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Yuan Duoduo paid attention to the concept of environmental protection.

As long as she didn't go to pick Doudou up, she would be used to riding mountain bikes when she went out. Not only can it be used for fitness, it is also very environmentally friendly!

Duo Duo made a little walnut cake and mini salmon rice ball that she loved to eat late at night, and prepared to go to Feng Family to visit Xueluo who had been infuriated by Vice President Chen two days ago.

Duo Duo was also very angry, but she was not as strong as Xueluo. Maybe it was because Xueluo had spoiled her as a queen for the past few years, and she couldn't take the sudden blow. Not to mention that Vice Chen really was very vile.

But halfway down the path, she remembered the clothes for the evening. But the little dresses the girls had chosen for a while last night were limited in their luxury children's brands. A few of the girls had worn them, and she felt it was a pity to waste them, so she chose a few to send to the evening.

Just as Duo Duo rode her mountain bike turned a corner, she saw a business car driving into Bai's mansion.

Could it be that Leng Ning was here to fetch the Butler Bai?

Duo Duo recognized the MPV. It was the one that the orphanage's Uncle Zhao had mentioned, the one that President Sun had specifically allowed to enter and exit the orphanage at will!

To be able to enter the Bai's mansion unimpeded, he must have obtained the permission of the guard at the gate. In other words, Leng Ning and the Butler Bai were not sneaking around?

Yuan Duoduo, who originally wanted to enter the Bai's mansion, stopped at a corner.

A curious idea came to her: she wanted to follow Leng Ning and Butler Bai to the orphanage and see what they were doing there. He also sent some walnuts to the gatekeeper, Uncle Zhao.

He had thought that he would have to wait for a long time. However, after entering the MPV for seven to eight minutes, he had never expected that it would come out again. It must be that Butler Bai had long made preparations to go out, went in and picked him up before driving out.

Yuan Duoduo immediately turned his car around and took the small path out of the mountain forest area. She was too familiar with the way to the orphanage. She could wait for the MPV or go directly to the orphanage.

After exiting the mountain forest area, Yuan Duoduo took a glance at the direction of the MPV; as expected, it was to the welfare home. Duo Duo didn't want to catch Butler Bai and Leng Xiao, she just wanted to know what they were doing at the orphanage. This really made her curious.

Could it be that the childless Butler Bai wanted to raise a child from the orphanage? There was no need to be so secretive!

After all, if he really wanted to raise a child, he would have to bring it back to the Bai's mansion in the end. Wouldn't she still know?

Yuan Duoduo had a nagging feeling that things wouldn't be that simple. Because from the looks of it, Butler Bai only wanted to hide it from her.

The problem was, regardless of whether the Butler Bai wanted to bring a child to be raised in the orphanage, there was no need to lie forcefully and say that he had never been to the orphanage. Because there was no need at all!

Yuan Duoduo rushed to the orphanage before he got into the business car, and handed the walnut cake to Uncle Zhao.

Hiding his mountain bike well, Yuan Duoduo hid behind the load bearing pillar and quietly waited for the business car to come in.

Three minutes later, the MPV entered the orphanage. When the car came to a stop, it was Leng Ning who came out of the cab. He quickly opened the door of the car. Unexpectedly, the person who got off was … It was actually Gentleman Bai in a wheelchair?

Seeing Butler Bai carefully carry the old man out of the business car with Leng Yi, Yuan Duoduo was extremely surprised: "Grandfather, why are you here?"

From the looks of it, Butler Bai did not hide anything from the old man.

Yuan Duoduo was confused: Should I continue following her to take a look? On the other hand, if his grandfather found out about it, it would be bad! How boring must he be to play the role of a stalker?!

"Lordmaster …" Nian En's condition was already much better! It's not like you're feeling well at all … " Butler Bai carefully helped the old man block out the wind.

"If it wasn't for Old Sun calling me to report your safety, how long would you have to hide this from me? Is Ken not going to tell me about Sunny's illness? "

Gentleman Bai coughed lightly, and almost lost his breath, "The child is innocent, in the end, our Bai Family treated him unfairly!"

"Speaking of which, this child is really lucky …" He had experienced so many attempts to save her, yet he was still able to survive … It seems like this little thing's life shouldn't have ended! " Butler Bai sighed as he pushed the old man's wheelchair towards the infirmary.

"A nine out of ten chance of survival …" "What a bitter child!" The old tutor let out a long, sorrowful sigh.

"If I don't die from a great misfortune, I will definitely have a blessing in disguise. I miss being able to grow up safely!" Butler Bai comforted the sad Gentleman Bai.

Yuan Duoduo didn't hear what the Butler Bai said to the old man. He wanted to get closer, but he was afraid that Leng Ning would discover it.

He didn't know if it was because that guy was in love with that little camellia, but his alertness was off by quite a bit. Luckily, they were known as the number one bodyguard of the Night Villa, but they did not notice that someone was following behind them?

It was only later that Yuan Duoduo found out that everything that had happened was just a coincidence; it was all part of the Butler Bai's painstaking plans.

Yuan Duoduo saw the three of them enter a separate room. He was probably not here to see a doctor because the medical conditions and equipment in Bai's mansion were much more advanced than those in the orphanage.

It felt more like a visit. And it should be a child!

To be able to make Gentleman Bai drag his uncomfortable body in to look for him, he must be a very special child.

Yuan Duoduo quickly entered the Infusion Room across the room and looked through the curtain to see what was going on in the ward. Since the curtains were drawn, she could not see clearly. Even though he knew that the old man was talking to Butler Bai and the others inside, he couldn't hear them clearly.

Half an hour later, there was movement in the ward diagonally opposite. The first person to walk out of the ward was actually Sun. It seemed that he had been waiting in the ward since early morning. After Leng Ning came the old man in the wheelchair and Butler Bai who was pus.h.i.+ng the wheelchair.

The old man's expression was extremely dejected. Sun kneeled down on one knee and lightly embraced the old man who was in a rather deep mood.

"Old master, we will take good care of this favor! We reviewed the American couple very carefully: high education, high income, and very loving! They had three children, a man and two women. The family atmosphere was very good. They liked it the first time they saw him. "If Nian En is adopted by them, he will grow up healthy and happy."

The old man didn't respond, he only nodded silently.

"With my grace gone, I'm afraid … Perhaps he wouldn't be able to see it for years or even decades? "Don't you want me, this old bones, to die!"

Butler Bai actually started crying uncontrollably, as she kept on wiping her tears away with her sleeves.

"Old Bai, what are you doing?" This is the life of a prayer! You and I can't change it! "

The old man held Butler Bai's hand tightly. It could be seen that he was also very sad.

"My lord, can't you find a home in Shen City for Nian En? He had to be sent to such a faraway place. What if I miss him? How many more years can my old bones last?! If it really isn't possible, then let me raise my grat.i.tude … Please, old man! Don't send Nian BIng away! "

Butler Bai knelt beside Gentleman Bai's wheelchair and sobbed.

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