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Chapter 1028: A Sage Trapped a Fiend There

Chen Fan bowed and said respectfully, “Please tell me more about it, Senior.”

Speaking of ident.i.ty, Chen Fan was the North Mystic Celestial Lord in his past life and even Master Cangqin wasn’t as grand as he had become. However, in terms of power, he knew he was weaker than Heaven’s Equal at the moment.

Even so, Chen Fan bowed because Heaven’s Equal was the ancestor of the Chinese and he had brought the Chinese cultivators all the way to Planet Tianhuang. He had even been detained for a few thousand years for the sake of the Chinese.

Such a cultivator was worth bowing to.

“Please sit. I’ll tell you everything slowly.” Heaven’s Equal smiled. Although there were two purple chains binding him, and his body and Divine Soul would be torn every time he moved, he was still smiling gently. “Do you have wine?”


Chen Fan took out the Spirit Wine—made with the coldest water in the Beihuang Region—from the Blade Strengthening Gourd. It was a gift from Wu Wendin, the Ancestral Patriarch of the Wu family.

“Great! I haven’t had this ‘Ice Spirit Wine’ for thousands of years.” Heaven’s Equal started drinking. He suddenly said seriously, “Since you came from Planet East, you must know the situation there. Has the Spirit Qi been restored?”

“Yes, the Spirit Qi on Earth has gradually been recovering even before I left. Although it’s still far from the level of Planet Tianhuang, it’s getting stronger and Fiend Qi is also coming out of the ground. I thought this had something to do with the Divine Treasure at the core, but it doesn’t seem to be the case after hearing what you said,” Chen Fan said.

“You really think the so-called Grand Opportunity is some Divine Treasure?” Heaven’s Equal sipped the wine and smiled.

Chen Fan frowned, then replied after a while, “I heard about it from the Mayans.”

“Haha, the Mayans.” Heaven’s Equal shook his head with disdain in his eyes.

“When I was on Planet East, Mount Emperor came and tried to take the Grand Opportunity, but I defeated their Divine Master and only a small number of their descendants remained on Earth. Even though they were smart, they always thought too much. Hehe, if there’s really a Divine Treasure, me and my Ancestral Masters would have taken it out. How would we still be afraid of Mount Emperor?”

“It’s not a Divine Treasure?” Chen Fan frowned.

If it wasn’t a Divine Treasure.

Why did the Mermen, the Gold Clan, the Demon Tribe, the Monsters, the Mayans and other Nascent Soul Cultivators rush to Earth? Even Divine Prince Mingyang left everything on Planet Tianhuang behind and took away Mount Emperor’s Divine Array.

“I swear it’s definitely not a treasure,” Heaven’s Equal said, “Countless years ago, the Chinese found a fiend cave. The Fiend Qi inside even turned into actual fiends. What kind of treasure can be so evil? How would there be a Fiend Treasure on Planet East?”


Chen Fan also hesitated.

He knew Heaven’s Equal wasn’t lying. He had believed the Mayans when he was on Earth and kept on thinking there was a hidden Divine Treasure, but after coming to Planet Tianhuang and seeing everything in the Deity ground, especially the “True Martial Sky-severing Array,” he realized that it certainly wasn’t a Divine Treasure.

Let alone everything else…

Forming the “True Martial Sky-severing Array” required more ingredients than what ten Divine Treasures required. The Perfected Immortals of the True Martial Celestial Sect wouldn’t lay eyes on just one Divine Treasure.

“If it isn’t a Divine Treasure, why did the races in the East and West go to war back then?” Chen Fan asked.

“It’s simple, to claim a living environment.” Heaven’s Equal shook his head. “You could never imagine how desperate we were back then. The world changed day by day and the Spirit Qi dwindled every day. When Planet East was thriving, there were even cultivators close to becoming Soul Formation Grand Cultivators and there were many Nascent Soul Cultivators. In the end, only a few of them were left.

“So, war was inevitable, in order to fight for the remaining Spirit Qi.

“Of course…” Heaven’s Equal suddenly paused and he looked more serious. “We also wondered if the aliens were planning something. So, we pretended to declare war on them. Until those vicious beasts came, we immediately escaped and ran to Planet Tianhuang.”

Chen Fan interrupted, “You’re talking about the ‘Universe Predators.’?”

“You know about them?” Heaven’s Equal glanced at Chen Fan. “Right, you came to Planet Tianhuang by yourself and even defeated Mount Emperor. You’re more powerful than I was back then. It makes sense you know about the Universe Predators.”

Heaven’s Equal continued, “I only heard about them from the cultivators on Planet Tianhuang when I came here. They’re rarely seen even in the Star Ocean, let alone around the Abandoned Planet Region. Besides, they weren’t aiming at invading Planet East, but only to kick us cultivators out of the planet.”

“So, you mean someone’s commanding the Universe Predators to do so?” Chen Fan looked up.

The Universe Predators were those beasts Chen Fan had encountered on the Path of Heaven. They were like locusts in the universe and the large sects had worked together to exterminate them. Only some of them survived along the borders.

If there was really someone commanding the Universe Predators, he would have to be a peak-stage Nascent Soul Cultivator at the very least, or he wouldn’t have been able to control those beasts.

“I would say… they seem to have been tamed. However, I don’t really know much about the characteristics of those beasts. I only felt they were like obedient pets,” Heaven’s Equal said slowly.


Chen Fan’s eyes widened and he said after a while, “Please continue.”

“I only heard about the sects in the Star Ocean after coming to Planet Tianhuang. In fact, they’ve already taken control of the entire planet region. The Mermen, the Gold Clan, the Demon Tribe and the Light Race were all controlled by them somehow. I can’t even be sure if the imperishable sects on Planet Tianhuang are being ruled by those people. I didn’t notice these things before, but everything seems to have come together now,” Heaven’s Equal said with jealousy in his eyes.

“They have Soul Formation Cultivators in every generation and tons of Nascent Soul Cultivators. They can invade a planet region effortlessly and are not restricted by laws. They can even become real Nascent Soul Cultivators and Soul Formation Cultivators freely. I’m so jealous of them! The most powerful cultivator of the Chinese was just half a Soul Formation Cultivator.

“Those sects in the Star Ocean control Planet East, Planet Tianhuang and all the other planets. They’re the only ones who can treat entire planets as p.a.w.ns for a few hundred thousand years and they’re the only ones who can lock up the Heavenly Laws of a planet.”

Then, Heaven’s Equal heaved a sigh and finished a whole jug of wine.

Chen Fan remained silent.

He thought Heaven’s Equal had underestimated the Changshen Sect and the Fey G.o.d Sect. Stealing the Laws of Heaven of the entire Abandoned Planet Region wasn’t something a Soul Formation Cultivator could do. Even in the nine Celestial Sects, there might only be a few cultivators who could do that.

Only the True Martial Celestial Sect was powerful enough.

“Senior, what’s the catastrophe you talked about before?” Chen Fan asked. That was the thing he was most concerned about. He didn’t care about the plans of the Changshen Sect or the Light Race. After all, he could just eliminate them when he returned to Earth.

As long as the Soul Formation Cultivators didn’t show up.

Chen Fan believed n.o.body could resist him at this moment.

In the past three years, all of his wounds had been healed and he had also pushed his power to the highest level. He cultivated a few Grand Divine Powers at the same time. Each of them was earth-shattering, able to defeat Nascent Soul Cultivators.

“Too late.”

Heaven’s Equal said, “If the Spirit Qi has been restored, there will be no turning back anymore.”

“Why so?” Chen Fan said seriously.

“My ancestors and I actually did find out the plan of the sects in the Star Ocean. In fact, we once caught a cultivator from an imperishable sect. He said the entire Abandoned Planet Region and all the planets with life have opportunities, but the Grand Opportunity was to be found on Planet East,” Heaven’s Equal said.

“He didn’t know what exactly it was, but he said there’s a saying in the Star Ocean.”

“What saying?” Chen Fan leaned forward.

Heaven’s Equal sipped the wine and said, “A Sage trapped a fiend on Planet East.”

“A Sage trapped a fiend on Planet East?” Chen Fan frowned.

What did that mean?

So, there was a fiend deep under the ground on Earth? Was this a joke? Earth had existed for billions of years. What kind of fiend could live for that long? Even Void Returning or Dao Reunion Cultivators would have died already.


Chen Fan could think of one possibility, but he immediately shook his head. It was too ridiculous. If that were true, Master Cangqin might not be strong enough to deal with it; at least a few Perfected Immortals were needed.

What was worth a Dao Reunion Perfected Immortal risking his own life?

Chen Fan didn’t have the faintest idea.

At least a Divine Treasure or a Dao Fruit weren’t worth it. That had to be related to the survival of a Celestial Sect or the opportunity to become a Sage; they wouldn’t be so determined otherwise.

“But even if it isn’t what we thought was in the core of Planet East, it’s definitely something bad,” Chen Fan said.


Heaven’s Equal seemed to have guessed what Chen Fan was thinking and he nodded. “That disciple also said that when the Grand Opportunity appeared, the entire Planet East would be turned upside down. The planet may shatter and people may be crushed to pieces, or the laws might be locked and there will be no Spirit Qi anymore, leaving a dead planet behind. There would be no Immortal Cultivators afterwards.”


Golden glitters flashed in Chen Fan’s eyes and the black crystal he was sitting on cracked, but he didn’t notice it.

What Heaven’s Equal said… Wasn’t it what Chen Fan had seen when he was reborn?

Earth had no Spirit Qi at all and had become a dead planet since then. There were no Immortal Cultivators anymore!

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