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Chapter 2081: Want a Divorce

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She held on to Lu Qiyuan’s elbow intimately.

Just like what Han Zhuoli said, Lu Qiyuan had long arranged for a villa here.

After getting together with Jiang Yujie, he fetched Jiang Yujie over to stay with him.

Lu Qiyuan turned and saw Jiang Yujie’s youthful and supple skin. It was fair, smooth, and unmarked.

So different from Xia Qingyang’s wrinkled face that could not withstand sagging no matter how much plastic surgery she got.

Who knew how beautiful Jiang Yujie looked compared to Xia Qingyang?

Looking at this young and pretty face lifted Lu Qiyuan’s mood considerably too.

Jiang Yujie’s personality was gentle and considerate. Being together with her made him relax much more, as if he did not have any troubles at all.

The more he interacted with Jiang Yujie, the more Lu Qiyuan could not stand Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi.

Now, Lu Qiyuan really did not have any feelings left for those two.

Naturally, the things Jiang Yujie could make him l.u.s.t for was not only her gentleness and sweetness but more so that youthful body of hers.

Lu Qiyuan sighed. He could not bear to get angry at Jiang Yujie at all. He just pa.s.sed his phone to Jiang Yujie and said, “Take a look at it yourself!”

Jiang Yujie glanced over it and gaped. “This… Madam and Miss Lu, they…”

Jiang Yujie acted all shocked, but her heart was flowering with sarcasm and mockery.

Lu Qiyuan took his phone back. He really could no longer stand Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi.

He held Jiang Yujie’s hand and said, “Yujie, it’s hard on you. You’re with me without a proper name and status.”

Jiang Yujie shook her head. “You have your difficulties, I know. I don’t ask for much, I just ask that you let me stay by your side like this, and that you don’t get tired of me and abandon me, leaving me with nowhere to go.

“I am very surprised that you can like me, and I feel very flattered as well,” Jiang Yujie said in a gentle voice, even with a faint blush on her face.

The more Lu Qiyuan looked at her, the more he forgot what he had been angry about.

She had been with him for a period of time already, but she was still like a little lady, looking especially innocent, which made him unable to hold back his desires.

“I didn’t think that you will like me. You’re so amazing, how can you possibly like a normal, average person like me?” Jiang Yujie said while blus.h.i.+ng as she shook her head. “So, I am already very contented and there’s nothing much that I can be greedy for anymore.”

Afraid that he would not believe her, Jiang Yujie stared straight into his eyes without avoiding them at all and promised, “I never thought of replacing Madam’s position, and I never thought of a.s.suming a proper status. I never thought of fighting for anything, really.”

Who knew if Lu Qiyuan believed her, but he asked, “But this is too unfair to you. Could you bear to be my lover for the rest of my life?”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yujie suddenly panicked and clutched Lu Qiyuan’s elbow as she said, “Don’t… don’t tell me, after a few years, or even just after a few months, you won’t want me anymore?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Lu Qiyuan caressed her face and said, “I won’t not want you, you silly girl.”

Jiang Yujie twitched her lips and did not feel a.s.sured just because of this. “I really didn’t think of it before, about replacing anyone. It’s because I didn’t want to bring you trouble and disturbance. If you really want to divorce her, Madam will surely find trouble with you and quarrel with you.

“You’re staying here every day now. Isn’t it precisely because you’re tired of the quarrels? I won’t quarrel or make a fuss. I don’t want to put you in a bad mood, and I don’t want you to quarrel with Madam every day because of me.

“I just like you and admire you, and I think you’re so amazing. I like to be with you, and I like the feeling of you protecting me and indulging in me,” Jiang Yujie said in a gentle voice.

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