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Chapter 1027: A Catastrophe?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

All the regions on Planet Tianhuang were shocked by the news.

Chen Fan hadn’t shown up for three years and even some junior members of the Chinese had lost hope. Some cultivators even guessed that Chen Fan was dead after being injured. But then he suddenly reappeared. The entire Planet Tianhuang was stunned and n.o.body dared to make a move.

What he said was especially astonis.h.i.+ng.

“Heavenly Lord Chen is finally going to establish a sect.”

Many old cultivators heaved a sigh, especially those who were Chen Fan’s enemies. Their faces were full of worry and desperation.

“What’s wrong with that? Even if he doesn’t, the Chinese are still there,” a junior said.

Some elders then started educating the young members.

The Chinese and a sect were different matters.

If Chen Fan didn’t establish a sect, the Chinese would only be a race with a population of a few hundred million people. They might be a medium race in the Beihan Region, but they were nothing in a Heavenly Region with hundreds of billions of people.

Mount Emperor had dozens of races as their slaves back then and each of them had at least ten million people or as many as a billion. The Chinese had lost quite a lot of members not long before, including Qin Luo and Elder Lei Shan; they wouldn’t be able to survive with just a Grand Elder.

Even if they occupied Mount Emperor, they wouldn’t be able to rule the entire Planet Tianhuang. They might only be able to have control over the Central Sacred Land, as they didn’t have enough manpower and high-level cultivators.

But it would be different after establis.h.i.+ng a sect!

Even cultivators who weren’t Chinese could join them. If Chen Fan established a sect, he would recruit disciples from all around Planet Tianhuang. Even some individual cultivators might join them to learn from Chen Fan. After all, Chen Fan had killed Nascent Soul Cultivators with a Golden Core Body, so he surely had some earth-shattering cultivation arts.

By then.

The power of the Chinese and Chen Fan would quickly increase and they might restore 70% of Mount Emperor’s power in a couple of years.

The entire Planet Tianhuang would also be under the feet of the Chinese and would have to respect them, like they did Mount Emperor.

“Really? So, how can we stop him?”

The junior members were immediately terrified.

n.o.body wanted to be oppressed by another powerful force like Mount Emperor.

“Let’s see what the five imperishable sects say first. If Chen Beixuan can’t deal with the five imperishable sects, people will only admire him but not be scared of him,” an elder said slowly after pondering for a long time.

At that moment.

Everyone on Planet Tianhuang looked at Mount Emperor and the five imperishable sects.

At the Medicine G.o.d Sect in Planet Tianhuang’s North Sea.

There used to be an island enveloped in Deity Light; it had different kinds of plants and Spirit Medicines all over. And then, storms and clouds had completely surrounded the island and n.o.body could see it from the outside. People only saw some azure thunderbolts that separated the two worlds, as if they were hiding one from the other.

In the ancestral hall.

The temporary Sect Master and two powerful Ancestral Patriarchs of the Medicine G.o.d Sect sat with their legs crossed.

Even though their Sect Master and Ancestral Patriarch Fudu died, there were three Nascent Soul Cultivators left, but all of them had long faces.

“Chen Beixuan has gone too far. We’ve already shut our gates to avoid him. What else does he want? Does he really want to exterminate the Medicine G.o.d Sect?” a younger Ancestral Patriarch said.

He was wearing a brown robe with all kinds of Spirit Medicines and Divine Medicines on it. There were a few hundred kinds in total and all of them were s.h.i.+mmering. That was the “Hundred Medicine Robe,” a Heavenly Treasure known for its defensive power. A Golden Core Cultivator could withstand an attack from a Nascent Soul Cultivator after putting it on. This Ancestral Patriarch was called Ge Yan, a new Nascent Soul Cultivator of the Medicine G.o.d Sect.

“Hm, Chen Beixuan really thinks we’re pushovers. If Divine Prince Mingyang hadn’t taken away the Divine Array of Mount Emperor, they wouldn’t have been defeated so easily. We all have the Divine Arrays left by our ancestors and we’ve avoided all the danger in the last hundreds of thousands of years. I don’t believe he can break the Divine Arrays.”

Another Ancestral Patriarch with colorful skin also grunted.


The temporary Sect Master nodded.

He looked at the oldest Ancestral Patriarch called Thousand Poison Boy, who was like an eight-year-old kid but with the most powerful energy among the three of them.

Thousand Poison Boy sneered and said, “I’ve talked to Fey King Hall, the Barren G.o.d Temple and the others. We’ll hide inside our Divine Arrays and see what he can do about it.”

The two Ancestral Patriarchs also nodded.

What was a Divine Array?

It was an array formed by a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator with his own Dharma Power; it was the crucial tool that helped the imperishable sects to survive for ten thousand years. The Medicine G.o.d Sect defended themselves with the Divine Array several times when they encountered danger or when attacked by Overlords from the other planets.

A few Divine Talismans were already able to back Chen Fan into a corner.

They didn’t think he was able to break the Divine Array.

The other imperishable sects like Fey King Hall, the Barren G.o.d Temple and the Zhoufa Sect also had the same idea and wanted to resist till the end.


Chen Fan was sitting in the main hall of Mount Emperor, listening to Xiao Mang’s report.

“What? Heaven’s Equal is still alive?”

Chen Fan widened his eyes and two beams of light shot out. There seemed to be two thunderbolts in the main hall and a terrifying power fell. All the cultivators were frightened and the five elders of Mount Emperor felt as if they were facing a dinosaur.

Even Lord Dragon was stunned by Chen Fan’s power.

“Heavenly Lord Chen has become even more terrifying after three years,” Lord Dragon thought.

“Oh, tell me about the details,” Chen Fan said as he restrained himself, but his eyes were still full of astonishment.

Heaven’s Equal had been captured by Mount Emperor thousands of years in the past and he was still alive? Chen Fan had even met the Artifact Spirit he left behind in the Realm of Kunxu. It greatly admired Heaven’s Equal. Having seen the slash that blocked the Path of Heaven as well, even Chen Fan wanted to meet this extraordinary senior.

“Yes, Heavenly Lord,” the Grand Elder said.

After taking over Mount Emperor, they searched through all the treasure vaults, pavilions and even jails for books, Spirit Medicines and other treasures.

In the end—

A disciple accidentally discovered a door somewhere in Mount Emperor, connecting to a small world.

The Grand Elder and Xiao Mang immediately went there and saw it with their own eyes. They were anxious, as there might be some remaining Ancestral Patriarchs of Mount Emperor hiding inside, so they interrogated Qiwu and Mingyuan.

They weren’t willing to talk at first.

And yet, when Xiao Mang took out the “Soul Detaining Tablet” and threatened to destroy their Divine Souls, Elder Qiwu had finally spoken.

That small world was in fact used to imprison people who resisted Mount Emperor. The weakest among them were Nascent Soul Cultivators, and there were also many Demon Commanders of the Ancient Demons and fiends from the Fiend Sects. Each of them was extremely dangerous. Not even the people of Mount Emperor dared to enter.

The Grand Elder and the others had wanted to give up.

But Elder Mingyuan suddenly said Heaven’s Equal was also locked up inside. All the Chinese immediately became thrilled and many old men even started crying.

That was Heaven’s Equal!

The ancestor of the Chinese, who led his people from Planet East to Planet Tianhuang and was then captured by Mount Emperor! They couldn’t believe they would still get a chance to see him.


Under Xiao Mang’s request, Mingyuan had no choice but to open the door of the “prison.” Lord Dragon volunteered to go inside as he was the most powerful one among them after all.

He got in and out quickly, and confirmed that Heaven’s Equal was indeed alive.

“If he’s alive, why don’t you bring him here now so I can meet him?” Chen Fan said anxiously.

Xiao Mang looked at the Grand Elder, then hesitated and said, “Brother, Heaven’s Equal really can’t come out. You can only go and see him yourself…”

When Chen Fan entered the “Prison World.”

He completely understood what the Grand Elder the others meant.


The Prison World was only a thousand feet large and the floor was full of black crystals. It was like a small island with a terrifying dimensional storm surrounding it.

The raging dimensional storm spinned at a high speed. Some fragments flashed across the sky like knives and not even Nascent Soul Cultivators would dare to touch them, or they would be torn to pieces.

“This is indeed the perfect prison.”

Chen Fan nodded.

It had a thousand feet range and there were dimension fragments everywhere. Not even Chen Fan would be able to stay in this frightening storm for a long time. Only Soul Formation Cultivators could escape.

There were a dozen bronze pillars in the prison.

Those pillars were made with purple bronze from another planet and they were plunged deep into the ground, becoming one with the entire prison. There were countless patterns and glitters on them. Some Divine Chains came out from the pillars, twining around the prisons tightly. Apparently, n.o.body would be able to escape, unless they had Dharma Powers that could destroy the prison.

Right then.

Apart from Heaven’s Equal, five other prisoners were still alive.

They were either aliens in black armor or fiends with horns on their heads. Although their Dharma Power had declined, they were still standing upright. They were apparently Overlords that used to be superior on Planet Tianhuang and none of them was below the mid-stage Nascent Soul Level.

“Clatter, clatter!”

Chen Fan ignored the other people and walked to where a man in white outfit was.

He seemed to be a middle-aged man, but his hair had completely turned white and it was so long that it touched the ground. Two Divine Chains extended from the purple bronze pillars, piercing through his shoulders and linking him to the pillar.

Chen Fan could even see—

Not only did the Divine Chains restrain the man’s body, they also went inside of his mind and penetrated his Nascent Soul, meaning that the man was constantly suffering from the pain of his Divine Soul being torn.

However, the man didn’t care about it at all. He opened his eyes and looked at Chen Fan with a gratified face.

“I can’t believe I can still see someone from my homeland. The Grand Opportunity on Planet East should have appeared by now. Unfortunately, that’s not an opportunity for the Chinese or the planet, but a catastrophe instead!”

After hearing what he said.

Chen Fan was astonished.

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