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Chapter 869: Rescue


Why would Aunt Xuan commit suicide?

What happened?

Dong Xuebing turned pale. “Mum, are you sure about this? When did it happen?”

Qu Yunxuan’s mother cried. “It happened around ten minutes ago. Go and check on my daughter…. Hurry!”

Dong Xuebing panicked. “Don’t worry. I am going now.”

Dong Xuebing did not have enough time saved to reverse time to more than ten minutes. He did not even fasten his seatbelt and sped towards the restaurant. He overtook all the cars and ran two red lights. He reached Liu Yang Restaurant within minutes, and a crowd had formed outside. He ran over and squeezed through the people. In front of him was a pool of blood and gla.s.s shards. He looked up and saw the windows on the fourth floor were shattered.

“Sigh…. Why did she commit suicide?”

“That woman looked like our TV Station’s news anchor.”

“Yes. I watched her on TV before. I remember her name was Qu Yunxuan.”

“She’s so pretty. How did she jump out from upstairs?”

“Who knows? When I pa.s.sed by, I heard gla.s.s shattered, and a woman fell. Who knows what happened upstairs?”

“I saw her coat seemed to be torn.”

“Really? Could it be….”

People were discussing this incident.

The Police had cordoned off the area, and a few Public Secretary Bureau Officers were gathering evidence.

Dong Xuebing grabbed a Police officer. “Where is she? Where is she now?!”

The Officer frowned. “Who?”

“The victim!” Dong Xuebing shouted.

“Are you her family member?” The Officer looked at Dong Xuebing. “She was sent to the City Emergency Center.”

Dong Xuebing ran back to his car and rushed to the Emergency Center.

Ten minutes later.

The City Emergency Center.

Dong Xuebing rushed to the Emergency room. Other than a nurse, there was no one around. Aunt Xuan had no relatives in Fen Zhou City, and no one was there to visit her.

Dong Xuebing tried to enter the emergency room.

The nurse outside stopped Dong Xuebing. “What are you doing? The doctors are trying to save a patient.”

Dong Xuebing replied coldly. “I am the victim’s family member!”

The nurse pulled Dong Xuebing back. “Even if you are the victim’s family, you can’t enter. You will affect the surgery. Are you going to be responsible if anything happens?”

“Yes!” Dong Xuebing pushed the nurse and tried to open the door. It was locked from the inside, and he could not open it.

The nurse was furious. “I am calling security. Do you think you can do whatever you want as the patient’s family?!”

Dong Xuebing’s anger had reached its limit after seeing the pool of blood at the scene. He ignored the nurse and kicked the emergency room door. The door was kicked open, and he rushed in. He ignored the doctors and nurses who tried to stop him and found Qu Yunxuan in the No. 3 operating theater. The doctors inside were shocked to see him.

On the operating table.

Qu Yunxuan was unconscious, and her face, clothes, and whole body were covered in blood.

“Yunxuan!” Dong Xuebing shouted.

A doctor shouted at Dong Xuebing, “What are you doing?! This is an emergency room! Get out!”

Another doctor recognized Dong Xuebing. “Are you Dong Xuebing? Director Dong?”

The other doctor was shocked. “Director Dong, is this patient your relative?”

“This is my cousin!” Dong Xuebing asked anxiously. “How is her condition?”

The doctor nodded to a nurse and continued with the emergency surgery. They were closing the wounds on Qu Yunxuan’s head and neck.

The nurse turned to Dong Xuebing. “She got here in time. If she got here two minutes later, her blood loss would put her in a critical condition.”

“I am asking you how she is now! Is she safe?!”

“Err…. We cannot promise anything, and it will depend on her condition.”

Dong Xuebing was quite famous in Fen Zhou City. Everyone knew he was a leader in the Commission for Discipline Inspection. He was the patient’s relative, and they did not ask him to leave. He took a deep breath as he looked at Qu Yunxuan. His hands were shaking uncontrollably, and he clenched his fists. He forced himself to suppress his anger and emotions. He just stood there looking at Aunt Xuan without saying anything.

She will be alright.

She can survive this!

Five minutes….

Ten minutes….

Half an hour….

Dong Xuebing had wanted to use REVERSE to treat Aunt Xuan more than once, but he could not do it with all the doctors around him.

After a while, the surgery was over.

Qu Yunxuan was still unconscious, and she looked pale.

“Let’s talk outside.” A doctor walked toward Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing did not move. “Have you all saved her? Just talk here.”

The doctor hesitated for a second and removed his mask. “The victim had jumped from the fourth floor and had multiple fractures. Her left leg and ribs were severely damaged. She had also injured her head and neck, and we had stopped her bleeding. We had tried our best, and it was up to her willpower. The next twenty-four hours will be critical. It is up to her if she can wake up.”

Dong Xuebing was furious. “Up to her?! What is the hospital for?!”

The doctor replied helplessly. “We had done our best.”

Dong Xuebing replied coldly. “Don’t give me this nonsense. I just want to know if Yunxuan can survive! Tell me!”

The doctor thought for a while. “Her internal organs were not seriously injured, and the chances of her living are quite high.”

The nurse who spoke to Dong Xuebing earlier added. “Director Dong, we understand how you feel. But let’s talk outside. We will influence the patient’s condition if we talk here. The bacteria on us might cause the patient to have an infection.”

Dong Xuebing nodded and walked out of the operating room.

After a while, Qu Yunxuan was pushed out and sent to a single ICU ward. This was because of Dong Xuebing. Any other ordinary patient would not get this luxury.  

Dong Xuebing accompanied Qu Yunxuan into the ward. He looked at the wounds on her and did not say anything.

Dong Xuebing had never felt so hurt in his life. He wished he was the one lying in that bed.

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