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Chapter 1126: Get out and Die

“Where’s Heavenly Lord Chen?”

“Cultivators from Planet Tianlan have arrived. As the cultivation leader of Earth, Heavenly Lord Chen should come to meet them and discuss diplomatic terms together.”

“That’s right. Even if he doesn’t welcome Heavenly Lord Anpo, he should still say something and tell us what to do, instead of disappearing and hiding like he’s doing now.”

Many people said similar things.

Even some senior officials of the home country’s cultivation world expressed worries to the North Qiong Sect.

After all, Heavenly Lord Anpo was too terrifying. Although he looked nice and he claimed that he wanted to make peace with Earth, he had dozens of Golden Core Cultivators and three Nascent Soul Cultivators under his command. His power was also unpredictable; he was not someone the Ancestral Patriarch of the Kindred could compare to. Everyone on Earth knew Chen Fan was powerful, but they had no idea how strong he truly was. They still thought Chen Fan had killed the Ancestral Patriarch of the Kindred only by relying on the Sky Galaxy Array, which was why they were so worried.

“What should we do?”

“Should we open the sword array and just go there to kill Anpo? I don’t think he has any good intentions.”

“But Master told us not to use the ‘Sky Galaxy Array’ before he left. It’s the foundation of the North Qiong Sect. If we use it to attack Anpo in North America, the attack would need to travel across the ocean, and the defense in Chu Zhou City would be weakened. What if someone attacks us by then?”

The elders also discussed.

Auntie Tang glanced over and saw two parties in the newly built North Qiong Sect on Yun Wu Mountain. One was led by Auntie Xiu, the Golden Core Cultivators of China and elders of the North Qiong Sect, while the other was led by Lu Yanxue and dozens of Golden Core Cultivators of Kunxu.

Undoubtedly, Lu Yanxue’s party was more powerful. There were dozens of Golden Core Cultivators and even disciples Chen Fan had taught in person like Qi Xiu’er, but A’Xiu was halfway on the process to forming a divine-grade Golden Core and she had control of the Sky Galaxy Array, so she wasn’t that much weaker. Even though the two parties were competing with each other, they cooperated most of the time, especially when Heavenly Lord Anpo came so unexpectedly.

“Master had once said that the Sky Galaxy Array can kill peak-stage Nascent Soul Cultivators, but the defense in Chu Zhou City will certainly be weakened once we use it. If we make a reckless move and give our enemies a chance to destroy Chu Zhou City and the North Qiong Sect, how will we explain to Master when he comes back?” A’Xiu said calmly.

“I’m also thinking the same thing. Heavenly Lord Anpo is just bluffing. He would not dare to come to Yun Wu Mountain as long as he doesn’t know how powerful Heavenly Lord Chen is. Since he’s outside not in Chu Zhou City, what if we just let him be for now?” Lu Yanxue also a.n.a.lyzed calmly.

The North Qiong Sect chose to give up and remain silent.

This disappointed a lot of supporters of the North Qiong Sect and Chen Fan.

“What’s the North Qiong Sect doing? They’re letting those cultivators from another planet push us around?”

“Are the rumors true? Is Heavenly Lord Chen trapped in some alien s.p.a.ce inside Earth like the cultivators from the Star Ocean? Or is he really afraid of meeting Heavenly Lord Anpo?”

“That’s it. Heavenly Lord Chen is just a Golden Core Cultivator, but Heavenly Lord Anpo is different from the Ancestral Patriarch of the Kindred. He’s a real peak-stage Nascent Soul Cultivator and his power is unpredictable! It’s normal for Heavenly Lord Chen to be frightened.”

Many people started discussing.

There were ongoing arguments on the Internet and the CIA underground forum. Those who didn’t usually show up also went online to mock the North Qiong Sect, while Chen Fan’s supporters also got out to refute.

“Hm, why does Heavenly Lord Chen have to tell you traitors where he goes?”

“Right, Heavenly Lord Chen has been invincible his whole life. He never gave in, even when he dealt with the Mayan fleet and the Ancestral Patriarch of the Kindred. How would he be frightened by a Nascent Soul Cultivator?”

“Heavenly Lord Chen must be in seclusion break through to the Nascent Soul Level!”

A netizen with an ID called Zhu Xiaoque even stood on the front line. She seemed to know a lot of secret information. She kept quoting sources and her arguments were irrefutable, driving a lot of Chen Fan’s haters away.

“You don’t have any real proof. Besides, there’s no use to convince me. Go convince Heavenly Lord Anpo,” someone added anxiously.

As expected.

A few days later, Heavenly Lord Anpo spoke for the first time.

“I heard that Heavenly Lord Chen of Planet East is a peerless elite. He can kill Nascent Soul Cultivators at the Golden Core Level and is an extremely talented cultivator in the entire planet region. I would like to meet him and revel in his charm.”

Given his status as a peak-stage Nascent Soul Cultivator who represented Planet Tianlan, what he said was extremely important. Besides, Anpo only said he wanted to see Chen Fan; not even the North Qiong Sect could escape after this.

“Master has traveled somewhere to cultivate. I’m afraid he can’t meet you,” A’Xiu said.

“Where did he go?” Heavenly Lord Anpo asked.

“I’m not sure,” A’Xiu replied.

“When will he return?” Heavenly Lord Anpo asked again.

“I don’t know that, either,” A’Xiu answered.

She couldn’t answer those few questions. Even though Heavenly Lord Anpo still looked friendly, his disciples had become impatient. “You don’t know anything. I think Chen Beixuan is just a coward. He’s scared of my Master and he’s hiding from us. Planet East seems to have revived, but there’s n.o.body powerful here after all.”

After hearing what he said, all the people of the North Qiong Sect were enraged. A’Xiu even widened her eyes; she couldn’t wait to use the sword array to immediately slay that arrogant man. The Internet in China was also stirred and many foreigners were unable to watch this anymore.

“Shut up, Xing Hu. Don’t be rude,” Heavenly Lord Anpo stopped him and said calmly, “I don’t mind waiting for a while if Heavenly Lord Chen is not here.”

Then, he returned to North America.

Things seemed to have settled in a blink. Anpo didn’t provoke them again and the disciples of the North Qiong Sect also calmed down. There was currently a tense mood between North America and China.

But after a while.

Some cultivators from another planet made an appearance.

They were cultivators from a planet close to Earth, called Planet Expedition, and their leader was also a Nascent Soul Cultivator, whose name was Yaron.

Heavenly Lord Yaron’s arrival seemed to have opened the door.

In a month, a dozen groups of cultivators came from other parts of the universe to Earth, one after the other.

Cultivators from almost all the planets around Earth, including Planet Huosang, Planet Yangu and Planet Blue paid Earth a visit. When they arrived, all of them went past China and landed in Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. All of them were sought after by the cultivators and senior officials of those countries.

Especially when those of the Gold Clan came from their home planet, Earth was completely stirred.

“The Gold Clan? Isn’t that one of the eight powerful alien races?”

“Yes, the headquarters of the Gold Clan in South America was completely leveled by Chen Beixuan. And now, their home planet has sent people over. I heard that there are three Nascent Soul Cultivators in their group.”

“The North Qiong Sect is in big trouble.”

Countless people discussed on the Internet.

The cultivators from the other planets weren’t a big deal, but the Gold Clan was different. There was truly a feud between Chen Fan and the Gold Clan. Their members who stayed on Earth back then were all killed by him, including their vanguard. The eight powerful alien races held a grudge against Chen Fan and the North Qiong Sect.

As expected.

The Ancestral Patriarch of the Gold Clan arrived the next day and said coldly, “Ask Chen Beixuan to get out and die!”

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