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My Little Girl (59)

Warning! Rated PG-13

Shu Nuan stool still for a while, unsure if to be ashamed or scared.

But in the end, she walked over with her bowed. All of a sudden, Sheng Qianmo pulled her without mercy and forced her upon the desk. Her arms made a thud as they banged across the table and dropped all the papers on it to the ground.

Shu Nuan was knocked against her lower abdomen and felt the pain as tears gathered at the corners of her eyes. But still, she gritted her teeth and endured the pain. Her little hand gripped the corner of the table. She didn’t know what Sheng Qianmo was going to do.

Sheng Qianmo looked at her back from head to foot. Turning her body around by her slender shoulder, he looked at her front, expressionless, and asked, “Did someone touch you?”

Her eyes were red and she looked at him with fear. She mumbled, “What…”

Sheng Qianmo spat out two cold words, “Jing Fei.”

Shu Nuan shook her head. “No, Your Highness misunderstands! Me and Jing Fei… ah!”

Her explanation never came to an end because Sheng Qianmo grabbed her slender wrist. Visible on it were a row of teeth marks.

Still in pain, Shu Nuan followed his gaze. She saw the teeth marks on her wrist and her eyelashes trembled.

She was too afraid of Sheng Qianmo. Even when he had acted a little harsher before, she’d been scared to death. Not to mention the ruthlessness and powerful pressure she could feel at this moment.

The moment Sheng Qianmo had gripped her wrist, fear and panic had filled her body and mind, leaving her unable to speak.

Sheng Qianmo pinched her chin again and looked at her lips.  Shu Nuan’s pain-filled tears fell as her lips quivered.

“Did he kiss you?”

He pinched her cheeks hard. The torment was so unbearable that she was left bereft of speech, able to only shake her head as her tears continued to fall.

Sheng Qianmo let go of her. She dropped from his grasp and slid to the ground.

Sheng Qianmo walked away. Near the exit, his feet paused as he ordered, “Kneel there.” He then left.

Ningcheng Yuan found that not only was Sheng Qianmo late this day, but he also began to train the soldiers in an abnormal manner. Many couldn’t bear the overloaded training and pa.s.sed out several times. Despite of this, Sheng Qianmo didn’t pause.

Once Ningcheng came to know about it, he hurried over from his training grounds and found Sheng Qianmo wearing a sullen expression. This shows that it is the right time to be unruly, but he still cannot help to persuade him to rest”Brother Sheng, why don’t you let the poor fellows rest for a while?”

Sheng Qianmo turned his back to the tower and gave a cold order to the soldiers undergoing training, turning a deaf ear to Ningcheng’s words .

Seeing this, Ningcheng Yuan knew that he would become collateral damage if he said a single word more, and so he ran away.

After a while, Li Yuan came to the military camp and was taken to the patrol station by Li Qi. The servant came over, and reported, “Your Highness, your subordinate has finished his work. I have learned that Jing Fei lives alone, and in the morning Miss. Shu came out of his house.”

Sheng Qianmo stood there, quiet. His aura was such that it would make it impossible for anyone to approach him.

As he stood there silent and unmoving, Li Yuan behind him didn’t dare let out a squeak either.

After a long time, Sheng Qianmo narrowed his eyes and said, “Get him out of the academy.”

Li Yuan was stumped for words, then nodded. “Your subordinate understands.”

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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 67 - My Little Girl (59) summary

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