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Chapter 820 - Feng Xinglang's disappearance (2)

"It's not too good for us to disturb your foster father, right?"

Xueluo obviously did not want to live in the Shallow Water Bay. Before, the mother and son were prisoners within the Hetun. But now, although they had gained the status of a dignified daughter-in-law, Xueluo would always feel that it was really awkward to have an elder like the Hetun.

"Then I'll sleep on the ground tonight, and guard that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang!"

The little guy said in a stern voice. However, in front of his biological father, Feng Xinglang, who took the initiative to carry him off the ground, the little guy couldn't help but open his arms wide, and wrapped his little legs around his biological father's waist.

"Not a bad idea, Mommy supports you!"

Xueluo encouraged his son: I feel that my son is just pestering her, and that he is overly dependent on my mother; but if he is pestering even Feng Xinglang, then it is normal!

To be honest, Xueluo really couldn't bear to part with his five year old son and sleep inside the child room. Although the little guy really liked the s.p.a.ce child room that the Grandpa Mo decorated for him.

"Nuonuo, as a mere man, he doesn't necessarily have to protect Mommy to express your love for her! You should have your own personal s.p.a.ce and time! "Think about how to play well, learn well, and be a capable and respected person!"

Feng Xinglang began his very patient teaching style. As he kissed the little guy, he also kissed the little guy.

"But Nuonuo doesn't trust your mother! Kiss Mommy so kind, always being bullied, and you never taking care of her! "

As the little guy slowly grew up, he naturally needed a certain amount of private s.p.a.ce and time. However, he really wanted to stick to his mother and take advantage of her love for him. It was actually quite contradictory.

"You must believe that your biological father will take care of you! This is my responsibility, and also my duty! [My dad won't be such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d all the time...] Your father loves you, and he loves his wife, and your mother. "

Xueluo laid on the bed and just looked at Feng Xinglang who was sitting on the bed while being kind and gentle, and his son who was in Feng Xinglang's embrace.

It was as if this moment of warmth was what Xueluo had always dreamed of and yearned for.

Xueluo longed for a home, a home that belonged to her and Lin Xueluo; a husband who doted on her and a lively and cute son.

And now, she had it all!

Xueluo felt that his heart was extremely satisfied at this moment. This was the life she wanted!

"Feng Xinglang, you're talking so much, are you still not thinking of taking over my mommy by yourself?!"

The little guy wasn't so easy to fool anymore.

"I'll never be able to take over your mommy's role as a mother! She loves you, and I love you, too. What I want to take over is the part where your mommy is my wife! "

Feng Xinglang tried to make sense of the situation and was moved by her feelings. He completely took into account his son Linnuo's tiny feelings.

"Well, then: you occupy the part of Mommy as a wife; I occupy the part of Mommy as a Mommy; is that all right?"

The little guy still made concessions under the soft words of his father, Feng Xinglang.

"My, Feng Xinglang's, own son, is truly righteous! "Come, let your father kiss one of them!"

Feng Xinglang, who was expecting success, hugged his son's soft cheeks and kissed him loudly for a long time.

"Feng Xinglang, your saliva is all on my face … "So annoying!"

While the little guy said that it was hateful, he went into his biological father's embrace and rubbed the saliva on his face onto Feng Xinglang's chest.

"Nuonuo, Daddy loves you!"

Feng Xinglang hugged his son who was being unreasonable, and his voice turned slightly hoa.r.s.e.

"I love you too... "Father!"

Perhaps this was the first time the little guy had sounded so serious.

The word "father" almost melted Feng Xinglang's heart.

Xueluo's eyes suddenly became moist, so it turned out that the father and son pair were so desperate to be loved!

Love and being loved, both were filled with happiness!

Xueluo climbed down from the bed and hugged the father and son from the man's shoulders, "I love you too! "Love!"

It was indeed a warm and emotional morning!

Everything was so beautiful!

including the Grandma An's hearty breakfast, including his meticulous concern.

A cotton entwined love kiss, as a woman's temporary attachment to the other.

"Honey, wait for me to come over for lunch."

Feng Xinglang's fingertips counted the woman's back; he took a deep breath to sniff her freshness.

"The school's food is so terrible, you'd better not come …" Let Nina serve you a big meal! "

Xueluo's heart ached for the man's fatigue from running around.

"Look at you, don't even mention eating, I'm willing to eat porridge at every meal!"

The man's mouth was extremely alluring, causing Xueluo's teeth to go limp.

"Really? Then we'll have porridge at noon! "

Xueluo purposely teased the man; even if the man really wanted to eat the congee, she would not be willing to part with the muscular man who ate the congee with her.

"I've applied for a dorm room, the room alone!"

"What do you want the dorm for?" Do you want me to stay here tonight? "

"They are reserved for us to use personally at noon!" The man was blunt.

"..." Xueluo was completely speechless.

In the remote monitor port, a small figure with bare feet ran towards the woman who was in the midst of a fall.

The little girl hugged the woman's injured leg, which was now overflowing with blood, while crying.

The girl pleaded with the woman, but the woman couldn't understand what she was saying. She seemed to despise the girl for being annoying. The girl fell down uncontrollably.

The fall was not big, but the little girl was injured.

That was because the porcelain and gla.s.s fragments that the woman had just smashed apart were underneath the little girl's body.

Feng Xinglang couldn't hear anything, but he could feel that the little girl was in pain, and she was crying her heart out.

That twisted little face, that wide open mouth, the little girl looked in extreme pain.

Seeing that the little girl's arms and calves were p.r.i.c.ked red with blood, Feng Xinglang's heart was viciously grabbed.

He wanted nothing more than to rush into the screen and hug the little girl to his chest.

A man rushed over and carried the little girl in the woman's arms. What followed was a heated argument …

The man looked at the woman who was on the verge of going crazy, yet he didn't say anything. He just left the living room with the little girl in his arms.

The woman stood dumbly on the spot. One moment she was laughing, the next moment she was covering her face and crying …

Feng Xinglang turned off the monitoring system on his terminal, and just quietly sat in the resting room without a trace of light, thinking about something.

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