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Translator: Star River from w.a.n.gmamaread

Proofreader: Rhith

"How do you know it was Fang Yu?" Xie Mingzhe asked perplexedly.

"Fang Yu is the senior apprentice fellow within the leading players of the Flowing Frost City Club. He is very sober. It must be Fang Yu who will come to visit you in person ingame. Why don't you give him a chance by meeting him. We made our debut in the same year and he was the champion of the individual race in the sixth season. In addition, he is the strongest player using the Water attribute so far. "

"I see. Thanks, Legend Tang!" After hanging up, Xie Mingzhe sent mail to the president of the Flowing Frost City Club instantly, "President, please wait, I'm coming to your club."

He walked to the Galaxy Navigator Map near him. In the vast galaxy map, besides the flaming red "Adjudication Club territory star" and the green "Fenghua Club territory star", he could now see the blue "Flowing Frost City Club territory star".

It seemed like he was trying to collect the territory stars of clubs in his Galaxy Navigator Map. Now he has three already!

Actually, it's more like making enemies of every club.

Xie Mingzhe rubbed his chin, smiling. Then directly clicked the "Flowing Frost City Club territory star" in order to be teleported there.

The architecture of this club was very magical. All the buildings were blue, and even the floor was covered by a layer of ice. The territory star was just like a fairytale snow castle.

The game scenes were so lifelike that Xie Mingzhe clearly felt a chill in the air when he entered the Flowing Frost City Club. He rubbed his hands and raised his head. Then he saw a girl coming to him with a smile, "h.e.l.lo, Uncle Chubby. The president is waiting for you. This way please."

Having been to the Adjudication Club and the Fenghua Club, Xie Mingzhe was familiar with the territorial structures of big clubs. He directly took an elevator to the Flowing Frost City Club office.

He opened the door and entered the room. As expected, the club insignia was hung right in the middle of the wall—— painted in the middle of the round insignia was the architectural complex of snow castles and three ice-blue words "Flowing Frost City". The design of the insignia looked very delicate too.

Two people were sitting in the room. One was a long-haired beauty whose ID was "Qu Liushuang" and the other's ID was "Rainy Day".

Qu Liushuang stood up and spoke in a gentle voice, "Nice to meet you, Uncle Chubby. This is my club's player, Fang Yu."

Xie Mingzhe's gaze followed hers and saw a man who had white skin and delicate facial features. In addition, his appearance was neutral, so it was hard to tell his gender at first glance. This image didn't seem like it was randomly generated by the system. Maybe it was Legend Fang Yu's private account? 

Feeling confused, he heard Fang Yu's voice——a very cold masculine voice which made people sober instantly, just like drinking a gla.s.s of iced water.

He said evenly, "Uncle Chubby, I looked for you not to buy the copyright of [Xi s.h.i.+] nor to invite you to join the Flowing Frost City Club. I suppose that the Adjudication Club and the Fenghua Club have already done these things before and you didn't say yes, so it's meaningless if I do them again."

Xie Mingzhe thought that the man was impressively clever and had the first-cla.s.s a.n.a.lytical ability. No wonder her can become the strongest player with Water attribute. The man is just like a bottomless pool where unpredictable risks hide under the calm surface.

Xie Mingzhe met his eyes without flinching, smiling, "Then Legend Fang Yu, what do you want?"

Fang Yu said, "I want to cooperate with you in a custom-made card."

Xie Mingzhe froze, "A custom-made card?"

Fang Yu nodded and said, "Since you have great talent for making cards, maybe you can help me to fix my problem. You make a card according to my ideas. However, you can keep the copyright of it and I just need you to sell me one. What do you think?"

This deal was a little unfair on Fang Yu, while there was no harm to Xie Mingzhe at all. What if Xie Mingzhe sells the card to other players? Then what's the point of ordering a  custom-made card?

It wouldn't do him any harm to hear Legend Fang Yu's ideas, so Xie Mingzhe said, "What kind of card do you want to tailor-make?"

Fang Yu asked, "Have you heard of the [Deathrattle Flow]?"

Xie Mingzhe had never heard of that before, so he shook his head without hesitation.

Fang Yu explained patiently, "The Deathrattle Flow can be understood as Sacrifice plays. In other words, a card can't trigger some effects until it dies. If a card divides or is reborn to help its own side and hurt the opponent, then it is a deathrattle card. I have a bottleneck in making cards recently, so I need your help to make a deathrattle card. My offer is 5,000,000 gold coins. Now you can think about it."

Xie Mingzhe, "……"

This is completely pennies from heaven, and there is no reason to turn down the proposition!

All he needs to do is to tailor-make a card and get 5,000,000 gold coins. The best part is that he can keep the copyright, which means he will have this card at his disposal.

Then another thought popped into his mind. Does this unfair deal foreshadow that the card is very difficult to make?

He found the answer immediately because Fang Yu's demand was extremely hard to meet!

Fang Yu said evenly, "Here is my demand for the card. The card has two skills that are both triggered when it dies. One buffs all allies and the effect of increasing the group's attack attribute is the best. The other one debuffs the enemies, and the control effects, such as Group Fear, Chaos as well as Weakness, are expected. These two skills can be applied at the same time so the card will be a burst deathrattle card. Are we clear?"

Xie Mingzhe roughly understood what he wanted. Fang Yu's requirements were very hard to meet. The card triggers two effects when it dies. The user's side can increase its attack attribute when the card is applied, while it controls the enemies or lowers their defence attribute at the same time. In that case, the user's team can seize the chance and launch a fierce attack on the enemies. It is even possible that the opponent will be wiped out.

Given Xie Mingzhe's current capacity, he couldn't make the group burst card like this at all.

However, Xie Mingzhe wanted to give it a shot and took it as a new challenge. Otherwise, he will be bored if he only makes IDE cards all day long.

He thought for a while and asked, "Are you in a hurry? If there is no rush, I want to think it over first. I mean, I can't a.s.sure you that I can create it, but I'll try. Can I contact you when I get ideas of how to make the card?"

Fang Yu nodded immediately, "Sure. We can friend each other online first. My offer still stands. If you can create the double-skill burst card with the Deathrattle attribute, contact the manager of Flowing Frost City Club and 5,000,000 gold coins will be yours. In addition, since this is a cooperation thing, please keep it a secret about this custom-made card."

"Of course." Xie Mingzhe knew that he need to observe the rules in business. Before Fang Yu officially applies the custom-made card he shouldn't publish it. Otherwise, other players would get the key information beforehand and aim at the card.

After returning from Flowing Frost City, Xie Mingzhe was deep in meditation in his individual s.p.a.ce, bowing his head.

Fang Yu had given him a tough nut to crack. Obviously, he had a bottleneck. So he took his chances and invited him, a green hand who always has some crazy ideas, to give it a try.

Unfortunately, Xie Mingzhe's mind was blank at the moment.

Sacrifice flow, deathrattle cards, all these terms were completely new to him. It turned out that apart from the normal cards in the Star Card World, there were these kinds of cards that could trigger effects after death! What an eye-opener!

He needed to consider how the deathrattle cards might be created. If he made it, his capability for making cards would rise to a new level.

He should make tomorrow's IDE cards first. Which card group will be aimed at?

Xie Mingzhe recalled the card group category that Tang Muzhou gave him originally and pleasantly made a decision.

He had aimed at plants and animals constantly before. Now it's show time for ghosts and monsters!

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