. Ok?”

Xie Guobang, who was reading the papers, looked up and nodded.

Dong Xuebing knew that getting promoted to Deputy Director before getting married to Huilan, is a test for him by Han Jing and Secretary Xie. Now, he had pa.s.sed their test and can get married to Xie Huilan without being a Deputy Director. He suddenly no longer feel so stressed.

This is terrific for Dong Xuebing!

Just like what Madam Han said. Dong Xuebing had not managed a village town before. It will be difficult for him to get promoted to Deputy Director from the Investment Promotion Agency. He lacks experience and years of service. To get promoted, he must work in the Investment Promotion Agency for at least three to five years. This is too long.

But Madam Han had given her approval.

Once Dong Xuebing completed his target this year, he can ask for a transfer to a village town or a County Party’s department. He can get married to Sister Xie!

Maybe it will not even take one year!

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