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"Hi everyone, my name is Han Yu, and this is my forty-second boyfriend!"

"Sigh, if only such a handsome young man was my boyfriend."

"Ugh, my boyfriend refused to turn and look at me. But he's still as handsome as ever."

Han Yu who was seeking treatment in the hospital for a twisted ankle took seven or eight videos of Ling Ran without hesitation after spotting him. She then chose three of the better ones and uploaded them to Tik Tok and Weibo.

Her series, "My Boyfriends" was extremely well-received on social media. Those "boyfriends" included police officers, military officers, pilots, etc. She had also mustered up the courage to talk to many young men she encountered on the streets to take those videos.

However, Han Yu did not really feel satisfied as she took these videos of Ling Ran today. "He's such a handsome boyfriend. I need to take more videos of him today before he falls into the clutches of another woman."

Han Yu uploaded these words to her Weibo. Even after this, she did not put down her cell phone. She took two more pictures of her slightly swollen ankle before she could not help it and pointed her phone camera at Ling Ran again.

Even though she always used this tagline for the pictures and videos she uploaded to her social media accounts, the doctor before her, captured her attention the most. He was handsome and looked amazing when he smiled. He even looked charming as he worked...

Han Yu could not help but unlock her phone again. The moment she looked at it, she realized that there were a few hundred comments under her Weibo post.

Han Yu could not help but become extremely excited. 'Some hotshot probably replied me.'

She quickly looked at the comment section, and realized that many anonymous accounts were urging him to post more videos of Ling Ran.

"Seriously, were you guys lurking all this time? It was so hard to make you guys interact with me in the past." As Han Yu muttered, she took another video of Ling Ran and uploaded it. She also tagged the Weibo account of the author she was most familiar with, "Hardworking Village of Ambitious Birds" while she was at it.

The number of reblogs and comments under Han Yu's Weibo posts about Ling Ran was increasing rapidly.

"It's a myth that good looks are useless. Good looks brings about more attention, and it's an easy way to gain more followers." Han Yu uploaded post after post to Weibo, and many people interacted with each other and with her. This was definitely the day her Weibo account had received the most attention ever since she started it.

"h.e.l.lo, did you sprain your ankle?" A doctor whose face was a little wrinkled stood in front of Han Yu.

Han Yu immediately raised her head, and she was shocked, but in the next moment, she saw the handsome doctor who standing behind the middle-aged doctor.

"Boy…" Han Yu wanted to tease Ling Ran and call him her "boyfriend", but once she looked into the latter's eyes, she was suddenly so embarra.s.sed that she was unable to speak.

"My surname is Zuo. This is Doctor Ling." Zuo Cidian had met many young women like this. He could tell from her distracted gaze that she simply loved fantasizing about things.

"Which leg did you hurt?" Ling Ran went forward, and a nurse followed him.

Han Yu could not help but feel a little diffident as she gazed at the two doctors and the nurse. She said in a low voice, "Left leg."

"Are you able to raise your left leg? Can you extend it for me to take a look?" Ling Ran continued giving orders.

At the same time, the nurse who was standing beside Ling Ran stretched a pair of gloves so that Ling Ran could easily put them on.

In Yun Hua Hospital, it was hard even for a.s.sociate chief physicians to receive this kind of treatment.

Han Yu, who had been to the hospital a few times, felt that something was wrong. She could not help but continue speaking in a hushed tone. "I merely sprained my ankle. I didn't break my leg."

Ling Ran gave Han Yu a baffled look and hummed in acknowledgment. "Let me take a look."

After Ling Ran finished speaking, he put on the pair of gloves and started palpating Han Yu's ankle.

Even though it was slightly painful, Han Yu felt somehow happy.

"It's just a sprain. It's not very serious." After palpating Han Yu's ankle, Ling Ran grabbed her leg, lifted it, and twisted her ankle around a few times. He then placed her feet back on the ground and made a judgment.

"There's no fracture?" Han Yu got even more nervous.

"No," Ling Ran answered.

Zuo Cidian who was standing beside Ling Ran said, "You can get an X-ray if you're worried."

Han Yu hummed in acknowledgment and did not say anything about getting an X-ray. Instead, she raised her phone and said, "Doctor Ling, can you take a video together with me? I'll upload it to Tik Tok, it's a very popular application nowadays."

Before Ling Ran could say no, Zuo Cidian put a foot forward. "A doctor's job is to treat patients and not to take selfies with patients. Stop filming him."

"Just one, please?" As Han Yu spoke, she lifted her phone.

It was not like the medical staff could s.n.a.t.c.h her phone away from her. Two nurses walked over and looked at Han Yu with a dissatisfied expression.

"Old Zuo, give her the doctor's orders." Ling Ran turned and dodged Han Yu's camera. He was extremely nimble, and he did not really care that Han Yu was still holding her phone up.

Zuo Cidian hummed in acknowledgment.

After Ling Ran exited the cubicle, he subconsciously looked at the mission completion status. Unexpectedly, he saw that the number of people who had given him recognition was rising slowly.

As the mission completion status of this mission depended on the number of people who had given him their recognition, the fact that the numbers were going up meant that more and more people were giving him recognition.

Ling Ran looked around. The patient just now did not have any family members with her, and there were very few people in the cubicle as he treated the patient. So, where did all this recognition come from?

"Doctor Ling, wait. Can I take another video of you, please?" Han Yu hopped on one leg toward Ling Ran.

Zuo Cidian, who was standing behind the patient, shrugged in resignation. It was not like he could stop patients from running off, even if this particular patient was limping.

Ling Ran suddenly came to a realization and asked, "Have you already taken a video of mine before this?"

Han Yu's expression changed a little. She then looked around and said in a hushed tone, "I only took a few since I had nothing to do anyway."

"Did you upload them online?" Ling Ran asked.


"Where did you upload them? Am I able to access them?"

Han Yu quickly nodded. "Weibo and Tik Tok. Let me show you."

She unlocked her phone, and saw that the number of comments under her Weibo posts were already at four figures, and the number of shares had already hit five figures. Her Weibo posts were doing unprecedentedly well.

She then opened the Tik Tok application, and saw that even more people had liked and commented on her post. Han Yu felt extremely elated, and she immediately showed it to Ling Ran.

Ling Ran glanced at her phone, and then at the notification of the system.

The mission completion status was already at 112/10000. Compared to treating patients one by one, it was obviously easier to complete the mission by gaining recognition online.

"You can take a few more videos. But stop hopping on one leg. It's not safe for all of us." Ling Ran then said to the nurse beside him, "Can you please bring her a wheelchair?"

"Okay." Even though the nurse was unhappy about it, she went to retrieve a wheelchair.

Han Yu, though, was extremely happy. The smile on her face was so bright that it could outs.h.i.+ne the sun. She said loudly, "I'll definitely take good videos of you."

As she spoke, Han Yu switched on the beautifying features of her camera, including face-slimming, eye-enlargement, chin-sharpening and a feature that made one's leg appear longer. She took a few self-portraits before switching to the back camera and pointing it at Ling Ran.

At this moment, the young nurses naturally crowded around Han Yu.

"The beauty features aren't even needed."

"It's a waste to use the beauty features on Doctor Ling."

"Does the beauty camera even know what a golden ratio is?"

The nurses started giving comments while gesturing at her phone. 

Han Yu, too, could not help but nod. She then quietly switched off the beautifying features and captured Ling Ran in his natural state.

As expected, Ling Ran looked even better without the beauty features.

Every time Han Yu took a video, she uploaded it to Tik Tok or Weibo. The other nurses, too, quietly whipped out their phones and started taking videos of Ling Ran.

Ling Ran quietly carried on with his tasks, and he could see that the number of people who had given him their recognition was increasing.

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