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Let's see who gave birth to them!

Feng Xinglang could suppress the arrogance in his eldest son's tone when he talked back to him with just a few words.

"Mommy, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is threatening his own son!"

Once his dad mentioned that he wanted to check his homework, Feng Linnuo immediately pulled Mommy along.

Xueluo still did not partic.i.p.ate in the dispute between their ancestors. If she had helped her eldest son at this moment, it would have been like protecting a little thing! This winter vacation did not properly do her homework!

"Enough, stop blabbering!" It affects your mommy's mood when she eats! "

Seeing his wife keep quiet, Feng Xinglang wisely stopped arguing with his eldest son, and instead helped his wife pick up the dishes, and directly fed them to Xueluo: "Xueluo, this is your favorite pine stick antler!"

Xueluo accepted the man's hospitality, opening his mouth wide to take a bite of the fried pine mushrooms.

"Mommy, your favorite salt-and-pepper ribs! The ribs at my foster father's house are from a wild boar, so they're very healthy and low in fat! "

The father and son duo seemed to have gotten into a dispute.

"Thank you, son!" Xueluo came and ate the salted pork ribs his eldest son brought him without hesitation.

This scene caused Hetun to be slightly surprised. The table which had just been filled with the smell of gunpowder was now filled with warmth?

"Mom... Mom. "Mother, mother …"

At the age of nine, Feng Lin was already on the verge of tears. She tried her best to lean her body towards her mother, this' mother 'made Xueluo's heart soften.

"Good evening, let Mommy have dinner first! Wait until Mommy is full, then we'll have a neinei to feed you! "Come, let daddy carry you!"

Feng Xinglang used this move to retreat and advance, just right. He took her daughter from Hetun's arms and started to feed his soup, "Good evening, first have some soup mat to make you hungry!" Seeing her husband's clumsy feeding of soup, Xueluo's eyes at this moment, were filled with warmth. There was no doubt that the husband doted on his daughter, but he also cared for his wife! As for the eldest son, no matter how much the father and son duo argued, the father and son duo would remain as father and son …


"14, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get something you can eat later! " Hetun doted on his son dearly, but he could not bear to part with his granddaughter.

Xueluo thought that her daughter would cry and make a ruckus due to his love for him. What made Xueluo relieved was that her daughter's gentle personality could be considered as an evening meal. As if he understood his father's words, he began to feed the soup with a little sob.

It had to be said that in front of his daughter, his husband Feng Xinglang was indeed a very patient and loving father. But to his youngest son, it seemed …

Xueluo suddenly realised: They were almost done eating lunch, and no one asked them where their youngest son was.

It seems that whether my youngest son is in Feng Family or not, he is an insignificant person who is easily overlooked.

"Xueluo, where are the bugs?"

When Xueluo finished her lunch and took her daughter away from her husband's embrace, she asked subconsciously.

"I'll feed the belated milk first … You can ask me after you've fed me! " Xueluo carried Evening Night as he walked in the direction of the study.

Feng Xinglang felt that his wife's way of saying these words was a little strange, so he asked his eldest son who was chewing on the salt and pepper ribs, "Did your mother bring a little bug younger brother over?"

"No!" Feng Linnuo retorted, "Isn't Little Brother Bug at home?"

"Xing s.h.i.+si, where are the bugs?" Feng Xinglang then asked Xing s.h.i.+si who was waiting by the side.

"When I met my cousin at the mall, she said that she had already sent the bugs here?" Xing s.h.i.+si scratched her head, "How about, I ask my cousin?"

"I'll ask!"

Feng Xinglang who had only eaten a few chopsticks, immediately put down the bowl and chopsticks in his hands, got up and chased him into the study room.

"Xueluo, where are the bugs? 14 said that the bugs were sent to the Shallow Water Bay by you … But Nuonuo said no. " Feng Xinglang gently asked his wife who was feeding his daughter.

"You finally remembered the bugs?"

Xueluo caressed her daughter's tender face and asked carelessly.

"Wife, stop messing around... Tell me where the bugs are. I told him to eat. " Feng Xinglang walked over and hugged his wife and daughter.

"Xinglang, do you think I shouldn't have given birth to so many children? He had wasted his prime on his children … "To live without a shred of self-worth!"

Xueluo was not in a hurry to tell her husband the whereabouts of her youngest son.

"Wife, our three children are your greatest achievements and also your greatest value!"

Feng Xinglang came closer, and took a deep breath at the sweet smell of his wife's milk. "Our three children and I, will all be extremely grateful to the great you!"

"Not all men like a woman like me …"

It seemed that Xueluo was still brooding over Cong Gang's words, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

"Isn't it enough to have a husband? Xueluo, you are my husband's only true love! " Feng Xinglang kissed his wife's cheeks.

"Xinglang, if … I said if. If you meet another cold, independent and enchanting woman like Lan Youyou, would you fall in love? " Xueluo suddenly asked.

"No way!" Feng Xinglang answered instantly.

"Have you been distracted? You didn't even think about it! " Xueluo muttered.

"There's no need to think about it, it definitely won't happen!" Feng Xinglang answered firmly.

"Why?" Xueluo was curious.

"Because I met you! You shall become the only one in my, Feng Xinglang's, life! "

Seeing the man's gaze that was fixated on him, Xueluo suddenly understood. She snuggled into her husband's embrace and began acting coquettishly.

The man took the opportunity to kiss Xueluo's lips. A woman with a sweet scent would not kiss enough no matter what.

If it wasn't for the unromantic nip from Feng Lin's childhood friend, this deep kiss would have lasted for a while.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Xueluo let out a stuffy groan from the pain, "Bad girl! Why are you biting Mommy again? "

The little guy who was scolded humphed grievingly at his father, who was still wanting to continue. His appearance was enough to make people fall in love with him.

"Little friend Feng Lin Wan, if you continue to bite your mother like this, then your rations will be good!" Do you understand? "

Before his wife, Feng Xinglang had already covered the little thing's P share with his big palm; he had successfully stopped his from slapping him in the face.

"There won't be a next time! This time, we have to go! " Xueluo's suppressed breath could not come out.

"Please don't be angry, my dear wife. My husband will bring you to bite the mace at night!"

Worried that her daughter would be beaten up again, Feng Xinglang immediately grabbed the small thing and ran away.

While rubbing himself in pain, Xueluo sighed: "Why is this girl so rude as well?!"

When Xueluo calmed down, she realized that his husband, who had entered the study to inquire about his youngest son's whereabouts, had actually gone out with his daughter in his arms.

It looked like the fact that his youngest son would be ignored was already a deeply ingrained fact!

"Ah Lang, I got the chef to cook another plate of noodles for you. Eat it while it's still hot!"

Seeing that his precious son did not eat much on the table, Hetun made the chef make another plate of his son's favorite noodles.

It was as if only now did Feng Xinglang realize that he had been asking her youngest son about a matter when he first entered the study. Thinking about his wife's calm appearance, his youngest son should be safe. Maybe because he was too used to it, Feng Xinglang did not care too much.

Just as he ate a few mouthfuls of noodles, Feng Xinglang was called by the Treasurer. Before he left, he even reminded Xing s.h.i.+si repeatedly to stay close to his wife and daughter.

Watching her husband's busy back, Xueluo let out a light sigh: Perhaps men want to spend more time with their wives and children, but men still have businesses to busy them with!

"Mommy, do you want to see my sixteenth?" Seeing her father leave, the little friend Feng Linnuo who Monkey called the King became excited.

"Is that the little tiger cub that looks like a cat?" Xueluo asked.

"He's a big tiger now!" Feng Linnuo gestured, "You can eat two live chickens at a time!"

"Such a b.l.o.o.d.y scene, it's best for you, a little kid, to look down on it!"

Thinking about it, "Oh right, my son, why don't we go to Bai's mansion together in the afternoon?"

"This is bad!" Did you promise those two silly girls something? "You always sell your son's lechery, don't go!"

The little guy was unwilling to go to Bai's mansion no matter what, so Doudou pestered him to play. The key was that those two stupid girls weren't fun at all.

"You're just a little thing that hasn't grown any hair yet, how can you be so l.u.s.tful?"

Xueluo had indeed promised Doudou that she would bring Big Brother Nuonuo to visit the Bai's mansion before the school started. The condition they came up with was very good: They would give the limited edition Barbie dolls that their father had bought to their sister, Bai Mo, to her late night!

"You're not going?" Then give the homework to Mommy! "If you don't make it, I'll go back and fight it out with your dad!" Xueluo used the move that her husband had just used.

"Mommy, you're too much!"

Although the little guy whined, it was still successfully dragged onto the car by Mommy.

Xueluo even packed some snacks for Doudou and Yaya.

When Doudou saw the Nuonuo who took the initiative to visit them in the Bai's mansion, she rushed forward like two b.u.t.terflies to welcome them.

"Slow down. "Be more reserved!"

Let Mommy shout after them, the two cute girls ran as fast as they could.

"Big Brother Nuonuo, you haven't come to see Doudou and Yaya in a long time! Do you miss us? " One of the two cute girls held Feng Linnuo's arms.

What the heck! I was dragged here by my mommy, okay?!

For the sake of his sister's toy, he actually sold out his son.

This was what Feng Linnuo was thinking in his stomach, but what Feng Linnuo said made sense, "Of course … I've thought about it! Why else would I look at you! It's really two little silly girls! "

Without shaving, Feng Linnuo scratched Doudou and Yaya's beautiful noses even more!

This EQ was really following his father! And there were two of them!

"Kid Nuo, you are not allowed to take advantage of us Doudou and Yaya!" Yuan Duoduo reprimanded his gently with incomparable envy. Did you hear that? Your mommy tells you to be a little more reserved, don't pester Big Brother Nuonuo too much! Otherwise, she will say that Big Brother Nuonuo took advantage of you! " When Feng Linnuo saw Lao Bai's balanced car, he immediately pulled away from Doudou and Yaya, who were holding onto him.

"Little hand." Mommy, we made you compare yourself to your daddy sleeping, why did you still stop us from holding hands with big brother Nuonuo? " The two little cuticles grumbled at Mommy in dissatisfaction.

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