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My Little Girl (56)

However, upon reaching the w.a.n.gyue Forest, Shu Nuan couldn't determine its size at a glance. It was much larger than she'd expected.

 Su Hai told them, “There is a deep natural pond at the northern part. That pond has a hole in which I found jewelry one time when I was a child!”

 A cla.s.smate at the side tutted. “Young Master Su, do you want us all to hunt for treasure?”

 “Come on, come and see!”

  However, upon entering the forest they found it arduous to walk. Around them the trees were towering and densely packed together. The sunlight couldn't enter at all, and so they walked through the desolate forest with little to guide them.

A timid female cla.s.smate asked in a faint voice, “Guys, do we really want to go? What if we get lost?”

Su Hai refuted, “No, no. I know the way. Just follow me!” He then moved to the front to show them which way to take.

 It was their good fortune that Su Hai had chosen the correct path this time. Despite many detours, he had led them to the w.a.n.gyue Forest's beautiful pond.

 Su Hai was so tired he leaned onto a stone wall next to the stream of water that fed the pond, and said, “I heard that when the moon comes out, this pond glows. How about someday we come back at night?”

“I'm not coming back. This forest is already so scary at daytime.”

 After half a day's walk, rather than talk, the students sat down to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

Sitting atop the stones near the sh.o.r.e with her hands holding her knees, Shu Nuan would bow her head time after time. After a while, she scooped up the clear, cold pond water, and with curiosity in her voice, asked, "Is this water fine to drink?"

Su Hai blurted out, “Of course! Of course! I drank it when I came here before! It's even sweet!”

Listening to Su Hai, everyone realised how thirsty they were. They scooped up the water one after another and, as Su Hai had promised earlier, it tasted sweet. 

Drinking from the pool as well, Shu Nuan savored the sweet taste while wondering if she could visit the pond with Sheng Qianmo the next time.

The party waited until the sun began to set before they got up and left. Su Hai warned, "We must get out of the forest fast. It's not as easy when it gets dark."

However, they all walked out of the forest safe and sound, regardless of how Su Hai had frightened them earlier. Many people were relieved.

“Today's trip was worth it,” said Jing Fei.

“Although walking through the w.a.n.gyue Forest was daunting, the pool was gorgeous!”

 “All right. Let's all go back to our homes. See you all tomorrow at the academy.” They all bid each other goodbye.

 By coincidence, both Shu Nuan and Jing Fei got on the same street. She didn't know until after her inquiries that Jing Fei's way back coincided with hers for the most part. After turning the next corner, she would go her seperate way.

 Around this time, the wind had been getting colder. Shu Nuan needed to return to the manor in time.

But she was caught by surprise as a black robe appeared to come flying towards her from atop a nearby roof. She had been keen enough to capture the rustling wind, but just as she was about to look up, she was ambushed from behind. Even before she could react, she fainted. 

When she woke up, her body felt soft and weak. A cloth covered her eyes, and her hands and feet seemed to be tied.

 Shu Nuan had been kidnapped.

 She tried to move before a hesitant greeting came from her side. “Shu Nuan?”

 It was Jing Fei's voice.

 “En.” Shu Nuan groaned.

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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 64 - My Little Girl (56) summary

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