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Published at 8th of April 2020 11:00:08 PM
Chapter 367: 367
Chapter 367 Tricks by the He sisters

After achieving their objectives, the two sisters did not linger and said their goodbyes to Mo Xuetong .

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“My Lady, they did it purposefully . ” Mo Yu complained unhappily while she kept the tea set .

“You saw through that too? Mo Yu is smarter and smarter now . ” Mo Xuetong smiled as she asked .

Hearing Mo Xuetong's compliment, Mo Yu could not help but laugh proudly . But the thought of the intentions of He sisters made her face swell up in anger again .

“Of course I saw through it, the He sisters' intentions to live inside here or they would tarnish His Highness' reputation was written all over their faces . ” Mo Yu complained angrily for her lady's sake .

The two sisters were indeed shameless . They pretended to be aristocrats but came personally to talk about their marriage, something that was too crude for any aristocratic ladies . The two looked around in greed at the objects in the manor, and were all about to drool! The two cooperated shamelessly and seamlessly to achieve their shameless goal of entering the manor .

“It's indeed not easy for Mo Yu to see through that!” Mo Xuetong mocked her .

On the other side, Mo Lan laughed uncontrollably, with Mo Ye lowering her head to hide her laughter too . Read more new novels on listnovel . com

“What's wrong? What's so funny? Did y'all not understand that . ” Mo Yu turned around to ask Mo Lan as she didn't know why she was laughing . She blinked her eyes in confusion .

Then, everyone smiled and Mo Xuetong wiped the corner of her mouth with a handkerchief .

“How can a smart lady like our lady not understand when you can . ” Mo Lan explained, smiling .

Seeing how everyone laughed, Mo Yu finally understood what happened and lamented, “My Lady, you are bullying your servant! I am merely afraid that you will fall for their tricks . ”

After speaking, she stared at Mo Lan to hide her embarra.s.sment in her anger . She had already packed up the tea set and she was about to leave .

“Alright, I know Mo Yu did it for my good and was conscious over them for my sake . Mo Yu, tell me, why do you think they want to live in a side garden of the manor . Is it really to have a place to stay before their marriage?” Mo Xuetong extended her hand to hold Mo Yu's hand, the corner of her eyes inexplicably filled with smiles .

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However, her face turned solemn at once! She returned to the topic as she knew Mo Yu would be mad with embarra.s.sment if she continued mocking her .

“I think that they wanted to live here to meet His Highness coincidentally so as to enter our manor . ” Seeing that her miss stopped making fun of her, asking for her advice instead, she placed down the tea set and pondered about it before answering . She believed that their lengthy methods were all to secure a place in the manor .

“My Lady, I don't think that's necessarily the case . His Highness does not visit the side gardens and periphery houses, and they knew that His Highness was never interested in them . Hence, they will have no chance with His Highness even if they live there for a year . Therefore, I believe that they are scheming other things . ” Mo Lan answered after thinking carefully for a moment .

The situation before and the lack of familiarity meant that the prince would not be interested in them . When he was not in power, they were nowhere to be seen . However, they all came flattering him when he gained power, rus.h.i.+ng and begging to enter the side garden . That was indeed interesting .

Mo Xuetong nodded her head in approval . Mo Lan was indeed more thoughtful than the rest . On the surface, the two sisters came in joyously . However, their joy made little sense since they knew that Feng Yuran was not interested in them . That made their intentions complicated . Their objective was indeed mysterious if their main intention was not to enter the manor .

Why exactly did they come here to deliver such a speech!

If this happened before, Feng Yuran and Mo Xuetong would not be interested in them since he required a poor reputation as his facade . However, the situation had changed since then . After his recovery, he was slowly returning to the right path, slowly entering the court and slowly administering policy matters, moving away from the numerous women in his back garden . He shouldn't be surrounded by scandals now!

At this juncture, the suggestion for the two sisters to move to the side garden was too coincidental!

They struck at almost the perfect timing, a timing that was impossible to grasp without a keen sense of political sensitivity .

Her thoughtful smile slowly turned into a smirk .

She was not disdainful of the two sisters but the two sisters did perform indecent actions . They wanted to live in the side gardens of a prince's manor for their marriage . However, she pondered if the groom would be deserving of such a blessing .

“Mo Ye, ask Mo Feng to go to the side garden in the western city to monitor their family . Report to me if anything is amiss . ” Mo Xuetong gave her order casually . “Please investigate and find out who this first cousin is marrying . How can she request to be married from His Highness' manor . ”

“Yes, I shall tend to it immediately . ” Mo Ye replied before she retreated .

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She had always been a quiet girl and was usually replying to orders instead of talking . She could seem a little cold and indifferent especially when no one was around, and there was no need to pretend . However, after having followed Mo Xuetong for a long while, she smiled more now and seemed a little more human .

“My Lady, did you suspect that someone sent them here?” Mo Lan blinked her eyes and asked, frowning .

“If not, their arrival is too coincidental!” Mo Xuetong stood up and replied . Mo Yu helped her up and whispered, “Should we tell His Highness?”

Feng Yuran was indeed busy these days, even sleeping directly in Jinwei Hall sometimes as if his back garden were merely a decoration . He restricted people from reaching him in places other than Mo Xuetong's main garden . Mo Yu and Mo Lan had been extremely satisfied with Feng Yuran's behavior as they knew that their lady took entire control of the back garden . However, since the matter today involved the two cousins from his uncle's family, they had to be careful .

Even though their prince did despise them, their blood relations were impossible to break!

“Mo Lan, inform Steward w.a.n.g later that His Highness has two cousins who intend to enter our side garden for their marriage . Ask His Highness to come over when he is free . ” Mo Xuetong ordered Mo Lan .

Feng Yuran was missing these two days and she decided to inform him through Steward w.a.n.g . She was still unclear over certain matters and would like to discuss it with Feng Yuran directly .

Feng Yuran came in the night that day . After he arrived, he chased everyone out before pus.h.i.+ng Mo Xuetong, who rose to greet him, onto the bed . His handsome eyes blinked as he asked joyously, “Did you miss me, Tong'er?”

Mo Xuetong did not expect him to pounce on her without even speaking a word . Under his broad chest, her chubby white face turned red, making her more seductive . She bit her lips in embarra.s.sment before pus.h.i.+ng him, complaining, “No! Where did you go these two days! You didn't even tell me!” Even though her words were tough, her voice became softer and softer, as if she was moaning .

She blushed even more when she heard her own voice and decided to instead bite his chest to hide her shyness .

The slight pain on his chest meant nothing but to give him an itchy and numb feeling . He saw her seductive face and felt his heart turn sweet and tender . He did feel that his woman turned more adorable after not seeing her for two days and hence decided to press onto her without even speaking, using his slim lips to kiss the pair of attractive and lovely cherry lips .

There was no point in talking at this moment!

He did miss her greatly after not seeing her for two days!

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Her soft and fragrant body was under his body as Mo Xuetong's slight fragrance entered his heart through his nostrils . His entire nervous system and the whole body relaxed at that smell . It was indeed true what the ancestors said about how holding a beauty in one's arms was like holding a piece of precious jade .

That's especially true since the beauty was someone he loved dearly, and that made Feng Yuran excited, sweeping his two days of fatigue away, with only her soft flowery lips in his sight .

He did not allow Mo Xuetong to dodge, kissing using his soft wet lips . He held her tightly using his strong muscular arms as he showered his woman with his numerous kisses . The hard and rough kisses under his lips and tongue brought out his pa.s.sion and enthusiasm, his deepest love and heartache…

Deep and rapid breathing came from within the room . That was Mo Xuetong panicking and Feng Yuran suppressing .

Her hands were pressed over her head by his large palm . He slipped into the blanket she was leaning against, with her b.r.e.a.s.t.s pressing against his chest . Mo Xuetong panicked as she felt his excitement .

He did promise, that he would not…

She was a wife in her previous life too and thus she knew what was happening . She was anxious and was at a loss for what to do . When she finally had a chance to breathe, she breathed in heavily and was about to talk before she was showered by hot bleeding kisses once more . Her initial resistance had faded away, turning her heart softer, from ice to water .

She was no longer as cold and as nonchalant as she was before .

When her shoulders were kissed, Mo Xuetong finally had the chance to talk . “Yuran, you, you cannot…”

“I know!” A hoa.r.s.e voice came from her shoulder . Feng Yuran was breathing heavily, resting there with his eyes closed . He then realized that he made the most foolish mistake in allowing her to pay her filial respects . This abstinence would be impossible to sustain as he would die from enduring it . No, he had to think of a way to initiate s.e.x earlier .

Also, he needed to get rid of the poison early too!

Thinking about the poison on Mo Xuetong's body, Feng Yuran's eyes darkened as the pa.s.sion in his heart receded!

“You did it even though you knew…” Mo Xuetong complained in anger and embarra.s.sment . This man was indeed reckless to have acted in this way even though he knew that the two should not touch each other .

“Tong'er seduced me . ” Feng Yuran closed his eyes and composed his breathing, retorting with confidence .

“I didn't . ”

“You didn't? Didn't you call me here? This will not have happened if you didn't ask me to come!” Feng Yuran's voice was dull and hoa.r.s.e as he spoke dumb phrases . His rationality was indeed frustrating!

“I asked you to come for proper matters . ” Mo Xuetong's breath was stifled under his body but she dared not move much for fear of evoking his l.u.s.t . She had stayed with him before and knew that he was enduring himself and controlling his body . Even though she knew that he was extremely well-disciplined, she didn't know how much he could control himself anymore .

That made her a little guilty as the two were married and s.e.xual matters were inevitable . If he did force himself upon her, she could not do much . However, he always stopped at the most critical juncture without making her situation worse . Even though he did take advantage of her from time to time, he never did…

A question popped up into her head . Would he develop any illness from enduring?

This question made her face burn and turn bright red out of embarra.s.sment . No, she could not do this any longer . She needed to find a topic to discuss and distract him . His masculine warm body on her shoulder made her mind go blank for a long while before she realized why she asked him over .

Embarra.s.sed and annoyed, she said, “The He sisters wanted to live in our… side garden… the one at the western gate!”

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