The Long-awaited Mr Han Chapter 1530 - Seeing Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie Come In

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Chapter 1530: Seeing s.h.i.+ Xiaoya and Guo Yujie Come In

All the restaurants he knew were those with good environments and styles.

He had not tried places with thick smoke smells like what Lu Man described, but he was quite curious about it.

Hence, both of them held hands and went to a street behind the school.

As Lu Man walked, she introduced him around. “This street has all these small restaurants that mainly serve street food. Sichuan fish with pickled mustard greens, baby lobsters and traditional hot pot, they have all of that. Whenever we have in the morning and afternoon and need to eat in school, we would come out and eat, so we have eaten everything along this whole street.”

“You actually ate such things behind my back?” Han Zhuoli pinched her nose lightly and said, “I have to say, your stomach is really strong.”

Lu Man laughed. “I’m not someone born in prestige. In the past, I couldn’t even afford to eat at such small restaurants. At most, I would eat bento lunches with a bunch of extras. The lunches of film extras were different from that of the main actors. In the past, people from the same production crew still ate the same meals. But now, the artistes that are a little more capable all order their own meals. The bento lunches are mostly for the staff and the extras, so it wasn’t very good, and it was even unhygienic, but I’m still fine eating that.”

The first few times Lu Man ate it, she was indeed still not used to it.

At that time, she was Lu Qi’s a.s.sistant. The first time she joined a production crew with Lu Qi, Lu Qi ate a low-calorie meal to preserve her figure.

Meanwhile, Lu Man went to collect the bento lunches provided by the production crew, along with the extras. Those lunches in white styrofoam boxes all had mushy vegetables and meat mixed together in it.

The most frequently seen dishes were fried potatoes and roasted chicken bits. The chicken bits were pathetically meager. Most of it was chicken skin and the rest were potato slices.

Who knew under what kinds of conditions these bento lunches were made?

Basically, the first time Lu Man ate it, she really vomited and had diarrhea for quite a while and was even unstable on her feet when she walked the next day.

It was probably because she had been through such training that whatever she ate afterward, no matter how bad the sanitation conditions were, Lu Man could still take it.

Suddenly, Lu Man felt a little hesitant to bring Han Zhuoli along to eat now.

“You’ve never eaten such things before. What if you get a stomach upset from this? Forget it, why don’t we just go to the school cafeteria and eat?” Lu Man said.

Although the food in the school cafeteria was not that nice, at least the hygiene standards were pa.s.sable.

Han Zhuoli pulled her back and said, “I’m not as fragile as you think I am. Anyway, if we go to the cafeteria and eat, won’t we be asking to be swarmed by crowds of people staring at us? What do you want to eat? I think baby lobsters are not bad, or maybe Sichuan fish? Hot pot is a very hearty meal and will leave a smell, so it won’t be convenient for attending the welcome party tonight.”

“Then how about Sichuan fish?” Lu Man suggested. “If we go for baby lobsters, the sauces can easily stain our clothes, so it doesn’t seem very convenient either.”


Both of them then entered a restaurant serving Sichuan fish. Although the restaurant did not look big, there were still two private rooms on the second floor.

As it was beside the school, boys would like to gather together to drink and chat, so the private rooms were reserved for them.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were just two people, so they picked a table near a corner where not many people would pa.s.s by.

Just as they finished ordering their dishes, Lu Man, who happened to be facing the entrance, saw s.h.i.+ Xiaoya and Guo Yujie come in.

“Xiaoya!” Lu Man immediately waved at them.

When s.h.i.+ Xiaoya saw her, she walked over with Guo Yujie and said, “Lu Man, Young Master Han, what a coincidence.”

“Yeah. You like to eat here too?” Lu Man asked as she smiled.

“We haven’t eaten yet, so we decided to come and eat something before going back to work,” s.h.i.+ Xiaoya explained.

“Then let’s eat together. We can move to a bigger table,” Lu Man said.

When s.h.i.+ Xiaoya heard that, she did not refuse.

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