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Shu Nuan ears turned crimson. She felt his lips against her ear, brus.h.i.+ng it lightly—and just that light touch sent s.h.i.+vers through her body, making her whole body quiver. Shu Nuan felt nervous. She looked down and shyly replied, “I was woken up by you, My Prince…"

Sheng Qianmo's mouth ventured to the back of her neck, caressing it with hot, restless breaths. His hand slid down to her slender waist as his lips finally touched her neck. Short kisses paved a path toward the mark on her collarbone, which his lips embraced aggressively. Shu Nuan quivered and went soft in response, almost slipping down from his hold.

She somehow managed to hold one side of his arm and speak with confusion, “My Lord, you are drunk…"

“Uhmm,” Sheng Qianmo casually respond.

“Probably…” He added.

Shu Nuan blushed with shame as she quietly bore his restless hands groping her body, while strenuously pus.h.i.+ng him towards the bed. She hurried to fetch a basin of hot water.

When she returned, Sheng Qianmo was leaning against the bed in a state of confusion.

When the prince heard her come over, his eyes squinted and he stared directly at her.

Shu Nuan's heart beat a little shakily due to his deep eyes staring at her. But she brushed off her embarra.s.sment and promptly took off his shoes.

This was the first time she was was.h.i.+ng his feet and she found that they were very big in comparison to her small hands. As she scooped some water onto his calf to scrub it clean, he suddenly moved and unwittingly stepped on her small hand. Shu Nuan looked up at him with pain in her eyes.

Sheng Qianmo moved his foot slightly and grasped her hand. His gaze was intoxicated, but his face remained indifferent. In a low and slightly hoa.r.s.e voice, he said, "You should rest…"

However, Shu Nuan didn't want to. Instead, she wiped his legs clean, took away the basin, and voluntarily came forward to untie his clothes. Sheng Qianmo accidentally reached out and grabbed her hand that was touching him. He calmly said, “Uhmm?”

His hot breath lingered over Shu Nuan's body, and she felt her face become steaming hot. She was unable to respond quickly.

” I-I will a.s.sist you to untie the belt, Prince, so that you can be more comfortable."

Sheng Qianmo calmly reply, “Okay,” but his hot breath still lingered above her head.

Shu Nuan's hands trembled as she undressed Sheng Qianmo. She felt that the man was looking straight at her, but she didn't dare to look up and confirm it.

After great difficulty she managed to help him remove his clothing. But as she was about to get up, Sheng Qianmo held her hand, “Take the rest off too."

Shu Nuan's eyes widened and she blushed fiercely.

She heard him say, “You don't want to?”

Shu Nuan did not have the courage to disobey him, so she went ahead to remove his belt. This time her fingers shook a lot more because she caught an intimate glimpse of what lay beneath.

Shu Nuan trembled as she untied his belt, but to her surprise Sheng Qianmo held her hand and pulled it inside the cloth.

Shu Nuan's first instinct was to want to back off, but Sheng Qianmo held her firmly and didn't let go.

Sheng Qianmo was being carried away in his intoxicated state. He had tried his best to suppress his desires once already. But the little girl stayed in front of him trembling for such a long time. Seeing her kneeling beneath him with a flushed face made him think how lovely her figure was.

He couldn't help but stare at the tear-like mole, slowly giving in to the idea of teasing her and seeing her cry.

Shu Nuan, on the other hand, was extremely afraid. It was her first time in such a situation, and with the Prince completely drunk, she had no clue what to do.
She gasped in fear and her eyelashes trembled incessantly, as she pleaded, “My Lord…"

Suddenly, Shu Nuan felt something warm touch her mouth. The little girl knew what had come in contact with her lips, and her face paled as she bit her lip in helplessness and fear. She looked at him as if she was scared and wanted to cry, but didn't dare to.

Sheng Qianmo had been thinking of making the little thing cry a second ago. But seeing her look at him with tears that dared not fall, another idea popped into her head. That he'd hate to make or see her cry.

These two ideas were at daggers dawn with each other, when Sheng Qianmo finally closed his eyes filled with longing, and coldly spoke, "Get out."

Shu Nuan was relieved and dared not even breathe before she nodded and went out.

Sheng Qianmo sat on the edge of the bed, eyes closed, thinking about the soft hands he had been holding. About her soft delicate lips that had touched him just then, and how he longed to have her beneath him.
She Nuan sat on the chair outside the room in the middle of the night. The bedroom was quiet, but after some time — she didn't know how long exactly — she heard Sheng Qianmo's paced breathing.

When Shu Nuan remembered what had taken place, her face felt hot with shame. She bit her lips but kept in mind what had happened.

The next day, Shu Nuan got up very early. But she hadn't expected that the prince would've gotten up even earlier.

After waking up, she thought about the previous night's events. Her face turned red again. She hesitated and hid beneath the quilt for a while. She delayed until she had to get out of bed, as it was her duty to serve Prince Sheng in the inner hall.  She washed and wore fresh clothes. But upon entering the hall, she found that that no one was there.

Shu Nuan was at a loss and stood there and looked at the large empty bed for a while. Then she remembered something and turned and walked out.

Just in time, Li Yuan arrived at Sheng Courtyard. He spotted her, and said, “Miss Shu Nuan, let's have breakfast first. Then this subordinate will take you to Yulin Academy."

Shu Nuan looked at him hesitantly, and asked, “Where is the Prince?"

“There must be something wrong at the military camp, as the Prince left early in the morning.”

This kind of thing was very common, so Li Yuan did not take it to heart.

However, at this time…

Prince Sheng's military camp was stationed at the southern border of the capital.

Ningcheng Yuan had reported early in the morning to train new recruits. Unexpectedly, he found his close brother Sheng Qianmo there.

He couldn't recall any reason Sheng Qianmo might be there that early.

So Ningcheng Yuan took advantage of his subordinate and handed over the new recruits to him. He himself took a break and slowly went to Sheng Qianmo's tent. Upon arriving, he inquired from Sheng Qianmo's subordinate Li Qi about the prince. He was told that Sheng Qianmo had stayed inside the tent and had not come out since early in the morning.

Ningcheng Yuan felt strange. He quickly opened the tent without a warning or a greeting.

He saw Sheng Qianmo holding a pet.i.tion letter that had arrived.

Ningcheng Yuan said casually, “Brother, you are reading it upside down.”

Sheng Qianmo expressionlessly s.h.i.+fted his eyes to him.


Ningcheng coughed lightly, and asked him, ” Brother Sheng, why did you come to the military camp so early?"

Sheng Qianmo remained expressionless, and retorted, ” Don't you have anything useful to do?”

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