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Zhao Qi told Shu Nuan what the Seventh Prince wished, but she asked back in doubt, “The Yun Manor?”

Zhao Qi smiled and nodded, “Yes. Do you have the time, little lady?”

He thought that Shu Nuan would be tempted upon hearing the words “Yun Manor.” After all, it was quite rare for the Seventh Prince to take initiative in inviting a lady over.

But Shu Nuan disappointed him, “I won’t go.”

Zhao Qi realised that this matter would not be so simple. He smiled helplessly, and asked, “Dare I ask your name, young lady?”

Zhao Qi had a purpose behind this question. He thought this little girl was clever and not difficult to deal with. After all, the Seven Prince have not had any experience in fight over an ordinary lady.However, he felt that her ident.i.ty was not simple. Zhao Qi had enough sense to head back and consult the Seventh Prince first.

Shu Nuan stood there holding the book in her arms, watching him warily without replying.

Zhao Qi could see that the girl didn’t want to talk to him. However, he had to try to show her how the Seventh Prince felt about her. Suddenly, a voice called out from behind them, “Who are you? You dare to bully our cla.s.smate?!”

Shu Nuan turned towards the source of the voice. Yue He and Sun Hai were rus.h.i.+ng towards them looking displeased. They pushed away Zhao Qi who had been standing before Shu Nuan.


“You? What you? You should go!” Su Hai stared back at Zhao Qi as he shouted.

Left with no other choice, Zhao Qi bit down on his lip and ran away.

“Shu Nuan, are you okay?”

Upon seeing how they had driven away the person, she felt thankful and let him continue to call her by her name.

She shook her head, and replied, “Thank you.”

“In the future, if anyone bullies you in the academy, come find me,” he said. “I will beat them to death!”

Shu Nuan threw a glance at him did not answer.

“Why you have not gone home yet?” Su Hai asked.

Shu Nuan answered, “I’m going soon.”

“Well then, goodbye! Oh right! See you tomorrow!”

Not long after, Li Yuan came to pick her up and they went back to the palace.

On the road, Li Yuan told Shu Nuan, “The prince asked me to tell Miss Shu Nuan that you should not go back to his place immediately.”

Shu Nuan was sitting inside the carriage and after a brief pause, made an  “Oh” sound.l

Li Yuan thought for a moment and then said with a loud voice “Several friends of the prince invited him over and he will probably spend the night drinking.”

Hearing this, “Oh…” Shu Nuan expressed with understanding.

She had wanted to go back and tell Sheng Qianmo about the man she had met after leaving the academy that day. But from what Li Yuan told her, Sheng Qianmo wouldn’t be free for such small matters.

After dinner at Sheng Courtyard, Shu Nuan was about to sit down and take a look at a book she had brought back from the academy. However, several palace maids came over to inquire about Princess Gu’s clothes. Shu Nuan had to put down the homework and start embroidering.

To finish the work she had to stay up late into the night. When she was finished, she rubbed her sleepy eyes, put down the needle in her hand, and went to sleep with a lamp still burning.

Shu Nuan didn’t know how long she had slept for when she was awakened by the sound of the door opening. She woke up startled in the middle of a dream, forgetting to even wear her shoes, and ran out to find Sheng Qianmo leaning against the door looking drank with slightly closed eyes as he impatiently pulled at the cuffs of his clothes.

Shu Nuan hurried to a.s.sist him but he was so tall that he leaned upon her. Shu Nuan was pushed back and her breathing was in a disarray.

“Did you wait for This Prince?”

Sheng Qianmo narrowed his eyes at the little thing blus.h.i.+ng and gasping after being pushed a little by him. He couldn’t help but let out of a chuckle, heavy with hot breath. He grabbed her little hand in a fluid motion and pressed it upon the table behind him. He then lowered his head and bit her small, white earlobe.

His voice was low and calm, yet s.e.xy and provocative, “Did you wait up for This Prince?”

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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 23 - My Little Girl (13) summary

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