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Chapter 559: 559

Chapter 559: Cutting the electricity, water, and gas?!



Li Zhi Restaurant.

The power is not resumed after half an hour.

It is still not resumed after an hour.

It is two hours since the blackout, and all the customers have left. Many of them did not even pay for their meals. Li Lu is the only person left in the restaurant, and he is on the phone with Fen Zhou City Electrical Company.

“I had paid my electric bills! Why are you cutting our electricity?! I want an explanation!” Li Lu shouted.

“We are not cutting your electricity. We are just repairing the cables.” The operator calmly replied.

“You all are just repairing our cables?! What about the rest?! Why are the shops around us not affected?”

“That is because there are some problems with your restaurant’s cables. That’s why we are repairing it.”

“You all are purposely finding trouble! I am warning you! If you all don’t resume our electricity within an hour, I will sue you!” Li Lu threatened.

“Who is going to be responsible if we don’t repair the cables? Please understand that this is for everyone’s safety. We had informed you all over the phone earlier, and we will send an official doc.u.ment tomorrow. The reason for stopping the electricity will be stated in the doc.u.ment. Oh, we can’t do anything if you want to sue us. Please prepare all the materials for the lawsuit yourself.” The operator hangs up on Li Lu.

d.a.m.n! Li Lu threw his phone on the table. What is wrong with your att.i.tude?!

Li Lu realized that the person helping Dong Xuebing was a big shot. The Electrical Company is refusing all his demands, and there’s no room for negotiation. He knows the Electrical Company is a monopoly and is a state-owned enterprise. Sue them?! Putting aside the chances of winning, such lawsuits can take up to a few months. Even if he won and the compensation from the Electrical Company is not enough to cover his rents!

Many people are laughing when they pa.s.s the restaurant.

These people are nearby residents who had asked Li Lu to lower the speakers’ volume. Some are Guang Ming Subdistrict staff. The arrogant Li Zhi Restaurant had gotten itself into trouble, and everyone was amused. All of them are there to laugh at them.

Guang Ming Subdistrict Office staff were unhappy with Li Zhi Restaurant. Still, they could not do anything as the restaurant is under Ping An Subdistrict’s jurisdiction. Ping An Subdistrict Office did not take any action against Li Zhi Restaurant, and Guang Ming Subdistrict Office staff could only tolerate it in their office. But their Director Dong went over and cut their electricity with a phone call! Nothing can be more wicked than

This! Although it is wicked, it is better than reporting it to the District Government, and it is more effective!

Li Lu starts to panic. Every minute without electricity is a minute of loss. He immediately made a few more phone calls.

Li Lu called Ping An Subdistrict Office, his friends in the City, and many others to resolve this issue. But he is disappointed with their replies.

Fen Zhou City Electrical Company’s higher management ordered to stop the electricity supply to his restaurant.

None of his friends can help him.

Li Lu knew the person who was helping Dong Xuebing was someone powerful. Still, he did not expect it to be one of the Electrical Company’s higher management. The authority of the electrical distribution department head and the Electrical Company’s higher management are miles apart. The electrical companies are the equivalent of the National Energy Commission, which was disbanded years ago. The head of this department is a Divisional Chief ranked position. It is the same rank as a City Government’s No. 1. It is still the same now. The Electrical Companies are more independent now and report directly to the Central Government. They don’t need to interact with the local authorities. Even the City’s Party Secretary cannot interfere with their operations or transfers. That’s why the Electrical Companies don’t need to give ‘face; to the local authorities, as they don’t interfere. Only the top executives of Hebei Provincial Electrical Company and the top Government Officials from the Central Government can interfere with their operations and transfers.

Li Lu finally understands the gravity of this situation. He is not even qualified to speak to the City’s Electrical Company Leaders. They made it clear that they were cutting his power. He can go ahead and sue them, but it will not change anything!

What can Li Lu do now?

There is nothing he can do against such a powerful organization!

Li Lu punched the table in anger. He dares to go ahead with the promotional activity in the afternoon is because he had made arrangements with Ping An Subdistrict Office. He can ignore the complaints from the residents because he has the authority. Now, the situation is reversed. He got a taste of being suppressed by a higher authority, and it didn’t feel good. It is the dinner peak hour for his restaurant now, and it should be full of customers. But there’s not a single customer now!

“Boss.” A staff walks over. “The meat in the fridge is going bad, and we can’t keep the vegetables for long.”

Another staff added. “We still have not done the accounts today, and everything is stored in the PC.”

At this moment, a group of men entered. They are customers, who had made reservations yesterday, and they are furious to see the current state of the restaurant. “We had reserved a private dining room yesterday! Where is your credibility?!” A waiter quickly went over to explain, and that group of customers left angrily. They should not be patronizing this place again.

Li Lu felt his head was going to explode. Without electricity, he cannot continue with his business!

How long is this situation going to last?! One week? One month?

Li Lu doesn’t dare to think about it. If Dong Xuebing is that ruthless, he can just close down this restaurant and not waste time.

“Old Li.” Li Lu’s wife alighted from a taxi and walked quickly into the restaurant. “What happened?”

Li Lu pulled a long face. Although he is running the restaurant, he knows his wife is smarter than him. That’s why he will tell her everything. He told her what happened and cursed Dong Xuebing at the end. “This Dong Xuebing is trying to force me into my grave!”

Li Lu’s wife sighed. “Haven’t you heard of the saying, Civilians should not challenge officials? Why must you challenge him?”

Li Lu replied. “I did not challenge his authority. I was only promoting my restaurant, and what has it got to do with Guang Ming Subdistrict Office? How can he cut my electricity? He is abusing his power!”

“He is abusing his power, and what can you do about it?”

Li Lu kept quiet.

“I think it is this afternoon’s banquet.” Li Lu’s wife continued. “That should be the cause of this issue. You know the dish, Women at 40, is not suitable to be served, why did you still serve it? That is how you offended Dong Xuebing.”

Li Lu waved his hand. “What do you know? We are under Ping An Subdistrict, and I need to have a good relations.h.i.+p with Chu Qinghua to continue my business here.”

“I don’t know?! You are being made used by others!” Li Lu’s wife scolded. “What has the conflicts between both Subdistricts and them disliking each other got to do with you? Why are you getting yourself involved? Even if Dong Xuebing is not overlooking this street, he is still a Subdistrict Office’s Director. Do you think he is someone you can go against with?! Just see what happened. He can cut our electricity with just a phone call. Do you think you can win against him?

I heard a District Organization Department Deputy Chief had lost his Party School training spot because of Dong Xuebing! That is an officer from the District’s Organization Department, and they didn’t even dare to do anything to Dong Xuebing! Are you more powerful than them?!”

Li Lu took a deep breath. “I am not stupid. I would not offend him if I had a choice. It was Chu Qinghhua who instigated me to serve that plate of Soybean residue. What can I do?

I also don’t want to offend him. I had shown my loyalty to him in both incidents. We are the designated restaurant for Ping An Subdistrict Office events now. do you know how much we can make with their support?”

Ring… ring… ring… Chu Qinghua’s number appeared on Li Lu’s phone.

Li Lu immediately answered. “Director Chu.”

Chu Qinghua coldly replied. “I had helped you check with the City Electrical Company, and they are firm with their decision. Just wait a while longer. They can’t stop your electricity for too long.”

“But our…”

“Just wait it out. I am had tried my best to help you.”

Li Lu clenched his teeth, and he hung up. “Chu Qinghua is not influential enough to speak to that person from the Electrical Company. He asked me to wait until they resume our power.”

Li Lu’s wife coldly replied. “Chu Qinghua is also not a good person!”

“Let’s not talk about this now. What should we do?”

“Indefinite power disruption. Didn’t you catch the underlying meaning?” Li Lu’s wife can see clearer as she was not involved. “The City Electrical Company cannot stop our electricity for too long without any reason. Their reputation will be affected.”

Li Lu frowned. “You are saying….”

“Indefinitely is an exaggerated duration. It might mean one day or one year. Dong Xuebing had done this is to make us apologize to him. Nothing will work if we look for the Electrical Company. We only need to seek Dong Xuebing’s forgiveness, and our electricity will resume.”

Li Lu shouts. “Apologize?! Impossible!”

His wife asked. “Which is more important? Your business or your ‘face’?”

“But you mentioned that the Electrical Company cannot stop our power supply for too long.”

“What if it is three days or five days? What are you going to do with the losses? Also, this is only my guess. Who knows if he cut our electricity for one month?”

Li Lu kept quiet. This might be possible for someone as wicked as Dong Xuebing. He can still remember what he said earlier. “Since you want to play this game, I will play with you. Let’s see who will win.” It showed Dong Xuebing’s att.i.tude, and he got to admit he can never win against him!

The electricity can be cut today. What if the water supply is cut tomorrow, and the gas supply is cut the day after?!

Which business can withstand this?!

National Energy Commission

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