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Chapter 528 – The domineering new Director!

The next day.

The warm Summer breeze caused the leaves on the trees by the roadside to rustle.

It’s before 9 am, and Dong Xuebing walks from the Family Quarters to the Subdistrict Office for work. He did not go to his office but went straight to the Administrative Office. Some staff is there cleaning up and printing doc.u.ments. Zhou Yanru, dressed in blouse and pants, directs two Staff Members where to place a table. After that, she placed a sign in front of it. Complaints Counter.

Dong Xuebing smiles. “Director Zhou.”

“Good morning, Director.”

“Why are you so early today?” Dong Xuebing walks over.

Zhou Yanru smiles. “I am busy today and came here one hour earlier to do my work. Is the location of the complaints counter fine? We have set it up, and Xiao Liu will be in charge of it. After the civilians had lodged a complaint and it is verified, it will be filed in the Party Office Department’s PC.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Good.”

Zhou Yanru continued. “What other instructions do you have?”

“This will be a precedence in Nan Shan District, and I want you to monitor it closely.”

“I will. The Work Party Office Department will handle it well, and you can hold me responsible if there are any problems.” Zhou Yanru’s a.s.surance made Dong Xuebing comfortable. “Oh, I had arranged a meeting with the neighborhood committees in our small meeting room at 10 am. If this timing is fine with you, I will inform the heads of the Neighborhood Committees.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “It’s not a meeting. I just want to know them.”

“Ok. I will pa.s.s the message.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and saw the Secretary of the Disciplinary Work Committee, Qu Yiqiang, walking in with his briefcase. Qu Yiqiang smiles. “Director, the new regulation….”

“Let talk while we walk.”


Both their offices are located in the Side Building. They discussed the implementation of the new regulation while walking. Qu Yiqiang suggested. “I thought about it yesterday. Since we have set up a complaints counter in our Service Lobby, why don’t we implement it in the neighborhood committees? Of course, the complaint counters do not need to be set up in the various neighborhood offices. Our Subdistrict Office will also accept complaints against them other than our service counters. This will be deterrence and improve the service standards of all public servants.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while. “This is a good suggestion, and we should do it.”

Qu Yiqiang continued. “Although we have feedback boxes located in the neighborhoods, most of the cases are about minor disputes between neighbors or businesses. We seldom receive complaints against our staff. It will be a good thing if our complaint counters work, and it should be introduced in all Subdistrict Offices.” Dong Xuebing’s impression of Qu Yiqiang is good. He is careful and thoughtful.

Dong Xuebing replied. “It will be hard to implement in all Subdistricts.”

Qu Yiqiang nodded. He knows it will be difficult to implement it, as the District Government might not approve it.

“Secretary Qu, join me in the meeting with the Neighborhood Committees later and bring up this complaint counter-proposal. We will implement it in our neighborhoods as soon as possible.”

“Alright. I will prepare the doc.u.ments.”

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and felt it’s not right. “Never mind. Let me do it instead. This proposal will offend others, and I should do it. I will get the Office Department to prepare the doc.u.ments and will bring it up later.”

It’s easy for Dong Xuebing and Qu Yiqiang to suggest this, but implementing it won’t be easy. The situations in the various neighborhoods are complicated, and they deal with the civilians directly. It’s like they are not part of the government system, and Dong Xuebing is not confident of ordering them. This complaint counter will offend others, and regardless if it is implemented or not, people will be talking about it. This is an arduous and fruitless task. That’s why Dong Xuebing decided to suggest it himself. Anyway, he doesn’t mind offending a few more people.

Qu Yiqiang laughed. “Director, are you belittling me? This should be our Disciplinary Work Committee’s job, and I can handle this small pressure.”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “You don’t need to get involved. I will do it.”

Qu Yiqiang did not continue, and he is deeply impressed with Dong Xuebing’s courage. No new Directors will dare to make such decisions like him. Guang Ming Subdistrict Office finally has a Leader who is not afraid of offending others. Both got along well, and before they parted, Qu Yiqiang hinted that he would support his work Party Committee meeting to implement this proposal. Dong Xuebing knows he had pulled Qu Yiqiang over to his side. Zhou Yanru… Qu Yiqiang… His faction is growing, and it’s good.

Back in his office, Dong Xuebing opens his windows to air the room.

Before he lit his cigarette, he notices a woman walking into the Subdistrict Office compound. She is w.a.n.g Yuling, but he couldn’t see her expression because of the distance.

“Director w.a.n.g.”

“Good morning, Director w.a.n.g.”

A few Staff Members greeted her.

w.a.n.g Yuling nodded coldly to return the greetings.

Dong Xuebing thought, why is she not late today? He is prepared to fight a prolonged battle with w.a.n.g Yuling and her uncle and thought about what the District Party Committee would do to him in the future. Making things difficult for him, create obstacles, or deal with him directly? He doesn’t know and just has to take it as he goes.

10 am.

Dong Xuebing enters the small meeting room, and all the seats are filled.

Besides Qu Yiqiang, Zhou Yanru, Guo Mingfeng, and Yu Rongfeng, Dong Xuebing has not met the rest. He looks at the names on the tables. Huai An Yi Li Neighborhood Committee Secretary, Guang Ming Neighborhood Committee Secretary, Director, Liu Xiang Neighborhood Committee Secretary, Liu Xiang Neighborhood Committee Director, etc. All the No. 1 and No. 2 of the Neighborhood Committees are at the meeting. Many of them hold the positions of both Secretary and Director in the Neighborhood Committees, and there are ten of them.

Dong Xuebing did not waste time and introduced himself. After his introduction, the partic.i.p.ants made a brief introduction of themselves and their neighborhoods.

Twenty minutes later.

Dong Xuebing memorizes the faces and names and brought up the complaint counter-proposal. “The Subdistrict Office’s Administrative Service Lobby complain counter had started today, and we are thinking of implementing it throughout our neighborhood service lobbies. I would like to hear everyone’s views.”

Two Secretary and Director frowned, and three others remained motionless. Two others seem to have something to say.

Dong Xuebing looks at them. “Who wants to start?”

No one says a word.

Dong Xuebing blinked. “Do you all have any views about this? Just speak your mind.”

Everyone remains quiet.

Dong Xuebing is surprised as he thought he would face some objections. Of course, he knows that silence doesn’t mean they are supporting this idea. “Since no one is objecting to this proposal, it will be implemented. Old Qu, the Disciplinary Work Committee will oversee the implementation, and it will start tomorrow.”

Qu Yiqiang nodded. He knows there are many “troublemakers” among the neighborhood committees, and he is prepared to teach them a lesson for Dong Xuebing. He is surprised to see everyone keeping quiet.

Although Dong Xuebing is surprised by their reactions, he is still satisfied. The new regulation that targets the service staff will change the service standards of the Subdistrict Office and Neighborhood Committee Offices. It will also establish his authority. This is his first major change, without going through the Subdistrict Work Party Committee after taking over as Director. This might seem to be a dictatorial rule, but it will establish his authority fast.

The meeting ended.

The few Neighborhood Committees’ Directors and Secretaries walk out of the Subdistrict Compound. Some look unfazed, but most of them are upset.

“Old Chen, what do you think of the new Director’s proposal?”

“I think it lacks consideration. I understand it is to raise the service standards of our Neighborhood Committees, but this is too rash and rigid.”

“That’s right. Conflicts with civilians cannot be avoided while working in the neighborhoods. How are we going to work if we are going to be penalized for every complaint?”

“Sigh… this new Director is too domineering.”

“Our lives are going to be difficult.”

All of them are complaining.

A Neighborhood Committee Director laughed. “Old Chen, why didn’t you raise objections earlier?”

No one had said anything in the meeting room earlier. Oppose this proposal?! The District Mayor’s brother was embarra.s.sed by that new Director on his first day. He scolded the District Party Secretary’s Niece until she cried on his second day. Who dares, and how are they going to oppose? That’s asking for trouble. Director Dong even dares to scold the Leader’s relative, let alone them.

Just wait and see.

Many people are waiting for w.a.n.g Yuling and the District Party Committee Secretary w.a.n.g Ans.h.i.+’s reaction. They should stay low for now.

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