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Chapter 263 – The h.o.a.rder (3)

Team: HH, thursdays, Yahiko (5/12)

Vigrid was s.h.i.+ning brighter than ever. From the end of its blade to its handle, it was s.h.i.+ning even whiter than the snow around it.

From far away, it looked like he was holding a long stick.

Urrng, urrng—

[Vigrid – ???]

Category: Single-handed long sword

Rank: ???

Summary: There was a holy sword that all great heroes wanted. However, it spilled too much blood as it was pa.s.sed down from hero to hero, and it became a demonic sword with a curse to injure its owner.

However, after a long time, the curse was successfully wiped away with a nameless master's holy power and Dragon Blood.

Now that the holy sword reveals its hidden light, it will be the envy of great heroes, and evil enemies will be trapped in fear and shock.

*Sword Purification

Vigrid always lived a life of fighting. So within it, there was the blood, sweat, and tears of those it fought. The deep vestige of the heroes always shows itself in battle.

The more it fights against, the more murderous intent it absorbs to buff the user. The stronger the enemy, the more powerful the fighting force.

*Blessing Wavelength

When you attack your opponent for the last time, it curses all the enemies near you.

After they are 'infected,' their defenses decrease and their movements slow down.

*Hero – Unyielding

When the willpower and hate of the user exceeds a certain amount, the vestige of the heroes inside of the holy sword will be awakened through an exorbitant amount of magic power. Then, the attack speed will increase from 50% to 2,000%, and the damage will be amplified by 40~50%. However, defense and properties skills will decrease by 70% at most.

*Villain – Expel

Vigrid has the grudges of the monsters as much as the vestige of heroes. These grudges were what made the holy sword into a demonic sword, but now that it's wiped lean, it can punish demons for what they are.

When the skill is activated, the chance of injury from those recognized as enemies will significantly decrease, and the chance of success will multiply exponentially.

**This artifact is 'Unique.' There isn't an artifact like this in the entire Tower, and it is completely bound to its owner. It cannot be given to someone else.

** Currently, you have unlocked 99% of the curse. You have succeeded in opening all functions, but you haven't found the 'real' name yet. Only after finding the real name will it be restored to its glory days.

Yeon-woo wondered what would happen if he fed Vigrid the Dragon's Blood after hunting the Summer Queen.

Dragon's Blood was a treasure regarded as a superior elixir, and because it could change countless Blessings, Yeon-woo was able to awaken his Dragon Body, and the Summer Queen was able to create the 81 Eyes and the Nine Dragon Sons.

If a holy sword that heroes had used swallowed Dragon's Blood, what would change?

In the legends, dragons were usually villains that heroes killed.

There was the danger of placing a new curse on the sword, but Vigrid had found its own function as a holy sword and was fixing itself through holy power, so it could probably purify itself.

That was why Yeon-woo poured in the blood from the Summer Queen's corpse into Vigrid. He didn't really do anything other than that except to check the changes Vigrid was undergoing with Boo.

And Yeon-woo's attempt had been very successful. It wasn't just the vestige of heroes inside Vigrid. There were also the grudges of villains. The vestiges of the heroes awakened the functions of the holy sword through holy power, and the grudges of the villains reacted to the Dragon's Blood, revealing its demonic sword traits. The source of the curse reacted to the Dragon's Blood.

The sword now had both the traits of a holy and demonic sword. This change had succeeded in releasing the last option.

That was the current Vigrid.

Although it wasn't complete because of the remaining 1%.

Yeon-woo gripped the unique formation that was surrounded by white light in his hand. As it s.h.i.+ned with the fire, it almost looked beautiful.

Yeon-woo swung the holy sword with the vestige of heroes and villains. Light and fire spewed out, and the Wave of Fire split the snowy mountains.

Everything literally flashed. At the same time, the fire released an explosive sound and heat, almost making him go deaf. Most of the snow monsters that were lined up in one spot were swept away.

He didn't hear their shrieks or screams.


The fire continued to spread out, causing continuous explosions, and the storm that was pushed away created a whirlwind that emitted heat waves.

The snow that covered the mountains evaporated, and the bare earth was revealed, showing the damp ground similar to a desert.


Regardless of that, as the wind blew inwards, the fire that was spread out was pulled towards the center, and a horrifying sight was revealed.

There, Yeon-woo's eyes flashed.

'Vigrid is definitely pretty destructive. I'll raise the strength of the attack from here and…..'

The scarred battlefield was revealed. The snow monsters were holding their injured areas and ran at Yeon-woo as soon as they saw him.

He couldn't see any order from them anymore. They were furious that a mere human had looked down at them. They probably thought that after this crazy act, he wouldn't be able to use this much strength anymore.

However, Yeon-woo swung Vigrid the other way this time. Ts.h.i.+ng. When he poured as much magic power as he could inside of the swo rd, Vigrid made a happy sound.

Normally, it probably would've screamed in pain, but with the complete awakening of the holy sword, Vigrid used magic power easily.

Once again, the Wave of Fire was shot out, except on a larger scale than before. Heatwaves ripped into the atmosphere again and again.

He had tossed another explosion in the middle of a burning fire, so of course the explosion would be amplified.

Still, Yeon-woo didn't stop there and repeatedly swung Vigrid.

Three times, four times, five times. When he arrived at the sixth, the snowy mountains had almost collapsed. The monsters couldn't do anything about the explosion anymore.

Amidst all that, Yeon-woo's clothes just fluttered in the wind. He didn't suffer any damage. Rather, he looked refreshed after being able to release his strength after a long time.

When he had first made the Wave of Fire, he hadn't been able to use it properly because of how destructive it was, attacking both friends and foe.

That was why the Wave of Light that Jeong-woo used couldn't be controlled and shot up into the sky. Yeon-woo felt the same discomfort.

However, after training Consciousness, Yeon-woo found a solution.

His brother had used Mana Control after the 21st floor to prevent the Wave of Light from hurting him.

Of course, there were some cons to controlling its destructive power.

After absorbing the Summer Queen's soul, Yeon-woo was able to control that much. But he didn't want to do that.

He searched for a solution to use Wave of Fire in its entirety. No, he wanted to use Wave of Fire to its maximum potential.

The solution that he had found was simpler than he thought.

Property synchronization.

He had changed all his special properties into the fire property after controlling his Consciousness. Also, he made Wave of Fire into the same property after pouring Consciousness into it.

He made it so that the fire and heat could pa.s.s through his body smoothly. Yeon-woo was fire, and fire was Yeon-woo. Yeon-woo was free.

Now, with the limits of Wave of Fire gone, he was able to use it without worrying about anything.

He felt refreshed, like all his frustrations disappeared.

'This is pretty useful.'

In fact, it wasn't just useful. It was satisfying. The Wave of Fire that he had only theorized was more destructive than he expected.

The atmosphere was hot, and the earth was boiling.

Yeon-woo slowly began to pull the Wave of Fire to himself.

What Yeon-woo wanted wasn't just for it to be destructive. He wanted to be able to control it completely.

That was why he tried to control it with Consciousness, and he condensed it into a tiny ball and locked it into Aura.

The Wave of Fire with Aura. It was spectacular. He believed that this didn't fall short of the Martial King's Palgwae. A Consciousness Energy of Yeon-woo's own was born.

The more he swung his sword, the more the Wave of Fire gathered, centered on Vigrid.

The temperature began to climb much higher as he gathered the fire, and it was like the atmosphere would bend around him from the heat.

The 31st time, 32nd time, 33rd time…..

48th time, 49th time.

When he reached the 50th time, Vigrid s.h.i.+ned a rougher light than ever, and when he reached the 70th time, Vigrid began to tremble like it was too much.

By the 90th time, there was only a scary heat around Yeon-woo; there wasn't a fire anymore. There were only sparks coming from the red-brown sword that had previously been white. Of course, those sparks would cause ridiculously large explosions when they hit the ground.

On the 95th time, the heat around Yeon-woo settled down. Light, heat, and the wind had been trapped in Consciousness.

When on the 97th and 98th time, the Aura that looked like it was about to explode became firm, and on the 99th time, the Aura turned into a dark black color of night.

It was a black Strong Energy. Black Power was created.

And on the last, 100th time, Yeon-woo brought the Black Power down.


The leader of the military who had barely survived after their servants were dead were split in half.


The monster made a horrified face like it saw a monster, and it turned to ashes after being swept away by the fire.

[You have succeeded in defeating the 13th squadron and its leader, Whey.]

[You have achieved an accomplishment that is not easily achieved. Additional Karma is being rewarded.]

[You have earned 10,000 Karma.]

[You have earned an additional 15,000 Karma.]

[You have found a new way to use Consciousness.]

[You have succeeded in creating Strong Energy.]

[You have discovered the method to trap fire in Aura. Your control of the fire property increases dramatically.]

[You have completed the skill 'Wave of Fire.']

[Wave of Fire]

Numbering 002

Proficiency: 8.1%

Summary: A form of energy that Player ### condensed in a complex manner using 'Fire Rain' a Numbering skill. It can be used in many various ways, so its firepower and destructive power are fantastic.

* Fire Thunder

A relatively strong explosion will be created, compared to the amount of magic power used. Depending on the case, there is a high chance it can destroy barriers and push one's opponent into confusion by crumbling their surroundings.

* Simmering Spark

Lightning bolts rain down from the condensed power along with explosions everywhere. The lightning bolts will transport the firepower somewhere further, creating continuous explosions along the way, making a barren field of wherever it through. The spark won't be extinguished easily and the damage will last long after.

* Black Power

A form of Aura after it is condensed. There will be burns left from the high heat even when it just sweeps by. An enormous amount of magic power is needed just to create the Aura, and if failed to be controlled, the user can be critically injured.

**This skill is Unique. Only one exists in the Tower. If you succeed in sharing it with someone else, its Unique t.i.tle will disappear, and instead, an additional benefit will be given to the creator.

Numbering 002!

It was then that the Wave of Fire was completed, taking the spot of the Wave of Light.

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