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Chapter 982: You all don’t know who Director Dong is?!


After 9 pm.

The cla.s.s gathering ended, and everyone parted outside of the hotel. Pang Shou and Du Juan followed Dong Xuebing to his room.

Pang Shou asked. “Xuebing, how did you move up so quickly?”

Du Juan is curious too. “That’s right. How did you reach Deputy Division Chief so fast?”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “I had gotten some outstanding results these few years. It would be not easy to reach Deputy Section Chief without the results. I think it’s luck. Thinking back, I also think it was amazing. If I made any mistakes, I would not be here.”

Du Juan exclaimed. “But you succeeded.”

“Don’t say that.” Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “In fact, I envy you all. Although I rose quickly, I offended many people along the way. We are former cla.s.smates, and I don’t have to hide anything from you. For example, Fen Zhou City Party Secretary is targeting me. It’s hard for me, too, and I don’t know what will happen in the future. I am taking one step at a time.”

Pang Shou gasped. “You had offended Secretary Wan?”

“Yes.” Dong Xuebing smiled wearily. “I had offended him.”

Du Juan said. “But you are still doing better than all of us. A Deputy Division Chief at 25…. I did not even hear of anyone reaching this level at your age.”

Pang Shou looked at Dong Xuebing. “Xuebing, you are a Fen Zhou City leader, and we are working in the same city. Just let me know if you need help. However, we are new and have limited power. I think we can’t help you much.”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Let’s help each other. We are cla.s.smates, after all. You can look for me if you need anything.”

Pang Shou and Du Juan were waiting for Dong Xuebing to say this.

They chatted for a while and left.

Along the empty corridor.

Du Juan whispered to her husband. “Xuebing is successful now. Sigh…. Many of our cla.s.smates don’t even know his name then. We cannot judge a book by its cover. After graduation, he rose to the ranks so fast. I think none of the cohort or even the alumni are as successful as him.”

Pang Shou sighed. “You are right. Sometimes, quiet and low-profile cla.s.smates are the ones who become successful later in life. We will never know.”

“Yes. But what did Xuebing do to get such results?”

“I don’t know. We were in the western region for two years and lost touch with the outside world.”

“I think it’s not so simple from how our County Party Secretary speaks to him.”

“That’s right.” Pang Shou nodded. “He would not be so polite to him just because he is the Third Investigation Team’s team leader. Secretary Sun is the top leader in the County. I think there’s more to it. Director w.a.n.g had only drank one gla.s.s of alcohol at first. But after he heard Dong Xuebing’s name, his face changed, and he quickly drank two more as an apology. Even if Xuebing is the Inspection team leader, he does not need to do so. He held the same rank as Xuebing.”

Du Juan suddenly remembered something. “Eh, Do you think the County Leaders will target us after what happened? We did not give up a room for them, and they will not target Xuebing because of his position. Will they vent their anger on us instead?”

Pang Shou shook his head. “They should be unhappy with us, but it should be fine. Instead, with Dong Xuebing around, we might move up faster.”


“Haha… of course. Didn’t you see their att.i.tude towards Xuebing? We will have a good life as long as Xuebing is in Fen Zhou City.”

“You are right.”

“Yes. We must keep in touch with Xuebing in the future and get close to him. You are more suitable to get close to him as a woman.”

“Go to h.e.l.l. I am not close to him during our High School days.”

“You are the prettiest girl in our cla.s.s. I am sure he is interested in you.”

“Save it. You knew it too. Xuebing had never looked at me in school.”

“Then I should go. Anyway, we must stay close to him.”

“Sigh…. Comparing myself with him makes me mad. How did he do so well in the Government sector?”

A County Party Committee staff walked towards them. He held the same position as Du Juan.

“Hi.” That man saw them and greeted them. “Brother Pang, Sister Du, did you finish your dinner?”

Pang Shou and Du Juan were surprised. They knew this man, and he used to address them as Old Pang and Du Juan. He had never addressed him as Brother or Sister.

That man went up to them. “Let’s talk in the room.”

“Director Li, what is this about?” Pang Shou asked.

Director Li smiled. “Let’s talk inside.”

The three of them entered a standard room.

Director Li smiled and said after they entered the room. “I heard Director Dong, Dong Xuebing, is your former cla.s.smate. Why didn’t you tell us beforehand?”

Du Juan smiled awkwardly. “We did not know about it too.”

Director Li looked around and lowered his voice. “Secretary Sun wants you to accompany Director Dong these days.”

Du Juan nodded. “Yes. That’s what we should do.”

“Ok.” Director Li looked at them and said. “Sister Du, Brother Pang, I will speak my mind. Do you two don’t know who Director Dong is?”

Du Juan blinked. “Isn’t he the City Commission for Discipline Inspection’s First Inspection Office’s Director? We just know about it earlier.”

Director Li waved his hand. “It is not so simple. If it were Discipline Inspection’s Chief Xiao coming for an inspection, the County would not be so nervous. We are so concerned about this inspection because Director Dong is leading the team. So…. Ah, I forgot you two had just been posted to Fen Zhou City. Anyway, you will hear more about him soon.”

Pang Shou said. “Just tell us more, Brother Li.”

Director Li paused for a second and said. “Alright. I shall just do the same thing about him. Director Dong’s wife is our Fen Zhou City Deputy Mayor and is in the Party Committee.”


The City Party Committee Deputy Mayor?!

Pang Shou and Du Juan were shocked. No wonder Dong Xuebing can get promoted so quickly. He has a capable wife, and his wife is more powerful than Xiao Bing.

Anyone who offended Dong Xuebing will offend his wife too.

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