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“I have nothing else to do, so please don't change the subject. Is there something bothering you?”

The reason Ningcheng Yuan thought so was this: The day before, Su Huang had come back from Yan Province, which was a rare occasion. So brothers and close friends who had grown up in the military camp together gathered to have a drink. But Sheng Qianmo had left a little early, still somewhat sober, and had ordered a person to take him back to Sheng Courtyard.

The only other person who left early was another elder brother, but in his case he was simply afraid of his wife. Sheng Qianmo had no such circ.u.mstances.

He had wondered if Sheng Qianmo had been unwell, and if that was why he had returned early. But the next day, he reported very early to the military camp. Ningcheng Yuan's eyes lit up, and he asked somewhat slyly, "Elder Brother Sheng, are you hiding something?"

Sheng Qianmo narrowed his eyes as his slender fingers tapped the table several times.

“The new recruits sent from the northern border will also be handed over to you tomorrow.”

Sheng Qianmo calmly gave this order.

Ningcheng Yuan had wanted to ask about the rumor, but now he aggressively responded, “No! Forget I said anything!”

“If you don't want to do it, you'll have to take off your vice-commander's  badge.”


Ningcheng Yuan refuted the unreasonableness, “Brother Sheng, this is abuse of power!”

“Yes,” Sheng Qianmo simply replied.

Ningcheng Yuan, left with no choice, left indignantly.

After the vice-commander left, Sheng Qianmo put down the letter in his hand. Ma.s.saging his forehead with his hand, he looked calm but lowered his head and thought for a moment about the previous night. Because of the alcohol, he made the little girl scared and brought forth tears. He closed his eyes and his eyebrows twisted in frustration for a while.

Then another person arrived. Li Qi had been waiting outside of the military tent, and came in to report, “Prince, Princess Gu has visited and claims that she has something to say to you.”

Sheng Qianmo wrinkled up his eyebrows, looked slightly unhappy, but calmly replied, “Tell her to come in.”

Sheng Qianmo disliked people from his manor visiting him in places like the military camp. Sheng Gu knew this, so she usually stayed put in ShengHe Palace because of her illness, rarely giving Sheng Qianmo a headache.

But this time, she could not wait.

After she heard about her Fourth Uncle taking Shu Nuan to attend the Yulin Academy, she wanted to ask for an explanation. Therefore she had  waited for him to return the day before. But Li Yuan reported that Sheng Qianmo would be out for the whole day.

So then, she got up very early the next day to greet her Fourth Uncle.

But   she was disappointed by Li Yuan who told her that Prince Sheng went to the military camp early in the morning. Sheng Gu could not restrain herself any longer. She took Ah'Bi to accompany her and in a carriage went to the military camp at the southern part of the capital.

After getting permission, Sheng Gu finally entered Sheng Qianmo's tent. Seeing her Fourth Uncle, she couldn't help but get fl.u.s.tered when greeting him.

“Why are you here?” Sheng Qianmo asked coldly.

Just as Sheng Gu had opened her mouth, wis.h.i.+ng to have a good talk with her Fourth Uncle, she was interrupted with this question. She held back her grievances, looked up, and said, “I heard Fourth Uncle let that slave go to Yulin Academy to attend school…”

Sheng Qianmo frowned, “What's the problem?”

Sheng Gu pressed hers lips togethers as her eyes got redder, and said, “She is just a slave from a defeated kingdom… Why are you so good to her, Fourth Uncle…”

Sheng Qianmo looked the picture of indifference, and replied, “To whom This Prince wishes to be kind is This Prince's own business.”

“But what about me? I am your own niece, yet you are so good to that slave!”

Sheng Gu was unable to control herself any longer and began to sob. Her tears fell in torrents, “You promised father, to take good care of me…”


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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 25 - My Little Girl (15) summary

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